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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 9.2

Hmm…. Xiao He He is trying to recommend a suitable girlfriend for Zheng Xie…. would there be any women that He He recommend where he would consider? Read on……

Chapter 9.2 : You should have a girlfriend

Zheng Xie has always admired Guo Jing from young, although he really don’t have much in common with Guo Jing. He He remember back then, she discredit Guo Jing with almost the same set of theories. That time, Zheng Xie became very upset with her, showing his darken face to her for many days. Now as he is much mature, also more enriched in life experience, even his emotional intelligence is now much higher.

Suddenly something flash in He He’s brain. In fact, she have not seen much of her father’s photo. Her mother had said that she don’t want both of them to live in the past, so collected and kept all father’s photo. He He never raised any noise about wanting her father’s photo.

The most impressive photograph of her father in her memory is the one seen from Aunt Qian album. She vaguely remember her father with a charming laugh. He He now want her legendary Guo Xing to actually be like her father.

She is feeling a little regretful. Things that Zheng Xie does are usually tough and is sensitive in mind. She is feeling sorry and realized that she should not just criticize Guo Xing who because of his dream and believe left his wife.

When she is feeling guilty, He He is most afraid of quietness. She turned and look at Zheng Xie whom is watching television quietly, even the volume is very low. Making it inevitably more uncomfortable. Zheng Xie is watching some programs, talking about pancreas treatment and a bunch of specialists as well as patients talking about their own experience. Zheng Xie is looking at the screen in full concentration.

Xiao He He, a layer of sweat breaking at her back, weakly said: “Hello”

Zheng Xie did not respond, so she called a little louder: “Brother Xie!”

This time, Zheng Xie finally responded: “So loud for what?” Seeing the channel on the television, immediate change the channel. Just now don’t know where his mind has drifted to.

“I think, um…. I have a suggestion.” Xiao He He said and swallowed a mouthful of saliva.
Zheng Xie screwed his eyebrows slightly and turned to look at her.

“You should find a girlfriend.”

Zheng Xie thought for a while, chuckled and said: “Didn’t you always say I have a lot of girlfriend, a waste of resources?”

“I mean real girlfriend. You have not seriously dated any woman for a long time.”

Zheng Xie sweep her with the corner of his eyes: “Why?”

“On the premises of dating for marriage. You have always been playing games of mind, how you will encounter any genuine woman?”

“Who asked you to be a lobbyist? Cousin Rose? Cousin Huang Huang? Or my respectful aunties?” Zheng Xie casually asked.

“When you are ready to get married, all the right woman have been picked by someone else, leaving you those that you despise or those that despise you.” Xiao He He said although it was completely ignored. She cannot help but become angry. She bitterly thought that she had been vicious enough.

“Getting married early may not be something beneficial. If does not goes well, ended up with a divorce. Then once again get back together?” Zheng Xie say.

Zheng Xie rarely gossip. Xiao He He interest is fully evoke and with a mischievous smile said: “When you invite Mr Cheng Xian Sheng and Mrs Chen for a meal, bring me along ok? I have had not seen Mr Cheng Xian Sheng. Not even at his company.”

Zheng Xie tease her: “So he is your type of guy? Might as well forget the possibility. Even if he is single, it is impossible that he will take fancy of you.”

“I don’t appreciate it.”

“A man that had got married twice, there is nothing good to be appreciated.”

“You see, you don’t understand it. You can be a diamond bachelor, although expensive, but finally there is inventory. But it is different from Brother Cheng, once out of stock, we can only wait and see, cannot buy. This is rarer than you.”

Zheng Xie nearly choked. Luckily has not come to the stage of him spraying out the cold water. He continued: “I’m afraid you will not be able to see Brother Cheng for the next year. He has now evolved into a standard indoor man, rejecting all external events. People familiar with him knows that his wife is pregnant. People whom are unfamiliar with him thought that he is pregnant.”

Xiao He He laughed for a long time, and then said: “You must be jealous.”

“Yes…yes. For such a long time, I have not met any woman who would drive me nuts. I truly envied them.” Zheng Xie thinks that the conversation is getting a little boring, got up to leave.

Xiao He He sees that he is leaving, quickly seize the opportunity and neutrally asked: “What do you think of Secretary Wei?”


“In the novel also said, the male lead does cannot find any women that he has feeling for. He look back and realized that the best has always been around. Secretary Wei had accompanied you for so many years. She is smart, beautiful and talented with almost no temper. You have never been tempted?”

Zheng Xie looked at her with the “You’re an idiot” look.

“Oh, really no taste. What do you think of Ren Rang then? Beautiful and gentle, can be considered a good match with you.”

Zheg Xie this time did not even turn back to look at her, just walked away.

Xiao He He shouted at the back: “Don’t be shy, ah. Invite me to dinner at night with Ren Ran.”

“Xiao He He, why don’t you list down all the women you know for me to consider? Don’t forget to note their height measurements as well.” Zheng Xie turn back and said to her: “As the proverb say, you are noisier than six hundred ducks together.”

“Proverb says, five hundred.”

“Because you’re too noisy, so add another 2 percent.”

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