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Chapter 27 – First Strike by Red Wolf (FINALE)

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Happy Hump Day!

We have finally reach the end of this first original novel from Red Wolf. Thank you everyone for the continuous support throughout the journey. We hope that you have enjoyed the novel.

Red Wolf have completed his 2nd short novel. We will be back soon with the new novel. So stay tune!

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Chapter 22 – First Strike by Red Wolf

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April 1, 2021! The start of Q2 2021. I personally felt that the time have flown by so quickly that I can’t even remember what I have achieved in Q1 2021. What about you?

We are are also nearing the end of this 1st original novel by Red Wolf. Hope that everyone have enjoyed the read so far! Don’t forget to drop some encouragement words for Red Wolf in the comment field. And hopefully he would continue his effort in writing short novels for our reading pleasure.

Here wishing everyone a great start of the month. Stay safe and healthy!

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Chapter 20 – First Strike by Red Wolf

A slightly longer than normal read this bright Monday. So, hopefully this would chase a little bit of the Monday blue away for you, our dearest reader.

Don’t forget to share your feedback and drop some words of encouragement for our young new author, Red Wolf on his 1st novel.

Here wishing everyone a great start of the week and a wonderful week ahead!

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