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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 29.6

Both Zheng Xie and He He finally had the discussion that they were suppose to. So I guess it is considered that they are officially together now? But does that mean that they have to be separated for a while just as Zheng Xie wishes for He He to do? 

Chapter 29.6: Climbing up Half A Moon

In the morning, there were a knock on the door to wake He He up by Aunty Wang for breakfast.

She is those kind of people who would wake up for a full five minutes but still not gain full consciousness. But this morning, she woke up in a cold sweat. She turned and look to her left and right only to see that she had gotten up in her own bed. She then touched her body and found that she is now wearing her own pajamas. Her heart is back into her stomach.

In the revolutionary era, Zheng Xie would be most suitable as an underground workers.

Zheng Xie is sitting at the table reading his newspaper. Hearing her movement, he looked up to see her hopping on one foot down the stairs into the dining area. His expression look like he thinks that she is looking very interesting. Once she sat down, he turned back to his newspaper. He He was suspicious if yesterday night was just a dream.

It seems that she had in the past dreamt of something that seems too real. After waking up from the sleep, she wondered if it was really a dream.

She stared at Zheng Xie to check out if there are any difference in his look. Zheng Xie sense her prying eyes, looked up at her. He He grap on her collar afraid that she might have accidentally exposed herself. In fact, this morning, she had carefully checked and found no evidence nor traces on her body. Really confusing as they were really intense last night.

Zheng Xie burst out laughing. He leaned forward to remove a hair from her body.

This action is very unusual. Although he had often done that in the past, but this time, He He almost jumped up from her seat. Fortunately, Zheng Xie held onto her shoulder, preventing her from any further action. Luckily these actions were not seen by Aunty Wang. However, Xiao Bao who do not understand human words, jumped on the bandwagon. When Zheng Xie was heading out for work, Xiao Bao followed him till he got into the car.

The next few days, their life gradually returned to normal. Zheng Xie went to work and occasionally in the evening had some entertainment. But he never drinks. He He still painting and sewing. At times, she went online. She also bought a bunch of books to get ready. As previously planned, she would also like to prepare for the examination. But since Zheng Xie using his connections is able to get her to start attending classes later, she is happily lazing around. After all, she has no interest and don’t know what degree she would like to pursue yet.

They reached consensus on most matter. For example, He He heading back to study, is it ready to study or to play, it does not matter. This issues, Zheng Xie considered it as his victory. As for when to get married, when to let the parents know, He He had resolutely refused to give in. Zheng Xie repeatedly tried to convince her with no success, and as deeply troubled by it. This tentatively is considered He He won.

In the middle of the night, He He regularly ‘sleepwalked’ into Zheng Xie’s bedroom.

It was like in the past when Zheng Xie was preparing to leave for university. He He followed him everywhere. That year, He He followed Zheng Xie when he goes to the club to play, climb the mountain, out into the sea and every little functions that he attended.

Now it seems that they had returned back to those days, that is how her mood feels like.

Although Zheng Xie seldom welcome her, but he does not know how to refuse her attack. Every two times, at least once was successfully. That gives her a sense of achievement.

But in this matter, He He has very low-esteem. Because she and Zheng Xie had lack of understanding, although Zheng Xie’s technique is quiet good, but every time there seems like a comedy and disaster movie. Someone who is in alternative art like He He whom is still fun, to Zheng Xie is very restraint and oppressed. She suspected that there are a few times, Zheng Xie is frigid. So he never took the initiative to touch her while He He has deep understanding and sympathize with him.

So the two of them sneaked around hiding it for nearly two weeks. Aunty Wang seems to not see any changes in them, smiling daily.

Or Zheng Xie and He He had acted like normal too well. Outside of the bedroom, they pose as people of high morals. In the house, they are usually quiet. And the room soundproof is really good.

Only Xiao Bao the cat look abnormal. It often rub against He He. And then it goes to Zheng Xie’s side to sniff him. And then return to He He and sniff. Not sure if it could smell the adultery smell. He He is skeptical and wonder if there is a dog soul hiding in Xiao Bao.

Over the weekend it was a rare sunny day. Because He He was feeling stuffy at home, Zheng Xie took her out for a breather. Since there were many acquaintances in the city that they did not want to accidentally meet, so they took a drive to the other city. In the past, Zheng Xie and He He often travel together. But because there were never any taboo thought as the mind was calm and poised, there were no guilty feelings.

The neighboring city is warmer. Some of the fashionable women had started to wear Spring clothing. He He was wearing a thick coat and felt out of place. So the first thing they did was to head to the mall to buy clothes.

Zheng Xie was holding her hand just like an adult holding a child’s hand. He selected pieces and pieces of clothes for her. It was eccentric, very different from how it was previously.

“Aren’t we only here for one night? Why do we need to buy so many clothes?”

“You can wear them after the change of season.” Zheng Xie took a fruit designed hat and place on her head. Then he change to another one. “Do you like them? How about buying both?”

He He once again proved another conjecture. Zheng Xie is the one that really like Barbie. Just because his gender is the hindrance, so had to pass it to her.

Her looks is far from Barbie dolls standard. Yang Wei Qi is more like Barbie, both in dressing and mannerism. So, she does not want to get married is right, so he cannot choose the wrong person. She cannot bear the thought of being abandon.

In actual fact, He He does not have much interest in travelling. She had visited this city several times. So they drove around the whole day wandering. They stop when they come across a place that capture their interest. At the end of the day, their stomachs are filled with snacks and they bought a whole bunch of toys.

That night, they stayed in a waterfront villa. The gray walls, white window, red roofs with delicate patterns and a beautiful landscape. He He is very interested in the place and inspected almost every brick and every piece of décor in the villa. She also drew the diagram on a piece of paper. “This place is so beautiful. Just like a house in the fairy tale. I had drew a lot of this type of house. Almost exactly the same, do you remember? In the spring, if there are morning glory or creepers on the wall… how beautiful.”

“Okay. I will look for someone to grow them.”

“Your house? I thought it belongs to your friend.”

“Of course it is mine. I passed this place a few years ago and felt that this house has a familiar feeling. Then I remembered that when you started drawing, you had drew a lot of such houses. So, I bought it for investment. It was a very low rate. Very reasonable.”

There were no one else in the house. So both of them did not had to sneak around like how it was back in the old house, as there is no fear of Aunty Wang discovering them. The culprit as usual, Xiao He He, she got Zheng Xie to play the old-fashioned game of hide and seek. The result of course, no matter how she hide, Zheng Xie has always been able to find her.

Going back and forth a few times, Zheng Xie lost his patience. He drag her out of her last hiding place and carry her over his shoulder upstairs. In the bedroom, just like being in the animal laboratory, as an experimental object, the formal experiment that starts with touching that is itchy. As she cried out itchy, she smiled while the experiment operator tired out in sweat.

A long long time after, when Xiao He He energy and strength are almost gone, the room finally settled down into quietness.


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    1. Hi indomnianoodles, yes they are finally together in this chapter. But secretly still as He He is not keen to let the family know because she do not want ZX to carry the burden of being the one penalized for the whole thing


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