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Caught in my Own Trap Special: Life After Marriage – Part 4 (FINAL)

The final part of Caught in my Own Trap Special. It is really time to say goodbye to Xiao He He and Zheng Xie. 

Enjoy the read today!

Caught in my Own Trap Special: Life After Marriage – Part 4 (FINAL)

Part 7

This round of pregnancy for He He, from conception to the birth was surprisingly smooth.

It is a very healthy boy. The day when he was born, everyone can finally say: “Yo, this little mouth looks like He He. The smaller nose is quite alike.”

He He is very pleased. Although they went on to say: “Of course, in more than seventy percent of him still look like Xiao Xie when he was a child.”

At home the most authoritative is Father Zheng, Zheng Xie’s father. The glorious task of naming the grandson was entrusted to him and He He’s mother. “Last time, I named Yao Yao. This time, let the grandmother name him, okay?”

He He’s mother in her academic fields had many achievements. Professor moter said: “The more simple the child’s name is, the smoother life would be for him.”

Zheng Xie and his father said: “Yes, for example, the name you gave He He is very good. Out of all the children I know, her name is one of the best.”

He He’s mother thought for a while and said: “Otherwise….. Xiao Xiao? Le Le? Huan Huan? Xiao Xie, which one do you think is better?”

He He was almost in tears as she listen gravely to what Zheng Xie said: “All seems good to me. Dad, what do you think?”

After several discussion, Zheng Grandson, at last, four votes were in favor with one abstention absolute advantage, was named Zheng Le Le. The votes are: Zheng Father, He He’s mother, Zheng Xie and Zheng Zhu You.

And because He He’s voice was missing, so her precious child born had to suffer such a tragic. So when she was again authorized to take the pet name for the child, she had to say: “This child from the beginning in my stomach is particularly well-behaved. After birth, do not cry nor give any trouble anyone. Let’s just call him “Guai Guai”.”

Her request was approved.

When Guai Guai was slightly bigger, the name given finally found the problem.

Zheng Father shouted: “Yao Yao, Guai Guai, come, Grandpa take you out to play.”

He He’s mother shouted: “Yao Yao, Guai Guai, come back to study.”

The confused pedestrians talked about it:

“How these children are named ah? Yao Yao Guai Guai?”

妖妖怪怪 (pin ying: Yāo yāoguài guài) – the guai guai after Yao Yao in mandarin, sound like Yao Yao is strange

“The child is so cute, why are they called monster?”

“Nowadays these parents ah, just for themselves, there is really no responsibility for the children. Really no morale.”


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I hope that everyone had enjoyed this bonus on Xiao He He and Zheng Xie. I had enjoyed translating while reading them. It is indeed very entertaining. Especially the last part today where the naming of the poor boy. So, in the end, He He did get her wish to have another child and it is a boy! Completing the set of a girl and a boy for the Zheng’s family.

Hopefully once I am back from my vacation, come September, I would be back with another new novel for everyone. Have a great month of August everyone! I am sure I will miss translation as much as most of you would miss the daily read. Stay healthy and safe. 



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33 thoughts on “Caught in my Own Trap Special: Life After Marriage – Part 4 (FINAL)

  1. Hahaha! 😂 That’s HH’s payback to her daughter?

    So happy with your translation dear 😘 it was a hair pulling experience at first and ends with sweet revenge.

    Thank U so much 😍. Stay happy, healthy and fabulous always .

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    1. Thank you Samie for all your encouragement and support through these months. It had always been a pleasure reading all your thoughts and comments. Am sure I am going to missed reading those for a while. Stay healthy and happy!


  2. Thank you very much Mhryu!! Your translations are all good and easy to read. I enjoyed very much the story of Zheng Xie and He He🙂. Hope we’ll have a glimpse of your get away too when ever you can share. Stay healthy and I will looking forward for your next project!!

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    1. Hi May. Thank you for your support and encouragement. I had enjoyed the translation project too.
      Stay tune on my other blog for my travel stories. I will definitely try to update that daily as I travel sharing with everyone my experience 😉 till then, stay healthy always 😘


    1. Hi Mel, thank you for constant encouragement and support. Thank you for your well wishes. I will definitely enjoy my trip. Stay tune and stay healthy


  3. Thank you for translating this book. I’m gonna miss ZX and HH. HH inherited her mom’s ability of giving her child weird name.LOL.😂. I want to know if in the end is GG is closer to HH or ZX. ❤❤❤❤❤

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    1. Hi aigeha26, yes indeed HH and her mum are one of the same kind. Glad that you had enjoyed the story. Thank you for your support. Till next time, stay happy always!


  4. Thank you for all the hard work! I patiently waited for you to finish so I can read it in one go (I can’t handle ZX and HH pushing each other each chapters, is like torturing myself) and the result is that I slept at 4 am, reading everything from chapter 14 LOL
    Again, thank you for your diligent, the story is very sweet and cute

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    1. Hi Lola, finally you are able to read them instead of following daily. Glad that you had enjoyed the story in the end. Till next time, be well!


  5. Thank you mhryu for your translations, i”ve enjoyed it so much, you really make my day excited by reading your chapters day by day…Congratulations for finishing the beautiful story, and have a nice holiday..

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  6. Thank you for all of the chapies!!
    Congratulation to complete all of the chapies!!
    Will miss all of kind of “fighting”s in all of the chapie!!
    Will miss all of the result of “bickering”s in all of the chapie!!
    And last,
    I thank ZX and He He to teach me a wonderful weird things that can be apply.
    I hope those (weird ) knowledge can make my future husband became more crazy and comfortable and have a happy marriage.

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    1. Hi chocholate, it is entertaining to read your feedback and thoughts. Glad that you had enjoyed the novel. Yes, I am missing both HH and ZX already. Have a great week ahead.

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    1. Thank you yadane. Tinkerbellsan blog would not have got to where it is today without all your support and encouragement. Till next one, stay well!


  7. congratz dear for your first completed project. its so lucky for me to find such amazing story and its translator. take a break if you want, but don’t take a long one cause i will definitely miss u. ^^v

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    1. Hi pili, I am already missing all of your comments and words of encouragement. Makes my day daily too. Thank you so much for the months of encouragement and support. We would not have got where we are today without all the readers out there. I will definitely be back soon as I am also on the look out for another project that would keep me going daily…. Till I return, stay well!


  8. Thanking you mhyru for spoiling us readers with your daily update. I hope you have a wonderful n safe holiday.

    For someone like HeHe’s mom who do research at the University yet naming her grandchildren names r truely shocking.:-D

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    1. Thanks Julie for your encouragement and support. We would not be here today without all your support. Thanks for the well wishes.
      Yes, He He’s mum is funny in her own ways.
      Till then, be well and happy always!


  9. Hai. This is my third time reading this story and I have been binge reading this since yesterday till finishing this now and it never bores me, instead making me cry, giggle and laugh hysterically all over again. Thank you!

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