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Chapter 6 – First Strike by Red Wolf

It’s Friday! Another day till the weekend. With the current situation that is happening everywhere, looks like it is still going to be another quiet weekend at home for me.

Enjoy the read. Have a great weekend ahead everyone! Don’t forget some words of encouragement and share your feedback for Red Wolf, our young author.

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Chapter 2 – First Strike by Red Wolf

Did you all enjoyed the Chapter 1 of this original novel by Red Wolf?

As this is a very short novel, there will be 1 chapter per day until the end of the novel. We hope that you will continue reading the novel and share you feedback. This would be the best form of encouragement for this young author whom I understand is working on his 2nd novel

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Chapter 1 – First Strike by Red Wolf

Happy New Year 2021 everyone. It have indeed been a super long time since we posted something. Apologies for the super long hiatus.

Year 2020 have been a super challenging and busy year for most us. Like everyone else, we here in Tinkerbellsan team are also not spared from the effect of Covid-19 being it from career challenges, health and even economically. Most importantly, both mhryu and tinkerbellsan are healthy and kicking today. We were just too busy with the on-going challenges and battle in our daily life.

Feb 21, 2021 – we are back online. Not to continue our translation unfortunately. Time just does not permit us at the moment. As most of you are aware, translation takes a lot of effort and energy. We simply don’t have the spare time at the moment.

Today, we would like to bring you a new original novel by a newbie author, Red Wolf. This novel is of different genre that we usually translate and read. It is a short original novel by a young teenager whom is keen to pursue writing as a hobby. 

Off to chapter 1 we go. We hope everyone would continue to support and enjoy the read by Red Wolf.

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