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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 29.7

So… as it turns out, He He and Zheng Xie are finally together yet dating in secret as He He is refusing to let Zheng Xie come clean with their families. Their live resume back to normal while they are happily spending time together where possible. I am guessing starting from here, there are really not much drama anymore between them although I do hope that when their families finally found out about them, would happily accept both of them together, after all, isn’t that what both families had always wished for?

The start of this chapter is a little difficult for me to translate just like some of the other chapters. So be warned as my translation might not be that accurate. And be warn that, some of these part are not suitable for not below 18 years of age.

Chapter 29.7: Climbing up Half A Moon

Setting aside the foreplay, he only entered when both of them are fairly ready and then gradually reached the peak. Afterward, when both of them are filled with sweat with a fairly high skin temperature, He He lay on him while pressing her ears to the position of his heart. Using the stopwatch function on her mobile phone, she tested his heart. “Only 68. Is the amount of exercise we did just not is small?” She started to measure her own.

“Xiao He He. You are really filled with nonsense.”

“Ah. This is a little shameless. Are you disappointed in me?”

“Fortunately, it is a new experience.”

She continue to lay on him and buried her face in his chest. Using her fingers, she drew strange graphics on his body while muffling asked: “Do you think that Uncle Zheng like my mother?”

“I should think it is appreciating her.”

“My mother too. In fact, so many years, from my point of view, it seems that there if there are no hindrance, they would not be so polite towards each other. If there is no third person present, they would not say a single word to each other.” He He silence down.

“Continue.” Zheng Xie said.

“Your family would not like me to marry you.”

“Your mind is really filled with nonsense. I am the one marrying you, not them. And how do you know that they will not agree?”

“Because even I think that I am not suitable for you. I am stupid and silly. I have no background, so what do you like about me? What can I do for you? Even these incidents, I have done so badly, causing you to almost go crazy.”

Zheng Xie said: “There you go again.” With a helpless expression and a long sigh: “Xiao He He, I really cannot stand you. How come you never have such spirit when you are studying?”

He He open her mouth and place it on his neck. Zheng Xie shook. He touch her back to comfort her. “Well, you are not stupid nor a fool. Just you don’t use them in the right place. And your progress is not big enough. If your skills are more skilled and superb, I would have been driven crazier by you.”

He He kept quiet for a long time only to find that the way she asked the questions are wrong. Or is it Zheng Xie’s skills of answering is too high. Apart from the somewhat vague question, the other questions he did not even seem to have answered.

The next day, the weather is still good. He He wore a pair of gloves and play with the sand. The sands are wet so was a little hard. Zheng Xie went to the nearby store to buy a set of children’s toy to help her in shoveling the sands. When He He was concentrating in the shoveling of the sands, Zheng Xie picked up chunks of pebbles to throw them back into the sea. In the distant sky and sea, with the near golden little sparkling waves, it feels like both of them have gone back into their childhood years.

Such a good weather, there is no one by the seaside. An hour later, they were the only having all the fun there.

Suddenly, there is a burst of small wind. He He said: “Let’s go back. There is not a single person here. Really strange.”

“Let’s hang out for a while more. It is not cold.”

“Your throat and trachea okay?” He He took out from her pocket, a sterile mask. She force Zheng Xie to put the mask on. There were a cat embroidered on the mask. Looks really funny. Zheng Xie insisted on removing the mask.

“Do not remove. The sea wind can be harmful.” He He looked at the cat and Zheng Xie with the mask on. It seems funnier as you look at it. She tiptoe and kiss the cat. She held on him like a child clinging on to Zheng Xie.

Suddenly, there is a flash of light and He He instinctively indent into Zheng Xie’s arm. She turned to look. On the beach, don’t know when, there had been a third person. He was carrying a professional heavy looking camera. He was standing about ten meters away from them taking a photo.

The man was wearing a black-rimmed glasses and wearing heavy clothing. He was also wearing a large masks, grotesque while carrying a tripod. He look very professional. She is not surprise to see the man. The always careful Zheng Xie also did not find anything weird.

The man saw them looking at him and felt very embarrassed. “I am sorry. I am sorry. I am from the photographic society. The two of you from a distance look really harmonious. So cannot help but took a picture.” He showed them the photo of them that he took. “I want to do a solo exhibition soon. Can I use this photo?”

“No. I am sorry.” He He was the first to say something.

“Ah. Sorry Sorry. Do you want me to delete it?”

“Forget it. Goodbye.” Zheng Xie said and pulled He He’s hand to leave.

The man shouted from their back: “Hei. Leave me your address. I send both of you the photograph?”

“No need. Thank you.”

After the man appeared, He He lost her interest. “There is someone here. Let’s go back.”

“Just now you were complaining that there were nobody.”

“That man is weird. Does not seem to look like a good man.” She turned to glance at him. She saw that he had already place the tripod and solemnly snapping photos of the sea.

“I am here.”

“We continue to play cat and mouse game. I go to the front side of the pergola. You can then start chasing me. The end is the station in front.” He He wanted to be a little further away from the man.

“With your kind of speed, even if you run another fifty meters more, I can still catch up.”

“Really? Well let’s try it then.” He He finished and ran away.


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9 thoughts on “Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 29.7

  1. yeah only the sweetness nothing else. the thing that i’m afraid is, the photo going to in an exhibition and accidentally the photographer really famous so all their acquaintances saw the photo or the photographer actually a paparazzi. but i don’t think ZX is famous enough to be on news or gossip headline

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    1. Hahaha…. Hang on there tueysaloewa. The exciting part is coming right up next! And it is indeed a little surprised to me when I was reading it. So stay tune!


      1. I don’t know I have a feeling that ZX hired him to take a photo and through that their family and acquaintances got clued in. Voila, white dress and tux.
        Thanks for the chapter. I’ve been a silent reader, I’m very thankful for your translations as I look forward to them everyday. I really appreciate your hard work and I’m upset of them cyber thieves but on the other hand take this take this time to rest as I know that translating is hours of hard work. I Will patiently wait for you guys to come back with awesome new materials to read. 🙂

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  2. *sigh* finally… they’re good together. Would it be hard for a girl like HH to lose the insecurity and rely on ZX’s love and devotion for her? I guess, it’ll be harder IRL situation….

    Oh well, will there be a double wedding for them and their parents 😍

    Thank you so much for finishing the novel 😘.. amidst the prolific shameless beggar thieves 😬

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  3. He He is so funny, who could have thought using a stopwatch to measure heartbeat after ***, lol. Zheng Xie is so patient with her, playing hide and seek with her i think is a bit too much for a guy like him and yet still accommodates her. I think my favourite quote that he told her was: ” Xiao He He, I hope in the future, everyday there is you.” …can’t remember which chapter. As usual it’s a beautiful translation, and I thank you!!

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    1. With pleasure May. Glad that you are enjoying the novel. Appreciate your feedback and continuous support. I loved that part too…. “Xiao He He, I hope in the future, everyday there is you.” and the next part when ZX becomes Black Bellied…. stay tune!


  4. Since when that ZX has never been a black bellied in this novel…I think he is a black bellied from the very first chapter onwards…in his own way, he always control HH no matter whether she is far or near at hand.

    Thanking you for your hard work. 😀

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