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C-Novel Recommendation : Mr. President, Unbridled Love (总裁大人,放肆爱!)


祝福中秋佳节快乐,月圆人圆事事圆满. Here wishing everyone : Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! May the round moon bring you a happy family and a successful future.

Time flies… we are now already in the last quarter of 2017. In another 3 months, we will be welcoming a brand new year.  Continue reading “C-Novel Recommendation : Mr. President, Unbridled Love (总裁大人,放肆爱!)”

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C-Novel Recommendation : Rolling Love 半欢半爱 – 蓝白色

Hi everyone…. greetings from Singapore…. Yes, I am stuck here for 2 weeks long training…. it has been fantastic so far although it is mentally exhausting as there are just so much to learn…. 

Sorry, no translation for today as all translators have been busy… So today, mhryu decided to share with everyone her latest read….. 

Continue reading “C-Novel Recommendation : Rolling Love 半欢半爱 – 蓝白色”

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C-Novel Review: Good Morning, Mr President! (早安,总统大人!) – FINALE

And so…. at Chapter 817 of Good Morning, Mr President! (早安,总统大人!), I finally decided that this is the ending of the novel that I wanted to stop.

Still on-going as of today from chapter 1,877  (last I check the RAW of the novel), I must say that this author is indeed very good.

In case if you had missed the last post of Good Morning, Mr President! (早安,总统大人!), penned by  南音音 (Nan Yin Yin), this additive novel started with the ups and down of Xia Xing Chen with Bai Ye Qing, the President.  Continue reading “C-Novel Review: Good Morning, Mr President! (早安,总统大人!) – FINALE”

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Its Friday!

I rarely post anything to express my mood of the week…. This has indeed been a week filled with frustration, fun and lots of laughter along the way….

So…. Here is mhryu saying to everyone…..

Thank Goodness it is Friday!

Have a blessed weekend ahead!



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Happy Women’s Day

I think most of our readers are female….. so here both tinkerbellsan and mhryu wishing all beautiful women out there….

Happy International Women’s Day!

Sharing something that we received today with everyone 😘😘😘

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What a sad news…. Tommy Page is now gone forever!

Image Credit What a sad news to be waking up to….. When I got up this morning and was scrolling through the news online, I was taken aback when I saw the news of Tommy Page passing. At first I thought it was all a joke. Quickly scrolling through Twitters and confirmed that he is […]

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