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Caught in my Own Trap Special: Life After Marriage – Part 1

A happy Sunday everyone…. yes, we are back with more on Zheng Xie and He He. Thanks to Astariterix and the link that was provided, we are able to read a little more about their cute interaction after their marriage. 

Work had been really swamped lately. So my translation would be really short as I will be trying to translate as much as I could in each post. There is a total of 7 parts with the first post today of 3 parts. 

In the meantime, do enjoy the short read today! 

Caught in my Own Trap Special: Life After Marriage – Part 1

Little Darling

Part 1

“Let’s have another baby.”

When Xiao He He was saying this, she was lying in bed with fever. Her body was covered with a thick blanket with a cold towel over her head.

In the meantime, Zheng Xie is sitting on the chair beside the bed. He is bored to the stage where he was turning the page of the book every five seconds. He took the book from He He. When he first saw the cover of the book titled: “晨曦之雾”, he thought that He He finally had a changed of taste and is ready literature. He did not expect that it is still a romance book.

晨曦之雾 (The Fog of the Morning) – This is actually a C-Novel

Dawn of the Fog

“Ah?” Zheng Xie said while turning the page.

“Let’s have another baby.”

“Such a boring book can even be published. And still there are people want to buy.” Zheng Xie flip the book and continued: “However, this book heroine felt very familiar. I am sure I have met her somewhere.”

He He snatched the book: “Hei, let’s have another baby.”

Zheng Xie took the towel away, touched her head and said to himself: “Clearly the fever is gone. How come someone is talking nonsense?”

That is how He He’s first attempt to discuss about having a second child is dismissed.

Part 2

He He wanted to initiate the idea of having a second child is her efforts in establishing a loving relationship with her daughter, Zheng Zhu You (nicknamed Yao Yao) had been declared unsuccessful.

The reason for this weird matter is unknown.

In this house, He He is very well liked and is friendly with everyone. From the always serious father to the forever smiling cleaner’s sisters.

In this family, Yao Yao is also very well-liked by everyone. From the always serious grandfather to the always smiling cleaning ladies.

But only the two of them, are unable to show their love for each other. Everytime He He faced Yao Yao, she gets a headache. While Yao Yao seeing He He always complain of stomach ache.

He He finally understand. In the short time, she had no way to change the situation. To accommodate her unexpressed maternal love, she decided to have another child. After all, both she and Zheng Xie are an only child.

He He summarized her failed first attempt as inappropriate time.

The second time, she look for an excellent opportunity. Late at night, when both Zheng Xie and He He were entangled in a heap, when Zheng Xie was ‘investing’ very hard, she said: “Let’s have another baby.”

She thought that when Zheng Xie is distracted, he will just promise her. And this guy will never reneged his promise to her.

But Zheng Xie suddenly stopped and said solemnly: “If you do not like, you can just say it.”

“Do not like what?”

“Are you trying to get pregnant in order to avoid such obligation?”

He He felt very regretful. The last time, when Zheng Xie wanted to do it, because she was upset with him, she uses all sorts of excuses to disappoint him. She did not expect for it to be used against her so soon.

Part 3

“Let’s have another baby.”

After two failed attempt, He He made an appointment with Zheng Xie to have a serious discussion.


“Yao Yao is a girl. Let’s have a son. We complete the word “好”, that would be good isn’t it?”

好 (pin ying: hào) – the meaning of this word: Good

“He He, I do not have patriarchal ideology. My dad does not too. You are born in the 80s, you should not even have that thought.”

“Even it is two girls, it would be good. For Yao Yao to be an only child, it is a disadvantage for her growth.”

Zheng Xie studied He He’s expression. She bowed her head as her guilt conscience.

“He He, you may have forgotten the pain. I still remember the nine months of your pregnancy, there were not a day without torment. Every day I live in an abyss. Even if you are willing to go back to those days again, I do not want to.”

And thus, He He’s third attempt again, failed!


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13 thoughts on “Caught in my Own Trap Special: Life After Marriage – Part 1

  1. Even in married life, He He always trying to get her ways..she’s quite guilty she can’t get along with her daughter, maybe she’s thinking she might be more successful to show her maternal love with another baby thus the thought of having one more. Thank you for all these extra translations. Your dedication and your generosity to share are greatly appreciated!

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  2. Oohh…it is possible, mother daughter disliking each other? ZX give HH TWINS ah 😍 aawww, I’m curious how the ever calm ZX sweat out HH’s pregnancy.

    Thanks so much 😘

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