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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 10.1

Zheng Xie is slowly discovering the importance Xiao He He is in his heart. But will he acknowledge or admit the importance of her? Let’s find out……

Chapter 10.1 : The Premature Aging

Indulging in the past will sound like one is aging pretty quickly.

To evacuate from quarreling, Zheng Xie went to the window and look outside. The rain is still heavy, then he went upstairs to the gym.

He spent over an hour in the gym. Having sweat out a fair bit, he went to take shower. He could hear the national anthem from the television in the living room. The Chinese athletes must have won gold medal so decided to go and check it out. He found He He watching the television looking a little silly with tears in her eyes.

This is how she grew up, showing extreme love for the national flag and national anthem. Even just looking at the flag-raising ceremony on the television, she will be moved to tears. He is totally amazed at her patriotism.

But beyond that, He He is not someone that loves to cry. When she is disciplined by the teachers, or when she fought with other children till she had 5 stiches on her head, there is no tears at all. At most, she will grind her teeth but refuse to cry.

Unfortunately, the sight in front of Zheng Xie is not what he has expected. Instead, he found He He wearing his clothes and curled up fast asleep on the sofa.

The air-condition temperature is low. She was not able to find the air-conditioning remote control, so don’t know where she found his clothes and wore it.

In the fetus-like position just like how a fetus is in the mother’s womb, she look very peaceful and pure while sleeping.

Zheng Xie stood silently next to her for a moment while considering to wake her up or carry her into the bedroom to sleep.

As he was still deciding what to do, on the side, the phone that He He drop on her side suddenly rang. Her ringing tone is the theme song from {Black Cat Detective -黑猫警长}, bringing him back by two decades.

Those interested to know, can listen to the theme song @ Black Cat Detective (黑猫警长) Theme Song

He looked helplessly at the sketch book that He He dropped on the floor. He thought that the 5 years gap between him and He He is very fulfilling. He He has never had interest in cats, including Hello Kitty, Garfield and even the well-known Viking cat, why suddenly with this cat’s madness. Really scary.

The old-fashioned theme song plays over and over again. He He is still deep in her sleep. When it sounded a second time, Zheng Xie could no longer bear the song, and picked up the phone. He stuffed the phone into her ear, while tugging her ears to wake her up.

The phone call turns out to be a request to date. He He answers in her drowsiness, while obliquely aim at Zheng Xie. Zheng Xie noticed it and went into the other room, but he could still hear He He’s voice: “I have completed the drawings. Why don’t you have a look at them? I have nothing to do….. no you’re welcome. See you later.”

He He soon said that she is leaving as she had something to do. Zheng Xie look out of the window and said: “Such a heavy rain outside and you still want to go for a date? Are you not afraid to catch the cold?”

“Who is dating ah? I am going out to talk about work. I am helping a friend with some drawings.” He He frowned at Zheng Xie and continued: “he is also your friend, Brother Shi Lin.”

“Good. I wish you success in your work. It is cold outside. Wear warmly.”

With He He gone, Zheng Xie is so bored. He called a few executives from work to confirm several work schedule. They listened to him on the phone with a very worried heart. Their only worry is that with the unscrupulous weather, the boss will pull them back to the company to work overtime. To the outsiders, Zheng Xie is a workaholic. They don’t know that it is because he had nothing to do.

He went to check out the fridge and food cabinets. They are stuffed with frozen dumplings, frozen pizza, instant mashed potatoes, instant corn syrup and milk all very close to the date of manufacturing. These must be the job of He He in replenishing them.

He seldom eat these so-called junk food, hence these items barely move. He He constantly check the shelf life and will replenished with new ones. While most of the time this girl is sloppy, but she is also very carefully amazing.

But in this kind of moody weather, he would rather eat junk food than going into the rain. After studying the instructions carefully, he managed to prepare something to eat.

He had nagged He He countless time that eating these are not nutritious. He forced her to learn to cook. He nagged till he found himself very annoying. As a result, He He is only able to cook very delicious instant noodles.

Zheng Xie had just finished his meal when he received a call from He He asking him to hurry go and help to feed Xiao Bao. There is not much to do, just put the milk on the plate.

Zheng Xie bite the bullet and went over to He He’s house. He is very pleased to see Xiao Bao fast asleep in his own bed. Very familiar sight. He thought, turns out to look just like how Xiao He He curled up on the sofa. They even look alike.

He carefully took out the box of premium milk and poured into the deep plate. He He brought this plate from Jingdezhen (景德镇) when she travel there last year. The beautiful end of the plate is a hand-painted fish. The plate is very precious to He He. Once he used the plate to hold peel waste, He He got really upset. Now, she is using it as a cat’s tray, no longer such a noble look. Zheng Xie felt a little jealous of the cat as it is receiving better treatment.

Jingdezhen (景德镇) is a prefecture-level city in the northeastern of Jiangxi province, at the border of Anhui.

Then he received a phone call from Cousin Xiao Wei. From the start, she started scolding him. This is her usual opening remarks. Zheng Xie is accustomed to it, so put his phone far away from his ears and hear her speak. Although not very clear, it is just right.

However, because he was framed yesterday by He He as well as committed the big mistake, his cousin reprove for a long time. Fifteen minutes later, Zheng Xie phone is very hot and Cousin Xiao Wei probably is also tired. She restored her aristocratic ladylike attitude and said: “Ah Xie, the beauty told me about your ‘little fairy’ yesterday. Since she is so important to you and you have already come to that stage, bring her over and allow me to see her.”

“I can say anything but really there is no such thing.”

“Oh, I know. It is He He again, right? Zheng Xie, you have enough losses, but so what kind of brother are you? He He follow you all day and constantly becomes your scapegoat. In the future, how you want her to find a husband?”

“Sister, in fact…..”

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