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Chapter 27 – First Strike by Red Wolf (FINALE)

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Happy Hump Day!

We have finally reach the end of this first original novel from Red Wolf. Thank you everyone for the continuous support throughout the journey. We hope that you have enjoyed the novel.

Red Wolf have completed his 2nd short novel. We will be back soon with the new novel. So stay tune!


Chapter 27:


51.5074°N, 0.1278°W

1000 hours, 14/5/2020

  All three men had been silent ever since Director Hall had returned to 10 Downing Street. Their packet coffee had gone cold, and the only sound to be heard was that of the MI6 head sipping her beverage. The Prime Minister’s secretary had opted not to type anything in, almost too anxious to break the silence.

  “I suppose I should start the briefing, then.” the Foreign Minister, Lucas Emslie, initiated the conversation.

  “By all means.” Defence Minister Bryan Stone agreed with the wave of his left arm towards his fellow politician.

  “It has been a whole week since the near-disastrous Operation First Strike, in which all activated agents were killed or missing in action.” Emslie reported, reading briefly from a well-documented report. “When it is said that agents went “missing”, I am referring to only one.”

© 2021 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Written for with permission from the Author, Red Wolf. If you are not reading this from, then this original novel has been posted without the permission of the author.

  Silence. All eyes were turned to Hall, who had finally placed her cup of coffee on the table. 

  “Lucius McCain cannot be considered a full-time agent, considering he has not undergone the proper MI6 training protocols.” Stone broke the silence with a chuckle. “By good Lord, we picked the man off the fucking streets! How in God’s green, massive shitfuckery of a planet does that make him a bloody spy for the Crown?”

  Prime Minister Holt raised his finger in warning.

  “Regardless of Mr. McCain’s current status as an MI6…asset…we cannot deny that he has performed an unpayable debt to the United Kingdom.” Holt intervened, voicing out his own opinion. “To which end, I will appeal to Buckingham Palace tomorrow that said individual should be knighted, at least.”

  Stone turned to the world leader with an incredulous look in his eyes.

  “And at most?” he questioned, leaning his face closer in.

  “At most, I have permitted Director Hall to officiate the man as a freelance MI6 agent.” Emslie answered on Holt’s behalf. “No point in disposing of a talent like McCain. Furthermore, Hall will be investigating the man and his background. Perhaps this could explain his hidden skills as aforementioned the last time we spoke here.”

  That was when Hall leaned in closer.

  “The op was a complete fucking disaster, I think we can all agree.” Hall chose her words with some degree of caution. “Not a single one of our professional field agents made it out, in part because of Dimitri Nyechenko’s aid to the Russians. However, McCain used whatever little resources and time he could acquire, to the best of his ability.”

  “You mean the bombing run on Poland, don’t you.” Stone immediately made the assumption.

  “Poland was an improvised signal to MI6, manipulating world news and secretly telling us about the current situation.” Hall answered. “I was more referring to how he secured the Brimstone virus and prevented a plane crash which, quite frankly, would’ve allowed a virus breach into the atmosphere.” 

  “And caused a shitload of damage in the aftermath!” Stone raised his voice momentarily. “Look, I don’t give a fuck about the Moscow incident. That’s beyond my territory. But it’s up to the Prime Minister, whether we tie him up as a loose end or acknowledge that he braved the shitstorm MI6 conjured up.” 

  Silence. The secretary had finished typing up Hall’s final sentence and was forming a new paragraph for the rebuttal to come. Instead, Holt stood up and motioned to the door.

  “Lucius McCain is an international hero, but he is also an MI6 agent, should Hall permit it as such.” he decided. “We’ll scrub his identity off the media, as per usual. But try and keep a close eye on the man, please. I don’t want to see his obit on the daily newspaper.”

© 2021 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Written for with permission from the Author, Red Wolf. If you are not reading this from, then this original novel has been posted without the permission of the author.

  All three guests vacated the office and left the enclave. Hall had been escorted out first, taken to her limousine and driven back to the MI6 headquarters in nearby Vauxhall. Along the way, Hall took out her cell phone and found a notification indicating an unknown call. 

  She returned it, despite her better judgement.

  “I suppose MI6 is on my arse.” McCain’s voice cackled through the speaker.

  “Not yet, but you were commended by the Prime Minister.” Hall sighed. “What the fuck are you calling me for?”

  “Just sending a postcard.” McCain answered, ignoring the sound of evening club music and rowdy teenagers. “And do me a favour; if you want me back on a job, don’t. I’m done with MI6.”

  “That’s not up to you to decide, McCain.” Hall rebuked. “MI6 has a leash on your neck. We say bite, you say where. We say kill, you ask how. You understand?”


  “Fine.” McCain reluctantly answered, as a smirk formed over Hall’s lip in victory. “But if you want me on a job, try sending a text or a call. Just no surprise assassins or house break-ins.” 

  McCain killed the call. She returned the device into her purse and smiled warmly before shuttering the gap between herself and the chauffeur. Once she was sure the glass was completely erected, she began to chuckle before exploding into a short bout of excited, child-like laughter, covering her mouth to draw less attention. 

  Time, twenty-three minutes to eleven in the morning. 

The End

Original Novel by Red Wolf



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