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Chapter 14 – First Strike by Red Wolf

Happy Hump Day! Time have indeed flown by. We are now nearing the end of March 2021. 1st quarter of the year is almost gone. What have we achieved so far this year?

Enjoy the read today. And have a great day ahead. Stay safe and healthy! 


Chapter 14:

 The light momentarily blinded him as shadows moved forward, their odd shapes blocking out little of the glare. They held a variety of instruments, but he couldn’t tell what they were. The masks muffled their already drowning voices out.

  Is he ready? a surgeon asked, preparing her gloves.

  He’s been sedated. Initiating neurosurgery.said another.

  He could feel the sharp pain of a scalpel digging his brain, stained with tissue and blood. He tried to scream, but his mouth had been sewn shut. The medical practitioners stood back as a third figure emerged with a crooked, gaping mouth. As if by some dark force, shadows emerged and began to enter the gaping hole in his head. His eyes rolled back and his body became limp.

  Then, everything went black.

  “Lucius. You okay?”

   McCain found himself waking up in a cold sweat. Granger had lost her jacket; in fact, she had lost her old clothes. She was now wearing a beanie hat, a brown wig, some beige jeans and a white coat over a red shirt.

© 2021 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Written for with permission from the Author, Red Wolf. If you are not reading this from, then this original novel has been posted without the permission of the author.

  “We’ve got an incoming call from the embassy. You were out for hours.” Granger said, tossing a plastic case with clothes onto McCain’s bed. “Also, these are for you. Get changed. Housekeeping will help us lose the old clothes.”

  McCain entered the bathroom and slowly changed into his new clothes. He had navy blue jeans, a striped shirt, a brown jumper and sneakers that matched a pair of new Nike socks. He even had a baseball cap of his own.

  Granger was holding a burner phone when McCain got out. He hadn’t had the time to take a step when the phone rang and they immediately took the call.

  “Granger, E. Verification code, U-R-39-B-0.” Granger suddenly spoke. There was silence before the line was connected and Smythe’s phone went online.

  “Agent Granger, report. Is the asset still in good hands?” Smythe cut to the chase, clearly more anxious over Nyechenko compared to the agents.

  “The asset seems a bit traumatised, but is not otherwise injured in any way.” Granger remarked looking at the CCTV footage of Nyechenko’s suite. “Do we have any idea who those pricks back at the supermarket were?”


  “We’ve done some facial recognition of the agents, and we have something.”

  “Like what?” McCain blurted out, covering his mouth immediately after.

© 2021 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Written for with permission from the Author, Red Wolf. If you are not reading this from, then this original novel has been posted without the permission of the author.

  After a few seconds, a knock came to the door and a brown folder slipped underneath it. McCain opened the files to see a set of reports on one man, who he recognised as Sweatshirt. There were others; Ginger Beard, Brunette and Buck 110. The Makarov gunman, the sniper and the knife expert, respectively.

  Granger pulled the files slightly towards her.

  “The group is a five-man kill squad employed by the Kremlin for national-level threat suppression. They are codenamed Winter Snake.” Glasses’ voice stated as McCain and Granger read the files. “The leader is a former Spetsnaz officer by the name of Yuri Gorsinsky, born in 1975 Stalingrad. Graduated from a prestigious university in the States, before enlisting ten years ago in the Spetsnaz force.”

  “The sniper is a certain Svetlana Kamensky. Born 1989, Vladivostok. She graduated with military honours from the KGB.” Smythe continued. “The guy with the knives is a Georgian-born. Georgi Staliksov, born 1983. He was caught in Siberia for murder, but pardoned in exchange for a military career. Last but not least, Bulat Chevstoy. Chechen. He graduated alongside Kamensky.” 

  The agents looked at each other with concern. 

  “These guys have a reputation in the Kremlin for being a last-resort. If the cops or the army didn’t show up first, then Nyechenko’s life just got its price revealed.” Glasses continued after some time. “If they show again, it is imperative that you do not engage. You hear me? Do not engage. They will not hold back if you pick a fight.”

  Smythe took over for the final part of the call.

  “Director Holt of MI6 has just called from London. An airlift is being conducted at the airbase in twenty hours.” the ambassador announced. “Get to the university and get the virus samples. Then leave the city ASAP.” 

  He killed the call.

  “Guess we got our work cut out for us, eh?” McCain stated, packing his camera into a backpack. “Let’s get our friend to the university.”

  Granger nodded, and the agents left their room and went to Nyechenko’s suite. 

  “Nyechenko. It’s us.” McCain announced. “We’re leaving for the university. You good?”

  “I am fine.” Nyechenko answered, opening the door with his briefcase in hand. “I know the way to the campus.” 

  “Then let’s go.” Granger insisted, pulling Nyecheno out of the room and towards the elevator. 

© 2021 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Written for with permission from the Author, Red Wolf. If you are not reading this from, then this original novel has been posted without the permission of the author.

  “We have twenty hours to find the virus strains and get you to the airbase, Nyechenko.” Granger hissed as soon as they reached the lobby. “Don;t you try and fuck around with us.”
  “Absolutely not.” Nyechenko adamantly crossed his fingers under his pocket. “If I tried, I’d have been dead long ago.” 

  They left the hotel and turned right upon the professor’s instructions.

  Time, thirteen minutes past ten in the evening. 

Original Novel by Red Wolf



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