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Drama Review : Flight To You (向风而行)

It has been a while since I had posted any review on drama. Given my passion with travel and also working in the industry, its no surprise to those who knows me that I will definitely not miss Flight To You, the most recent popular Chinese Drama starring Nick Wang Kai and Steven Tan Song You 🥰 Both are one of my fav actor and actress 🥰

Flight To You is story of an inspiring Female Pilot, Cheng Xiao in a primarily male dominate industry. It’s the story of her struggle towards achieving her dreams of being a recognised Captain Xiao aka Pilot by her peers and also gaining the recognition and support from her mother.

While, strict Captain cum Instructor Gu Nanting having lost his ex-girlfriend due to aviation accident, were finding it hard to move on. He focus his life with work only never ever wanting to fall in love again.

Initially both Cheng Xiao and Instructor Gu were always on each other’s throat. Eventually, Cheng Xiao was able to prove herself through hard work and gain the recognition not only from her strict instructor Gu, also from her mother whom had fear of flying due to past experience and was strongly against her choice of career.

What I really like about this drama … the support and strong friendships within the support role. From one of Cheng Xiao’s suitor, Engineer Ni Zhan whom happen to be Gu Nanting’s best friend as well to her bff, Xia Zhi and Song Song, the strong friendship and support extended by everyone 🥰

Loved the support from the leadership in Luzhou Airlines. Even Captain Jiang whom at a point was very irritating and evil, I loved how they turned his character to accepting his fault, gracefully stepping down and rectifying the wrong, willingly to admit what he had done.

The encouragement from Captain Xia towards Cheng Xiao as she was thinking of giving up.

It certainly took the male lead and female lead a long time to finally get together. While Cheng Xiao had been courageous in admitting her feeling towards Gu Nanting, he took a long time to finally admit how he felt about her. And the effort he made to chase her back …. how he was willing to fly thousands of miles to find the witness to help Cheng Xiao, to helping her with her mother’s fear of flying to sending her flowers.

To me, the ending was missing the final part of them getting married… however it is definitely a good ending when Cheng Xiao finally achieved her dream of being Captain Cheng Xiao.

How I wished I could watch this in the ending

This drama is definitely worth watching. It contain a good storyline of friendship, female trying to achieve success in a male dominate world, family relationship, unity of working as a team and a warm loving relationship 🥰

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Chapter 27 – First Strike by Red Wolf (FINALE)

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Happy Hump Day!

We have finally reach the end of this first original novel from Red Wolf. Thank you everyone for the continuous support throughout the journey. We hope that you have enjoyed the novel.

Red Wolf have completed his 2nd short novel. We will be back soon with the new novel. So stay tune!

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Happy Easter

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Today, we are taking a break from the novel post.

We, here from Tinkerbellsan team would like to wish every one, A Blessed Easter.

Easter is a Christian celebration to mark the resurrection of our Savior, Jesus Christ after he was crucified. Easter is an important date celebrated by Christian worldwide to mark the foundation of the Christian Faith.

The bible says that, Jesus, the son of God whom was born to Virgin Mary on December 25 (Christmas Celebration – also known as the birth of Chris) died for everyone’s wrong-doings and the redemption of the sins on Good Friday.

Jesus Christ came back to life, three days later to defeat death and evil on what is widely celebrated as Easter Day today.

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Chapter 22 – First Strike by Red Wolf

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April 1, 2021! The start of Q2 2021. I personally felt that the time have flown by so quickly that I can’t even remember what I have achieved in Q1 2021. What about you?

We are are also nearing the end of this 1st original novel by Red Wolf. Hope that everyone have enjoyed the read so far! Don’t forget to drop some encouragement words for Red Wolf in the comment field. And hopefully he would continue his effort in writing short novels for our reading pleasure.

Here wishing everyone a great start of the month. Stay safe and healthy!

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Chapter 20 – First Strike by Red Wolf

A slightly longer than normal read this bright Monday. So, hopefully this would chase a little bit of the Monday blue away for you, our dearest reader.

Don’t forget to share your feedback and drop some words of encouragement for our young new author, Red Wolf on his 1st novel.

Here wishing everyone a great start of the week and a wonderful week ahead!

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