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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 10.2

With this chapter, we have completed 1/3 of the novel. How is everyone enjoying the read so far? I hope that my English is understandable. I tried to follow the novel as close as possible, however do understand that there are possibility of some of it being lost in translations or potentially adapted slightly for better understanding in English.

I would also like to thank you everyone for the support, words of encouragement and the discussion on each chapter. I have truly enjoyed doing the translation as much as I enjoyed the discussion with everyone.

We finally find out in this chapter about Zheng Xie’s fear on cats / kitten and how He He found out his secret. Slowly, we read about Zheng Xie’s thought on He He although he thinks that his feelings towards her is like a father-daughter feeling. I wonder when he will finally realized the importance of He He in his heart and that he LOVES her…. 

Chapter 10.2 : The Premature Aging

“Isn’t He He already twenty five years old? She also should get married. By the way Ah Xie, does He He have a boyfriend now? If not, I’ll help her to look for a good one.”

“No need. She will be getting one soon.”

“In your circle of acquaintance, are you able to come up with anyone decent?”

“Do not worry. He is not within my circle of acquaintance. He is different from me.”

“Oh, very good. Very good.”

After Zheng Xie hangs up the phone, he found the kitten has already woken up and is one meter away from him looking up at him. His overreaction this morning has frightened it, so the little thing now dare not come closer to him. The little kitten only reveled a pitiful yet alert expression while watching him carefully. The expression reminded him of Xiao He He when she is guilty, almost making Zheng Xie soft hearted and want to crouch down to pat it on the head.

He realized what he is doing and immediately re-tract his hand and walked to the other end to keep the kitten at a safe distant. Cat is really evil, his intuition told him. Cannot get any closer to cats.

Apart from Xiao He He and mother, there is no one else that know that he is afraid of cat. They just treat his fear of cats as a kind of annoyance. In fact, he do not understand why he is afraid of cats.

Xiao He He also found out by accident. That time, He He is about ten years old and she had been chasing a cat up the tree. She had the ability to climb up but not to get down. So she was trapped on the tree for nearly half an hour before she found Zheng Xie.

Zheng Xie had to climb up and carry her down. He did not always feel that climbing tree is an elegant thing to do. Even if he was in the moment and age, he had never had the urge to do it. He He after getting down, pouting and tearfully pointed to the branches on the tree: “Mi mi (childish word for cat), mi mi.”

Zheng Xie looked up and was amazed. There is a kitten on top of the branch, more miserable than He He earlier when she was up on the branch by tenfold. The kitten is shaking. Another fool that climb up the tree but not able to climb down.

Although he had a headache, but Xiao He He’s pitiful and charming look gives him more headaches. So he once again kind heartedly set his foot into the rescue mission again.

Originally, it all went well although he was terrified. He was able to disguise it well. In the eyes of the bystander, he is very calm and collected. About 34 meters from the desired goal, victory is in sight. Zheng Xie though, after successfully rescue the kitten, maybe is ailurophobia will be healed, and he intended to take a deep breath and jump.

Maybe he accidentally held the kitten too tightly, hurting the kitten. The ungrateful kitten turned and scratch Zheng Xie deeply. Already in a very high tension spirit, this caught Zheng Xie by surprise. So the legendary extraordinary skill of the martial art of the young master ended up in a tragedy. Zheng Xie in the noble cause of protecting and rescuing animals is heroically wounded. He was not able to control and intensity of the landing hence fractured his right foot.

It is a very dishonorable fall, hence Zheng Xie refuse to reveal the details of the injury and also order Xiao He He to keep quiet about it. But what he cannot stand even more is Xiao He He.

The incident happen during the summer vacation. Xiao He He had plenty of time, and voluntarily took care of him by accompanying him daily at his bedside. He He put on a “I want to be your feet, I want to take care of you forever” like attitude. Every day to repent her willfulness and ignorance, she help him in every possible way. Washing his face, feeding him meals, read him story books, singing songs and patting while coaxing him to sleep. In fact, Zheng Xie suspect that she will fall asleep to which she really did so.

In reality, He He although taking care of him, is forcing him to play with her girly house games. To He He, he is like a big lifelike toy.

Zheng Xie was totally cornered. For the sake of making He He less guilty and to come clean, he honestly told Xiao He He that his fall is not because she wants him to rescue the kitten but because of his fear of cat / kitten.

Recalling these events, Zheng Xie thought that he is just nonsensical.

He became extremely upset with He He for going out on a date with another person despite knowing that he is in a bad mood.

Zheng Xie had to admit, his relationship with He He, sometimes very funny, just like a father-daughter relationship. He at times seems to be her elders as he will disciple her more. Although He He constantly will pout at him, she also would reveal her secrets to him, probably more than with her own mother. In additional to his mother, Zheng Xie is considered the closest person with her. Seeing that she is willing to go out on a date in the heavy rain, it actually gives him a sense of sadness just like a father about to send his daughter away on her marriage. Even though the man is his friend, he will still enthusiastically advise and carefully consider them for He He.

In fact, He He had several relationship in the past. The longest being six months while the shortest was only two weeks. Most of the time, she will come grinning at him and said: “Treat me to dinner, I am heartbroken.” Occasionally she will vividly cry a few times in front of him.

At that time, he has never felt lost. Probably because he has met most of the love object of He He. Despite her being clumsy, stupid with no opinion of her own at times, he is very aware that these bunch of guys have no opportunity to become He He’s soulmate. It is just a part of her growing up process, nothing but a playmate along the way, one day will go their separate ways.

However, Shi Lin is different. Zheng Xie understand Shi Lin as well as know He He very well. He is very clear that Shi Lin is a very suitable for He He while she is the type of lady that he likes. Should the timing is right, then….. this is the reason why he is so wistful. In the past when people share with him the story of father crying when his daughter get married, he can only listen and take it as a joke. Now he finally understand. And because Shi Lin is constantly abroad, that means that He He should also be away from him.

Really boring ah. Zheng Xie took a deep breath. He can go to the company to look for something to do, go swimming or go to the club to play. He remember someone once said, if a person begins to help free recollection of events that mean heart is beginning to age.

Who said these words? Yes it is Cheng Shao Chen. It was when Cheng Shao Chen had just returned from abroad. When they were drinking together, that guy were actually in a different mood, actually giving an infinite sense of loss.

In life, one must really be honest. He must have had his fist on the table and laughed too heartlessly, hence so soon he got back his retribution and began premature aging.

The problem is that once one is into the nostalgic and aging mood, the goal is clear. Everything has its caused and he finally got his wish. And for him, he is nostalgic about something really old, really something so heartbroken.

Suddenly, he felt physically and mentally unusual. It is probably the time to settle down. Perhaps he should listen to He He’s recommendation and seriously look for a woman that is pleasing to his eyes and have a serious relationship with. Can also reduce his boredom while able to please the elders. If luck is good enough, maybe this would also resolve his life biggest motive (marriage). Able to serve multiple purposes, why not?

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  1. lol – he reminds me of Tamaki from Ouran High School Host Club; insisting that the female lead is ‘like a daughter’ to him while everyone around him nods and rolls their eyes because it is so obvious he’s in love with her. Thanks for the chapter!!!

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