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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 15.1

No Xiao He He in this chapter apart from a brief mentioned towards the end only 😦 . This is the chapter where we focus on Yang Wei Qi. We will discover her thoughts about her relationship with Zheng Xie (or I shall say the unspoken relationship that she is a little confused about).

Chapter 15.1: A Special Corner

Perhaps in everyone’s heart, there is always a special corner.

Lawyer Yang Wei Qi could not understand. What is the recent relationship with Zheng Xie counted as, but lately they are indeed very close. Just that both are unwilling to point out the special relationship between them.

They get along very well and is very understanding.

Zheng Xie is very silent, Yang Wei Qi also do not way much. Probably because of the nature of her work where it would requires unraveling quibble, so after work, she is already usually tired from talking.

And Zheng harmonic is the wise man, anything as long as she open her mouth, he knew what she want to say next. As long as there is a small smile at the corner of his mouth, she knew that he already understood her meaning. Then she had no need to say more.

Moreover, a long silence when they need a little time to adjust to any subject, the co-ordination degree is very high. Yang Wei Qi found that Zheng Xie is very smart. Often when that have watched a popular movie and she also listened to any same piece of quirky offbeat niche songs, he is able to talk a little of history and politics. He never despise her views as a women, even had the patience to listen to her statements on a romance novel while listening to her complaining about the author lack of understanding of the three main points. Sometimes he had also kindly solved her distress, for example: “You certainly do not wear pajamas slippers to go shopping, not the fault of the clothes, just the clothes does not match your action.” Then she will let go.

Yang Wei Qi do not believe in the so-called love at first sight. It is true that when she first met Zheng Xie, she had a good impression of him. And this is the kind of affection continue to warm, but she does not think that it is a good sign.

Modern people are often like that. Not in the heart will feel regret, once met, will feel uneasy. In the decision to invest and pay, will first settle the heart, so that it would stay in the safe place.

The world is wonderful. Before they met, she had never seen him. But when they came into contact, they discovered that both were mixing in the same circle, always meeting up mutual friends or acquaintances.

So inevitably often been jokingly reminded by others.

Zheng Xie is a very cold man, a little bit of a loner. He does not really care about woman, also not very serious.

Zheng Xie not only does not care about women, he simply does not care about things. He knows everything but he is just not interested in it. Although he is not interested in things, he will however very seriously do it and do it perfectly.

In her eyes, Zheng Xie is like a deep pool of water, calm, chilly, bottomless in a single glance, arousing her desire to explore more.

A direct result of often meeting acquaintances, Yang Wei Qi’’s uncle invited Zheng Xie for dinner.

After returning back into the country, Yang Wei Qi rarely meet her parents. Since she reached her adulthood where she left home to study, she has a more intimate relationship with her aunt and uncle. The childless couple loved her like their own child.

Speaking of her uncle whom now had retreated to the second line had worked with Zheng Xie’s father for many years. He had seen Zheng Xie growing up/ When Zheng Xie’s father was transferred, they had lost contact. Today, he heard about Zheng Xie and his niece, hence naturally intended to come forward as her elders while renewing the old friendship.

Yang Wei Qi is still hesitating to speak to Zheng Xie about this. She thought that he would rebuffed. She happens to had to go back and did not expect that Zheng Xie would promised to meet the uncle.

The atmosphere during the meal is quite good. Although Zheng Xie is always cold but when facing the elders, he is very courteous. He would always be calm and his emotion well taken care of.

During the meeting, they reminisce some of Zheng Xie’s childhood memories. Occasionally there were reference made to Zheng Xie’s mother and “He He.” Yang Wei Qi had discovered long time ago that Zheng Xie had hard to read expression. He is always calm and decent just like he is wearing a layer of mask. But whenever he hears the mentioned of his mother and He He, there will be a subtle hint of emotion on his face, making it seem real.

Uncle Yang meeting up with the grown up version of the young boy from before, he got into high spirit. He filled up many of Zheng Xie’s wine. A little drunk, half-jokingly and half seriously, he asked if Zheng Xie intended to marry his niece and become a part of his family. Zheng Xie smiled but kept quiet. Yang Wei Qi immediately declared that the two of them are just friends.

Drinking too much, she couldn’t help to feel a little discourage. Uncle has poor health while after going out together with Zheng Xie for a while, she had never seen him touching wine. Taking the opportunity when Zheng Xie went out to answer his phone, the quiet aunty smiled and said: “You uncle has identified, such as the character after drinking wine. Seeing a lot, the kind of people who in a drunken state will betray themselves to others. This is for you to examine. Zheng Xie as a child has always been a good child with deep thoughts. After so many years of no contact with Zheng Xie, he want to verify it. So far, he is not bad.”

Yang Wei Qi is dumbfounded and eventually drove Zheng Xie back.

Zheng Xie drank much more than uncle. While uncle had reached his limit, Zheng Xie’s complexion remains the same. He just had a little misty eyes. An elbow on the window, with head leaning on the hands, he sigh slightly and said: “The last time I drank so much was presumably seven or eight years ago.” He seems to carefully try to recall and added: “Seven years ago.”

“Your alcohol tolerance level is not bad. Not many people can drink better than my uncle.”

“A little more I will vomit. That uncle Yang, this time I accompanied him to drink to the limit, then next time he will not push me. Otherwise, he will continue to torture me with alcohol next time.”

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