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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Epilogue 2, Part 4

This is the final part of Epilogue 2. 

So that was how Zheng Xie ended his ‘first love’. Even back then, the girlfriend realized the important of He He in his life and that he did everything not because of her but because of He He’s interest and likes. 

In this post, we will read about He He’s ‘First Love’. This brings to the end of Epilogue 2. Hope that everyone had enjoy this epilogue. 

Epilogue 2.4 : Cherished “First Love”

He He’s ‘First Love’

He He has always thought that her first love is Cen Shi. But in accordance to Zheng Xie’s psychological definition of ‘first love’, he has always believed that He He’s first love object is a man named Xiao Mo.

Xiao Mo is a very talented young man. He had personally held calligraphy and painting exhibition as a teenager. Often, he leaves a little poem in the local newspaper in small text, so considered as a local minor celebrity. His writings are evil and sharp while his paintings are an alternative. But Xiao He He loved these so much.

When Zheng Xie was heading into his sophomore year that summer, the local television stations organized a month-long comprehensive profile talent competition show. This semi-celebrity actually participated.

Although in he is nothing remarkable in the eyes of Zheng Xie but in He He’s eyes, he is simply a man of God. This is because he is the highest scorer in the painting group, and in the dancing and singing group, he is the highest too. In the calligraphy group, he writes the best and also the most handsome. Moreover, this young man has a melancholy temperament.

He He become a fan of this person to the extend she watched the live broadcast on the TV daily. Once, during the broadcast, there was a sudden power cut. She cried anxiously. Zheng Xie thought that she thoroughly unpromising.

What more unpromising things is yet to come. She had phoned the television stations to protest the unjust judges. She make a total of two calls with the other call with her nose pinched to make it sound different. She even pester Zheng Xie to get her tickets to the live show while holding a handful of flowers for her idol.

Since Zheng Xie went to college, according to his request, He He wrote to him a letter every two weeks. It has to be handwritten and not less than a thousand words.

As he expected, the letter from home, the content is filled with Xiao Mo.

Xiao Mo has a single out. The song is ………

Our family Xiao Mo has launched a new poetry and painting sets. The content inside are……

Our family Xiao Mo want to direct and act in a movie. The movie is about…….

Our family Xiao Mo…..

He He more and more daring behavior, later directly copy the text from Xiao Mo into the letter.

Zheng Xie finally became intolerable, and reduce her words requirement is reduced to six hundred words while warning her to not mention the name in the letter.

Still later, he began dating with Gao Mo Mo. As to how both of them had the words Mo, it is purely coincidental.

But Xiao Mo did not hit it big. He confidently invest in his own self-directed and acted in a small budget film. He was hit with a severe blow after the defeat, hence disappeared.

He He was sad after a while and then never mentioned this person again.

After many years later, when Zheng Xie went to the inland city for business, he found vicissitudes of a street painter that look very familiar.

He stopped and looked at him for a long time. He said to the people accompanied him: “This is a very talented people. But a little lofty. Mr Zheng, he is said to have come from your hometown.”

That time, Zheng Xie brought home a gift for He He. It is a very old poetry and signature collection as well as a small He He sketch figurine. The sketch is a picture of her college graduate who was found from the Internet according to Zheng Xie.

He He asked with a puzzled: “Who is Xiao Mo?”

Zheng Xie: “He is your first object of interest.”

He He: “Do not fool me. How would I do something so shameful?”

No matter how Zheng Xie describe her humiliating moments, He He refused to recognize any of them. But she very seriously kept the figurines on the desk and carefully read the Xiao Mo poetry set. And she felt that those poems are familiar.

Then, after 2012, in the entertainment field, there was a man with a melancholy vicissitudes that quickly become popular. He shot his own film, his own records and wrote his own script. He design his own style and was able to write very well. He could draw very well and was touted by media and the cultural circles.

His youth is emerging a middle masquerade that was depressed. And then the hard work of a famous battle to the legend with a concert and news feeds that was well written.

But artist like Xiao Mo are very low-key. In addition to the work itself, he rarely talked about his private affairs.

Until after a few years later when he was more popular, during a talk show, he said: “I want to thank you a girl called Xiao He He and her brother. During my lowest point of life where I completely lost the power of life, her brother met me on the street. He told me that many years ago, his sister was one of my fans. And he hope that I can continue to create good works. At that moment, I suddenly rediscovered the meaning of life.”

This is the most baffling accidental Zheng Xie’s charity that was completed.


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Note from mhryu

With this, the story on Xiao He He and Zheng Xie ends here. After reading Epilogue 3 and 4, I have decided not to translate those for now. Both Epilogue 3 and 4 are side story of an entirely different couple. I might do the translation of those later when I have time on my hand, however, I cannot make any promises at the moment.

Using this opportunity, I would like to thank you everyone for taking the time to read my first attempt in C-Novel translation. It had been a wonderful journey of translation although there were many frustrating part in between especially when the couple were going round and round, heading no-where. Thank you for all the wonderful encouragement and comments as well. I had indeed enjoyed the interactions with all of you. 

Reference to my post @ Announcement : Tinkerbellsan is going on Hiatus, both tinkerbellsan and I have decided to take a break from translations. This is no longer due to the concern that were raised in the post but more to because we both have decided to take a short break for a while. At the same time, I have yet managed to find a novel that would attract my attention to want to do daily post. We will try however (without any promises, to keep the post on the other two translations project that we started Boss’s Blind Date Notes (Boss相亲笔记) and Finding Glowing Beauty in Books (书中自有颜如玉) occasionally but not a schedule post. Apologies for the inconvenience caused for those whom are eagerly waiting to read these novels. We promise that we will complete these novels as we certainly do not wish to start something without completing them. 

I would start travelling in August, hence I will be focusing on my other blog:  where I would be sharing my exploration to one of my favorite country in Asia. So for those whom are interested in finding out where I would be travelling, do stay tune! Till we meet again, Stay Healthy and Happy! Ending my post with the quote below from my favorite, Winnie The Pooh… 

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  1. Goa Mo Mo was never Zheng Xie first love. More like a replacement…and it finally came out why he needed a girlfriend at that time-he was jealous!

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    1. Hi my dear. Yes excited as its going to be my second trip there and this time I would be spending a long time there to explore almost each corner of the island. My first trip many years ago were just too short 😉 it’s a beautiful and mystical Island that anyone would fall in ❤️ with!

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  2. Thanks for the beautiful translation.. and looking forward to a later works…
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    2. Yes, I’m also very much looking forward with the after marriage epilogues…😍 Did they lots of kids and make the old people ( zx dad and YY mom ) lives more memorable ? How’s ZX as a dad? YY definitely a cool mom ah.

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