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Drama Review : Flight To You (向风而行)

It has been a while since I had posted any review on drama. Given my passion with travel and also working in the industry, its no surprise to those who knows me that I will definitely not miss Flight To You, the most recent popular Chinese Drama starring Nick Wang Kai and Steven Tan Song You 🥰 Both are one of my fav actor and actress 🥰

Flight To You is story of an inspiring Female Pilot, Cheng Xiao in a primarily male dominate industry. It’s the story of her struggle towards achieving her dreams of being a recognised Captain Xiao aka Pilot by her peers and also gaining the recognition and support from her mother.

While, strict Captain cum Instructor Gu Nanting having lost his ex-girlfriend due to aviation accident, were finding it hard to move on. He focus his life with work only never ever wanting to fall in love again.

Initially both Cheng Xiao and Instructor Gu were always on each other’s throat. Eventually, Cheng Xiao was able to prove herself through hard work and gain the recognition not only from her strict instructor Gu, also from her mother whom had fear of flying due to past experience and was strongly against her choice of career.

What I really like about this drama … the support and strong friendships within the support role. From one of Cheng Xiao’s suitor, Engineer Ni Zhan whom happen to be Gu Nanting’s best friend as well to her bff, Xia Zhi and Song Song, the strong friendship and support extended by everyone 🥰

Loved the support from the leadership in Luzhou Airlines. Even Captain Jiang whom at a point was very irritating and evil, I loved how they turned his character to accepting his fault, gracefully stepping down and rectifying the wrong, willingly to admit what he had done.

The encouragement from Captain Xia towards Cheng Xiao as she was thinking of giving up.

It certainly took the male lead and female lead a long time to finally get together. While Cheng Xiao had been courageous in admitting her feeling towards Gu Nanting, he took a long time to finally admit how he felt about her. And the effort he made to chase her back …. how he was willing to fly thousands of miles to find the witness to help Cheng Xiao, to helping her with her mother’s fear of flying to sending her flowers.

To me, the ending was missing the final part of them getting married… however it is definitely a good ending when Cheng Xiao finally achieved her dream of being Captain Cheng Xiao.

How I wished I could watch this in the ending

This drama is definitely worth watching. It contain a good storyline of friendship, female trying to achieve success in a male dominate world, family relationship, unity of working as a team and a warm loving relationship 🥰

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Castle in the Time (Time City) 时光之城 by 皎皎 Jiao Jiao adapted into C-Drama

Happy Sunday! Hope that everyone is doing well and healthy. Half of 2020 have flown by. We are now in the 2nd half of 2020. It have been a bumpy start of the year for most of us here in Asia while over the past months it have been tough and worrisome worldwide. Pray that this will comes to an end soon.

Come June 10, it would be exactly 4 months since I have gone into isolation. Started with my returning back to Asia after 2 weeks of exploration to America and Latin America. While I had indeed missed spending time with my friends, the isolation period have made me realised how fragile life can be. It have also make me think of the priorities in life. Continue reading “Castle in the Time (Time City) 时光之城 by 皎皎 Jiao Jiao adapted into C-Drama”

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J-Drama Review : An Incurable Case of Love (恋はつづくよどこまでも)

It has been a while since I last picked up any drama to watch. The last drama that had actually caught my full attention was Go Go Squid ( 亲爱的,热爱的), a Chinese Drama that was adapted from a novel.

Recently, a new and as I have been told by my Japanese friend, super popular Japanese drama have caught my attention. An Incurable Case of Love (恋はつづくよどこまでも), is a total of 10 episode drama adapted from the Manga with the same title. Continue reading “J-Drama Review : An Incurable Case of Love (恋はつづくよどこまでも)”

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T-Drama Review : Love, Now (真愛趁現在)

How many of us believe in Love at First Sight? And loving the person for so many years before fate brought them together?

While browsing online on one of my sleepless night while fighting with insomnia, I came across Love, Now (真愛趁現在), a 2012 / 2013 Taiwanese romance comedy drama television series by SETTV. I then realised that I had put this on my to watch list several years ago because of George Hu (胡宇威) as the male lead but never got around watching.

So, started my drama catching up whenever time permits me. Continue reading “T-Drama Review : Love, Now (真愛趁現在)”

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Thai Drama Review : U-Prince, The Handsome Cowboy

Following my craze with Thai Dramas after You’re My Destiny, I am literally hooked with Thai Dramas (while driving my best friends insane with them). Oh yes, as much as they had said that Thai Dramas are pretty dramatic, I on the other hand, find them a light watch and very entertaining.

Yes, one cannot deny that there are parts where they are very dramatic… isn’t that the same in any other dramas from the C-Drama, T-Drama, J-Drama and even the K-Drama scene?

My latest watch is the U-Prince Series that I had heard people raving about. And of course, I started off with one that have my current favourite Thai Actress as the Female Lead, Esther Supreeleela. So, I started with U-Prince – The Handsome Cowboy

U-Prince – The Handsome Cowboy is starred by Esther Supreeleela as the female lead, Prikkang, a down-to-earth girl whom is yet naughty. A hot DJ at night occasionally, she is also known as DJ PK to some. She dislikes narcissistic and arrogant people.

Esther Supreeleela, in U-Prince – The Handsome Cowboy has shown her amazing acting skills. After having watched her in You’re My Destiny, I can’t deny the fact that I actually enjoyed watching her being the spoiled yet firm girl who knows what she wants and how to protect her heart as much as it is hurting her.

Prikkang had a childhood friend, Sibtis (starring Kasetsin Puttichai aka Push) whom had left to study abroad. And their path cross again when Sibtis came back to Thailand and they ended up meeting in the club where Prikkang which got them off the wrong foot. Not being able to recognise his childhood friend, Prikkang was disappointed with Sibtis. Hence when he asked for her real name, she refuses to give.

However, Sibtis was smitten with Prikkang cold demeanour and tries to win her over. So Sibtis tries his level best to get to know her better. Sibtis finally realised that Prikkang could be his childhood friend when he was placing the flower crown on top of her head during a filming for the campus U-Prince series, an action that they did once back during their childhood.


More determined to try to get to know her real name, Sibtis finally realised that Prikkang was his childhood playmate, someone whom he had really missed a lot.

Prikkang, knowing that Sibtis is now a playboy is very disappointed that someone that she had been waiting for over the past 10 years is now grown up into a different type of person that he once was.

Sibtis tried to draw their relationship closer by getting her sent to his farm in the countryside where they once spent their childhood time together, trying to bring back their happy moments together. Through perseverance, they finally got together.

Alas, it was a short live happiness for Prikkang as Sibtis broke her heart over and over again. And then they finally broke off when Prikkang discover that Sibtis’s ex-girlfriend, Pitta at his place.

Sibtis realised after losing Prikkang that he truly loved her. He tried to win her back asking for her forgiveness. While Pitta was scheming to try to win Sibtis back to her side.

Heart-broken, Prikkang uses Key, someone whom had been smitten by her from the moment they met. Key was by her side most of the time, caring for her from afar in the disguise as friend. To help Prikkang get over her broken-heart, he finally confessed his feelings to her while proposing to her only to be disappointed when Prikkang realised that she still could not get over Sibtis.


Prikkang was kidnapped by Pitta whom was out for revenge. She was saved by Sibtis whom ended up being shot by Pitta.

Sibtis took the opportunity with the help of everyone around him to get Prikkang to nurse him back to health while trying to win her heart back again.


A good touching happy ending!

A good ending, I had truly enjoyed this short and funny Thai Drama. Not only the perseverance of Sibtis to win Prikkang’s heart back after realising that she is his one true love, the friendship shown by Hawk (starring Thawornwong Jirakit), Cholly (starring Korawit Boonsri) and Sylvia (starring Alice Tsoi). Indeed a good short drama for anyone looking out for something light to watch.

And now… off I go to watch other Thai Drama that I have listed on my to-watch list.


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Thai Drama Review : You’re My Destiny

When there was an announcement earlier this year on the remake of my one of my favourite Taiwanese Drama, Fated to Love You, I was very surprised and yet looking eagerly towards airing of the drama.

I remember when the Korean Version of Fated to Love You was aired 3 years ago acted by one of my favourite korean actress, Jang Na Ra, I was over the moon. I followed the series weekly as it was aired (usually I don’t do that as the agony of waiting week after week for the next episode was agony) as I just could not wait till the ending before starting the drama.

So, when You’re My Destiny started airing in August 2017 this year, I could not wait for the drama to be completed before starting it. So started my agony of waiting week after week again all over again. And @tinkerbellsan asked me once again, why I always put myself through that when I had a choice…. for once, I could not answer that!

Continue reading “Thai Drama Review : You’re My Destiny”

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Upcoming C-Drama : Memories of Love (一路繁花相送)

As we near the closing of 2017, it seems that more and more exciting dramas (at least to me) are heading our way. One of which is a drama that I have been anticipating for a while already. Having Wallace Chung (钟汉良) as the male lead in a modern drama setting, it is definitely a must watch for me…. excited excited!


Continue reading “Upcoming C-Drama : Memories of Love (一路繁花相送)”

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Upcoming C-Drama : Entrepreneurial Age (创业时代)

OMG! Huang Xuan (黄轩) is back with a new drama, titled Entrepreneurial Age (创业时代)… Now that is something definitely to look forward to.

The first drama of Huang Xuan (黄轩) that I watched was Les Interpretes (亲爱的翻译官) back in 2016, one of the highest rate drama of the year. He left me a deep impression with his great acting skills along with the great story line of the drama adaption from a novel.

So, one can imagine my excitement while anticipating the upcoming 40 episode drama.

Entrepreneurial Age has released two sets of new stills featuring the main cast led by Huang Xuan (Extraordinary Mission) and Angelababy (General and I). The drama will focus on the IT profession, and the opportunities and difficulties that come with a career in the field.

Read on via Huang Xuan, Angelababy get in a scuffle in Entrepreneurial Age — Cfensi