First Strike (NEW) by Red Wolf

First Strike is a new short novel by a new young author by the name of Red Wolf. The genre of the novel is slightly different from the novels that were previously translated and posted on this blog.

We hope that everyone will give this new young author’s work a read and share feedback for him to improve further.

Overview : 27 Chapters


Lucius McCain.

A man without a past, yet still haunted by his ghosts. He lives with nightmares every night, and is plagued by strange happenings from within his tormented mind. He has lived this way for years, surrendering to the notion of zero escape.

Until escape comes for him.

A mysterious woman takes McCain into her arms, offering him a chance to redeem his shrouded life in Her Majesty’s service. He accepts this offer, and is sent to Moscow as an agent of MI6 within hours. 

He will embark on a perilous journey, dodging death by the knife to secure a deadly pathogen. If he succeeds, he will be honored as a national hero, and given closure over his past. But if he fails, the world as he knows it is doomed forever.

The clock is ticking, and Lucius McCain hasn’t a second to lose.

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Chapter 2
Chapter 3
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Chapter 27 – FINALE