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Caught in my Own Trap Special: Life After Marriage – Part 2

Did you all enjoyed the read yesterday? Funny isn’t it? I could not stop laughing when I was translating them. My husband thought I had gone nuts…. 

More funny part today. Enjoy the read!

Caught in my Own Trap Special: Life After Marriage – Part 2

Part 4

Xiao He He decided to self-reliance. Her so-called self-reliance, she intended to reproduce a sexual production. And she decided to adopt the little unconventional ways.

He He referred to the famous scene of many famous movies as part of the program.

Scene 1:

Zheng Xie came home late as usual. No one open the door for him. He entered the bedroom and saw that the room lights were ambiguous. Fragrance filled the air, with the music on lightly. His disheveled and ambiguous wife reclined in the big bed with her innocence and temptation eyes.

Zheng Xie took off his jacket and said: “He He, it is cold. Cover yourself with the quilt. There is no heating, don’t catch a cold.” And then he went straight into the bathroom.

“I shower together with you.” He He jumped out of bed and hugged him, trying one more time.

Zheng Xie said: “You obviously had showered. Shower too many time will cause skin cancer.”

He He ogled at him.

“Your eyes hurt?” Zheng Xie asked with interest. “Tomorrow go and get it checked at the hospital.”

By the time Zheng Xie finished showering, He He had fallen asleep in anger.

Scene 2:

While Zheng Xie was asleep, in his drowsy state, He He tied his hands up with a scarf. She shook the little blue pill in front of him: “If you do not promise me, I will make you take double. And then I will rape you. Today is my dangerous period.”

Zheng Xie although is not in a sober mind, but he clearly had an idea.

“He He, even if you get your way, you determine that the drug has no effect on your children?”

He He: “……..”

“Where did you buy the drugs? Not fake, right? How if you poison me?”

He He: “……”

“He He, when you buy the medicine, no one else saw it? People will doubt my abilities. Virginity does not matter, losing reputation is very serious.”

He He: “……..”

“You have tied it too tight. Loose it a little.”

“Just go to sleep.” The extremely angry He He decided to go to the study and sleep.

Xiao He He had not taken time to leave the bedroom when Zheng Xie broke free and bundled her. He throw the little blue pill into the toilet and pull the scarf and He He…… (I will leave it to your imagination on what happen next)

In short, in a sense, then He He had actually won half of the battle. But because Zheng Xie’s mind is too clear, he had used protective measures. So in fact, He He had only won parts of the battle.

Part 5:

Just like that, once, twice, three and four times…… He He finally gave up the thought that as long as you work hard, you are able to get it.

The enemy is too strong, and her ability is too weak. She decided to give up.

Xiao He He and Zheng Zhu Yao continue to leisurely argue and torture each other.

Zheng Zhu Yao: “Mummy is afraid to go to the toilet at night if the lights are not turned on. Ha ha ha….”

Xiao He He: “Yao Yao hear the thunder during the day will start to cry. Ha Ha Ha….”

“That is because I am a child. It is normal for child to be afraid of thunder. But it is not normal for adult to be afraid of the dark.”

“Naughty child. Who taught you that?”


Zheng Xie, you wait! He He thought while gnashing her teeth.

Poor Zheng Xie. In fact, he said the previous sentence while comforting his daughter. The sentence after is what his clever daughter interpreted.

Xiao He He continue to rival with Zheng Zhu Yao leisurely.

“Daddy, come with me to the zoo today.”

“But I have agreed to go with your mother to see the exhibition. If you want, you can also go together.”

“But I am a child ah. Adults should give in to the child?”

“Yes ah. Because you are a child, so you have to respect the adults.”

“Okay.” Zheng Yao Yao unhappily agreed. “Well daddy, can I sleep tonight together with you?”

“You go and ask your mother. If she agrees, you can sleep among us.”

“Do not want mother. Just the two of us.”



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