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Chapter 15 – First Strike by Red Wolf

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Chapter 15:

 It took less than twenty minutes for McCain, Granger and Nyechenko to arrive at the university gate by foot. It was a large and intimidating building, with a golden star encaged by a red circle.

  “The university underwent a major revamping in the early days of the Cold War.” Nyechenko remarked, fumbling for his keys. “The government took a hold over its curriculum, and purged half of the faculty on Stalin’s orders.”

  The locks were unchained and the gate creaked open. Nyechenko ushered the MI6 agents inside before locking the gate. He did the same for the main entrance while McCain took out his camera and set a flashlight feature up. The grand, marble-decorated lobby was illuminated in all its glory, with a statue of a man’s head on display just after a flight of red stairs.

© 2021 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Written for with permission from the Author, Red Wolf. If you are not reading this from, then this original novel has been posted without the permission of the author.

  “The communist idol, Vladimir Lenin.” Granger remarked. “He started the revolution that incited communist reign in the country.”

  They passed by the statue and split up, ascending two separate staircases before converging just before the main entrance balcony. 

  “The pathogen is in the biology wing, in the Science & Technology department.” Nyechenko notified the agents. “Give me the camera; I will show you the way.”

  McCain handed the camera to the professor, who immediately turned left and dashed straight ahead, with McCain and Granger in tow. As they did so, a pair of black Toyotas rolled up to the gate, an omen of ill luck.

  Time, twenty-three minutes to eleven in the evening. 

  Grabbing an axe from the boot, Gorinsky marched to the gate and swung mercilessly at the chains, breaking them with three effortless strikes. He then pushed the gates open, allowing the two cars to enter the compound. Soon, all four mercenaries were lined up at the entrance, each of them brandishing their speciality weapon.

  “Remember, these people are MI6. Which means that they will not hesitate to get the jump on us first. So we shoot to kill, understood?” Gorinsky reminded his fellow soldiers.

  Everyone nodded, glancing at each other while they did so.

© 2021 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Written for with permission from the Author, Red Wolf. If you are not reading this from, then this original novel has been posted without the permission of the author.

  “Kamensky, you are in charge of cover fire. If we need to, we will signal for you to set up a nest and strike them down. Staliksov, you are tasked with scouting the compound. Once you have sights on the enemy, do not hesitate to inform us. Chevstoy, you are with me. I will contact Mother and have her access the security footage.” the former Spetsnaz delegated. Everyone soon entered the building and dispersed, with Staliksov rushing ahead to perform his recon duties, while Kamensky scouted her own suitable spot to form a sniper post. As Chevstoy slowly climbed upstairs, Gorinsky made a call.

  “Mother. It is I.” he stated in a whisper.

  “What is it, Yuri?” Mother asked, instinctively accessing her own private server.

  “Make a call to the local police alerting them to our location.” Gorinsky instructed. “I have a flare to use as a tracker.”

  “What about our comrades?”


  “Just call the fucking cops.”

  He killed the call and caught up to his comrade upstairs.

  Time, twenty-eight minutes to eleven in the evening. 

  The biology lab was massive, even for university standards. There were cabinets stuffed with flasks, all of which contained a variety of chemicals. There were hazard signs plastered on virtually everything in the room, and there was a chart of emergency numbers next to the landline.

  “The pathogen is in that box, over there.” Nyechenko pointed to a small rectangular container with a black crossbones symbol, boxed in by a red triangle. “I must go back to my office; there is data I wish to transfer from the campus servers.”

  He returned the camera to McCain and walked away, leaving him and Granger to grab the box. McCain was about to reach for the handle before Granger stopped him.

  “What?” McCain whispered, annoyed at Granger’s abrupt actions.

  “Look at the handle.” Granger pointed. McCain could see it now; the handle was loose, its bottom straining from the weight.

  “It’s a common trap for black ops agents. They wear the handle down enough so that if anyone tries to use it, the box drops in the quickest time possible.” Granger explained. “The fact that Nyechenko didn’t inform us of this is too coincidental.”

  McCain stepped back in mild shock.

  “You think he’s working with Winter Snake?” 

© 2021 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Written for with permission from the Author, Red Wolf. If you are not reading this from, then this original novel has been posted without the permission of the author.

  Granger picked the box up with both hands.

  “Winter Snake knew where we were at the time of evac. They knew how to take out the convoy. It’s not unintentional.” she clarified.

  Silence. Nyechenko returned to the main lab, holding a USB chip.

  “This is the online formula for Brimstone. I saved two physical copies, one of which is a fake. But there is no dummy on the chip.” 

  Granger and McCain glanced at each other in silent acknowledgement.

  “Let’s go. We’ll drop by another safehouse before making tracks for Zelenograd.” Granger arranged before walking out.

  That was when Chevstoy opened the door, and found himself facing Granger. He quickly whipped out his Makarov PM and was about to squeeze the trigger before McCain snapped a photo using flash, which blinded the gunman. McCain then found a secret compartment and pressed the red button concealed within, tossing the camera on the floor and pulling the Chechen towards it. He exploded within seconds, a gaping hole remaining where his stomach once was. 

  “What the fuck was that?” Granger yelled in horror.

  “It was our only way past him.” McCain barked.

  “Yeah, but now we’ve just sounded the alarm for his friends!” Granger shouted back, just as Sweatshirt arrived at the scene with Staliksov in tow.

  “Fuck.” McCain realised his error in horror, just as the Georgian screamed and charged forward. Granger had to kick McCain’s abdomen and force him to the other side of the door, which made the assassin miss his target and crash into a laboratory desk. Gorinsky slowly picked up the Makarov PM and released a hail of bullets while also letting out a ferocious battlecry, forcing the fugitives to take cover behind the shelves.

  Time, seven minutes to eleven in the evening.

Original Novel by Red Wolf



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