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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 28.1

A happy Sunday everyone! Today we will start with a new chapter….. With Chapter 28, we have only 3 more chapters to complete the main novel (including Chapter 28). So we should be up to read more about He He and Zheng Xie now… (I hope).

Enjoy the read today!

Chapter 28.1: I want to marry you tomorrow

But I would at this time… fear…. – Tomorrow I want to marry you!

Aunty Wang called and said that her sister wanted her to stay the night. So she reminded He He over and over again, to take good care of Zheng Xie.

He He thought, when he see me now, he would be angry and uncomfortable.

In the evening, Zheng Xie also called back mentioning that he would not be coming home for dinner that night.

With the part-timer gone for the day, there is only He He and the cat, Xiao Bao in the house. It was getting dark. Within the empty room, He He was a little scared. On hearing the sound of the car, she ran out to see. The result is always unnecessary run, repeatedly. She then simply sat on the stairs, one hand holding the cat Xiao Bao and the book on her other hand. This is the road that Zheng Xie will take when he come home.

When Zheng Xie came home, he saw He He holding on Xiao Bao sitting on the stair head against the railing, both fast asleep. They did not even heard the sound of his keys unlocking the door.

It is not even nine o’clock, she is already so sound asleep.

Zheng Xie walked past her on the stairs and gently cover her body with a coat. He He mumbled. Zheng Xie stayed still thinking that she had woke up. As a result, after a long while, there is still no sound.

He embarked on the last stage, then turn back and using his feet to gently kicked her. But it did not awaken her.

Zheng Xie touched her forehead with his hand and felt that it was hot. Under his surprised heart, he touched his own forehead and found the temperature is even hotter. It turns out that his hand is too cold.

But his cold hand touches He He and successfully woke her up. She looked at him with her half opened eyes remaining confused for a long time. “It is so late. How come you come back so late? You have not fully recovered.”

Zheng Xie said: “Go back into the house to sleep” and continued upstairs. He He shakes her head slowly and barely stayed awake. She immediately hold the cat and catch up with Zheng Xie. Before he intend to close the door, she put her feet in: “I have something to tell you.”

Zheng Xie is afraid of crushing her foot and had to stop closing door movement. He drop his hand and turned around to leave.

“You broke up with Yang Wei Qi has something to do with me, right?” She broke into his room holding Xiao Bao.

“Do not let the cat into my room.”

“Is it because of me?”

Zheng Xie looked at her with a complicated look and remain silent.

“If she had misunderstood than I can explain to her.”

“If she did not misunderstand, what do you want to do then?” Zheng Xie asked coldly.


The sleeping Xiao Bao suddenly woke up and recognized Zheng Xie. It happily jumped from He He’s arm and rushed towards him. Zheng Xie jumped into the locker room and close the door, leaving He He and the cat outside together.

He He and Xiao Bao was stunned and stood for a moment. He He suddenly reacted to the sentence that he just said. She went over to thump on the door. She opened the locker room door and shouted: “Than why did you not come to me after breaking up with her?”

Zheng Xie was changing inside. He was bare chested and had just put on the pants. Although these days he had not seem much of the sunlight while lying in bed and eating less, he looked pale and thin. But his skeletal muscle symmetry and bodybuilding physique is still looking good. When wearing the clothes, he looked very thin. But when he is naked, it is still robust more than expected. He He using her fine art powers of observations in the shortest possible time checked Zheng Xie out from head to his feet. This figure is really very good ah. Rarely see him with so much exposed flesh.

“What are you standing there for? Get out!”

“Ah. I am sorry.”

After a few minutes, Zheng Xie came out wearing pajamas. He said with a frustrated tone: “Xiao He He, what do you really want to do?”

“You really had the thought of marrying me?”

“You get out.”

“You said before that you want to be responsible for me.”

“Did you not said before that you don’t need it?”

“I have changed my mind.”

“He He, are you taking that we are playing house here? Why you never asked if I have changed my mind?”


“I want to take bath. You stop playing around. Get out.”

He He gripped onto his pajamas sleeve. “You really never mean it. You just want to compensate for what happen. So I gave you the blessing so that you do not have the burden. I gave you the peace of mind to get married. Did I do wrong?”

“You want to leave on your own or you want me to throw you out?”

“You are already getting ready to get married. You obviously was really going to marry her. Why you messed up the marriage?”

Zheng Xie pulled back his clothes, and was too lazy to care about her. He turned around to go.

The house is not very big. So everywhere he went, He He followed him. He He later cried: “You either go get married or after when you get the freedom, come to see me. Now you say you broke up because of me but ignored me. What do you want to do? What do you want me to do? You hated me for saying those words. You hated me for interfering with your affairs so deliberately let me feel guilty. So don’t you think that we are even yet?”

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      1. I think ZX is not the one who is not decided what or who he wants. He know deep inside of his heart, the woman he really wants is HH also waiting for HH to wake up on her own to know that she really loves ZX n wants to be with him. Instead of, making the decision for her again which she don’t appreciated in the first place. Didn’t HH has a go at ZX before the operation??

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