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Caught in my Own Trap Special: Life After Marriage – Part 3

I wonder if Xiao He He will get her wish and have the 2nd child? What funny story is in for our reading today? Enjoy the read!

Caught in my Own Trap Special: Life After Marriage – Part 3 

Part 6:

When He He was once again ‘wrestling’ with her daughter, she angrily went for a haircut.

The hairdresser just had a heartbreak. In the lovelorn eyes, the whole world will suffer heartbreaks.

And he thought that He He because of failed love affair, went to take a haircut. And because of that, the long hair that He He kept for so many years were accidentally cut.

He He was in tears.

Later, the hairdresser finally ended up cutting her hair just like Audrey Hepburn. He He already is petite in her physique. And she likes to dress in shirt, jeans and sneakers. Now, looking into the mirror, she looks like a small boy.

Fortunately, Zheng Xie was away on a business trip and would only return tomorrow night. He He had a day or two to adapt to her new hairstyle.

The next night, when Zheng Xie got home, He He had long ago fell asleep.

She stumbled to get up, rubbed her eyes and said: “You are back. Are you tired from your travel?”

“Exhausted. Over the past fourteen hours, rushing from one place to another.”

“I will prepare the bath water for you. Do you want some supper? I will heat up food for you.”

Zheng Xie finally saw He He: “Hey”. He exclaimed before saying: “No, I will do it myself. You continue with your sleep.”

He He very obedient lie down to sleep.

But when she fell asleep, she was again woken up.

The claimed earlier Zheng Xie now look not the least bit tired. Throughout the night, he turned He He over and over again just like a pancake. He bent her and folded her over and then do the twist. Until He He struggling for mercy, then he let go of her.

He He in her unclear and asleep preconscious mind kindly reminded him: “You seems to forget the measure today.”

“Well, is not it?”

Men and women married for a while, most of them are: when the woman walked naked in front of the men, the man will not take much notice. Moreover with someone like Zheng Xie whom have superior self-control. He He is long already accustomed to it.

But she did not understand what the reasons was. Zheng Xie suddenly sprout like an adolescent boy. He had unparalleled interest in her body.

He He lying on the floor while rolled into the bed with her titled ass to find something. Zheng Xie whom just came into the room, suddenly will raised her waist up and throw her onto the bed…..

He He with a snacks on her legs watching the TV while laughing her head off. Zheng Xie would suddenly pinned her on the sofa……


So with no plan to toss back and forth, as a result, He He got her wish and became pregnant.

With the success that came so easily, He He is confused and is very disturbed. She always think about it but could not think why.

Until her stomach is so large to the extend where her foot becomes invisible from her sight and she is inactive like an elephants she finally understood why.

That day, Zheng Xie helped her with washing her hair suddenly said: “He He, your hair is growing long. It is blocking your line of sight now. For your convenient, go and get it cut.”

He He said: “It is not long. It had not reached the shoulder.”

“The original hairstyle is much better.”

“That kind of hairstyle is very difficult to maintain. Everyday need to style it.”

“I can help you style it.”

“Looks like a boy.”

“Don’t you like little boy?”

He He finally understand. “You better confessed. In your heart, you like man. No, small boy?”

Zheng Xie: “………”

“So you actually is a GAY! You cheated my youth!

Zheng Xie: “……….”

“I don’t want to cut my hair anymore. I want to keep my hair long till my heel.”


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27 thoughts on “Caught in my Own Trap Special: Life After Marriage – Part 3

  1. Hahaha 😂 ain’t short hair sexy too? Poor ZX.. Hope, they’ll have twin boys …to love, cherish and protect HH 😍

    Thank U so so much dear 😘😘😘

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Nice. When I cut my hair short once, I was mistaken as the daughter to my husband. That was many years ago. After that, I never kept any short hair 🙂


    1. That is what makes the whole thing so entertaining….. Post-Caught in my own trap syndrome now for me 😦 Really don’t know how to get through my days without these cute couples as well as reading all your funny comments and thought


      1. true. at times, change hairstyle is good. I recently cut my hair to shoulder length. My colleagues are just so not used to it. And my reply: no big deal. Hair will grow again…. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Though I’ve read special chapter of this series through MTL couple months ago, but your translation always ways better than MTL. I can laugh out loud reading this now. Thanks a bunch Mhryu 😀

    Liked by 1 person

      1. MTL is machine translation, such as google translate, bing, etc. Most of the time I got headache when I read chinese/japanese novel via MTL, especially ancient/historical chinese novel. But I endure it, to find out spoiler or the ending. Then, I will patiently waiting for the human translations which are still the best, for all the novels that like. That is why I really appreciate the work of translators, including your work.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thank you my dear for the clarification. I started off reading MTL as well and then decided that it is too hard to read so that is where I started my passion in translation. Glad that there are so many readers out there whom are enjoyed the read as much as I am enjoying the translation and sharing. have a great day ahead


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