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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 28.2

From yesterday’s chapter, it had indeed been reversed. Zheng Xie is the one whom is avoiding He He and is in denial. While He He is questioning him to the extend that he refuses to answer her. Why? Isn’t He He the one that he wanted to marry? Isn’t she the one that he truly loves? Or he still have not realized it? 

The title of this chapter is, I want to marry you tomorrow…. So I am so curious to find out who said that. He He or Zheng Xie? I hope that we are able to find out today…..

Chapter 28.2: I want to marry you tomorrow

“Why are you doing this to me?”

“Do you like me? The kind of like as a man towards a woman.” He He went in front of him and looked at him in the eyes.

Zheng Xie turned. She held onto his arms and pulled him back. “Do you really like me?”

“He He” Zheng Xie rubbed his temples, feeling a little tired. He He was also quiet.

“Before, you mentioned wanting to continue study. Why not I send you abroad to study?”

“Do you really want me to go?” He He’s eyes turned watery.

“It is best that you stay away for a period of time. You can experience a lot of new things abroad.”

“Why you want to struggle? If you do not like to see me, then I get out of here. It is not that I don’t have a place to go. Tonight I will take Xiao Bao home.”

He He turned and walked away angrily. Zheng Xie caught her arm. “It is good that you go back. It is too late tonight. You leave tomorrow.”

He He angrily throw off his hand and quickly ran out. She did not hesitate this time and mercilessly bang the door. She did not care if Zheng Xie would really get angry because she is about to explode.

But He He had different ideas. She cannot immediately take Xiao Bao back to her small home. She returned to her room to see and found nothing that she can bring apart from Xiao Bao. She writhed in the house for a while, and make a lot of noise. She could not even find a bigger bags. She finally took her coat, the car keys, picked up Xiao Bao and left to return to her own home.

As He He was walking down the stairs, she found that Zheng Xie was sitting in the living room waiting for her. His face was tired but he said in a gentle tone: “Xiao He He, stop being so childish. I let you return home because I have my reason….”

He He hugging Xiao Bao in her arms and looked at him. She lips were sip into a line, a stubborn look.

But Zheng Xie refused to explain further. He did not even look at her. He only turn his gaze to the curious looking Xiao Bao in her arms.

After a while, she said: “Have you eaten your dinner? I am still hungry. Go and cook noodles for me.”

As she was putting the kettle on the stove, with an upset face, she thought: “How did it turns out like this again?” She is really a natural slave.

The noodles were tumbling in the water. He He’s mood is in a mess. She recall the pieces of each happenings over the past several months. The secret that she had been hiding for over seven years, because of her slip of tongue, had caused the mess. She continue to use a new lie to cover the old lie until everything becomes uncontrollable. She felt guilty towards many people, Yang Wei Qi, Cen Shi, Mother and Uncle Zheng.

Of course, she is the most sorry toward Zheng Xie. She had broken his life plans. He could have step by step, got married and have children. Because of her oversight, she had destroyed everything. Not only that, she had destroyed her own good child impression in his mind. Although he had been very strict with her, but at least in the past, in his eyes, she is an obedient child. Now, in his eyes, she is clearly an ungrateful, willful and a liar. And he hates liar the most.

But everything she did is out of her kindness. She felt wronged and angry.

He He looked out and saw that Zheng Xie is no longer in the living room. She filled the bowl with the noodles. Thinking that he now completely have no voice and should avoid hot stuff, she went to look for a larger bowl to be filled with cold water to cool down the noodles quickly. As she was absently doing the task, she inattentively touched the big pot and it fell to the ground with a loud noise. That hot pot was filled with hot water that spilled on her hands. She screamed.

The sound of her screaming succeeded Zheng Xie to hurriedly rush down. He hastily appeared in the kitchen doorway wearing only a bathrobe. His hair is all wet. He had actually gone to take a bath.

He looked around and found nothing. With an expressionless look, he turned away. He makes it look as if she is intentional.

He He whom had just calm down a little, because of his attitude, had her emotions rise up again.

“I am not angry. Not angry.” As she is obsessed with herself, while holding on to another bowl of noodles, probably because her hands was shaking, a few drops of hot soup drop on her hands. She called out loudly and then spilled some soup.

This time, Zheng Xie whom had not gone far, did not bother turning his head.

He He did not know where her impulse and courage came from. With her eyes closed, she drop the whole hot bowl of noodles onto the ground, on her feet. With the bowl that feel onto the ground, nothing actually happened.

The burning sensation instantly hit but she does not cry out loud in pain. Zheng Xie unaware of what was happening, continued to go upstairs.

Did not succeed in getting his attention, He He became shameful and filled with anger. She burst into tears like a child.

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15 thoughts on “Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 28.2

  1. I don’t think it’s healthy anymore… It’s time to move o n, let go of the 3rd wheel feel. ZX doesn’t know what he wants….

    Thanks 😃

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Samie, hang on there. He does know what he wants. He is just playing it differently now. Just as Julie said, he is waiting for He He to come to him now


    1. Oh don’t worry. He knows already what he wants. He is just playing the reverse physiological game now with He He. Hang on there. the funny and interesting parts are coming up quickly now. This is just the start


  2. ehm… yesterday i can’t hold on anymore, so i read the raw with the help of our uncle google translate.

    actually we can’t blame ZX because he has a reason and an absolutely better understanding about the situation. he can’t tell HH at the moment in case she got impatient and blow out the plan.

    but let our dear mhryu translate that for you.

    hope we don’t judge ZX and HH for a while and let them both enjoy their journey to be together. i promise you will laugh after know what ZX did to capture HH… so cunning he is… ^^

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Pili. Yes, I did a quick read ahead as well. Interesting days ahead coming up, right? It will get really exciting from here on I personally believe


    2. It’s so hard to not judge ZX now. it takes everything I had to not cursed him when I read new chapter. hopefully they just can fix the problem and move on. 1 long chapter and they still act the same, really drive me crazy.

      Liked by 1 person

    3. OMG same here! My curiosity got the better of me~ *sigh* All these time I’ve hated Zheng Xie’s guts but in the end he’s just so sweet and cunning! haha. Can’t wait for the better translation here. Google Translate barely made sense. lol

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hahaha…. both of you are so cute. But I understand as I do that too with some of the other c-novel translations that I have been following. Hence that was the reason leading to me starting on translations. Enjoy the upcoming chapters


      1. It make me wonder about HH, she is the one who pushed ZX away n now she wants him back in a childish manner. I can understand why ZX said to HH stop being so childish yet HH kept thinking about herself but not really of everyone else. HH said that she used to be very obedient to everyone else….it really make me wonder about her true personality…not the submissive type of girl, you know. HH can be just as controlling n manipulative as ZX but she just can’t see it…what ZX is doing to HH also in a way to help HH to really open her eyes to see who she really is…but will she open her eyes though or still going to self-pity or “poor me” syndrome.

        Thanking you so very much mhryu…I wish I listened to my mom when I was a little girl learning to read n write Chinese but chose to say who really need it….now, *pouting sadly*…now I wish I can ready Chinese….but I just have to rely n wait on you mhryu to do the translation.

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  3. I want to marry you tomorrow??? How is the title related to the chapter ? I thought that this chapter they will finally get together. Did I skip something ??? Confused….


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