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Chapter 1 – First Strike by Red Wolf

Happy New Year 2021 everyone. It have indeed been a super long time since we posted something. Apologies for the super long hiatus.

Year 2020 have been a super challenging and busy year for most us. Like everyone else, we here in Tinkerbellsan team are also not spared from the effect of Covid-19 being it from career challenges, health and even economically. Most importantly, both mhryu and tinkerbellsan are healthy and kicking today. We were just too busy with the on-going challenges and battle in our daily life.

Feb 21, 2021 – we are back online. Not to continue our translation unfortunately. Time just does not permit us at the moment. As most of you are aware, translation takes a lot of effort and energy. We simply don’t have the spare time at the moment.

Today, we would like to bring you a new original novel by a newbie author, Red Wolf. This novel is of different genre that we usually translate and read. It is a short original novel by a young teenager whom is keen to pursue writing as a hobby. 

Off to chapter 1 we go. We hope everyone would continue to support and enjoy the read by Red Wolf.


Chapter 1:

Off the Kabul border

54.5553°N, 70.2076°W

1034 hours, 3/1/2010

Dust. Fire. Blood. The sound of gunshots, muffled. Scraps of metal flying all around as men clad in black approached his broken, battered body. A scarlet liquid ran down his face, staining his white skin a dark red. He winced as his neck lifted up, his eyes squinting at the sight of a similarly bloody patch on his right leg. His arm was numb. He couldn’t see, nor could he hear anything. The black-clad men swarmed around him, AK-47s pointed at his face. The deep sound of helicopter blades told them to stand back as a Sikorsky CH-53E Super Stallion landed and two men in strange, near-futuristic armor stepped out and ran to their captive, one of each troop’s hands holding a bright yellow stretcher. The guerillas hoisted their victim onto the stretcher and escorted their new friends back to the helicopter, while a third mercenary met with the co-pilot. 

The pair of soldiers who had carried the stretcher back to the Super Stallion now worked to prepare for an impromptu surgery. One of the soldiers tapped the needle of a syringe, watching the droplets of a transparent fluid hit the scorching pebbles, before inserting the instrument into their patient’s neck.

The last thing he remembered was being lifted out of the sky, like a spirit being plucked from its body, ascending to the heavens and a searing, luminous light that blinded him. The medics closing the hatches of the helicopter and calmly taking out all their surgical tools, one of them holding a scalpel to his head.

Then, everything went black.

© 2021 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Written for with permission from the Author, Red Wolf. If you are not reading this from, then this original novel has been posted without the permission of the author.

Lucius McCain woke up in his bedroom, a boring space with grey walls and a single square window, with sunlight filtering through and forming an intricate shadow. Two golden handles indicated where to pull and push, in case he wanted some fresh air.

Which he did.

As soon as he opened the windows, the cool wind of the city wafted into his face. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, trying to forget the nightmare he’d had for ten years now. 

But why? He never remembered any military stint, no less a disastrous encounter. The view of the city suddenly became obstructed. Numbers, floating around the sky, changing in milliseconds like how a stopwatch would. Whispers from nowhere, reaching his ears. McCain had no choice but to close the windows and take a step back, regretting his earlier decision. The numbers quickly faded, and the whispers stopped. McCain decided to take a shower and forget the whole thing. 

The paved streets were a common sight in the city, as cars of all shapes and sizes made their way around this bustling setting. McCain preferred to walk; it was good exercise as he cleared his head. Sporting a red and black jumper, a white undershirt and long, navy blue jeans with a pair of bright orange sneakers, McCain looked like any average person in the city, and had nothing to lose by his looks. Of course, he still had to watch out for any suspicious groups who might be trying to square him up, or the occasional ghost that came and went. 

And he had many ghosts haunting him, for whatever reason.

As McCain made his way into a rustic cafe with many couples and friendship groups of all ages, he quietly sat down by the window, waiting for someone to notice him and take his order. The staff here knew what he wanted, though; a sunny side-up fried egg, bacon and black coffee. On the side, a pair of juicy, tender chicken sausages, long and crispy. It would come in exactly five minutes, he calculated based on average timings. Although, he never saw the point in keeping tabs on this kind of trivial matter. It just seemed natural. Almost too natural. He forgot about his entire dilemma as soon as the meal was served, on a lime green plate with casual silverware.  

© 2021 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Written for with permission from the Author, Red Wolf. If you are not reading this from, then this original novel has been posted without the permission of the author.

 McCain took a slow but appreciative bite and began to savor the meal.

He didn’t even notice the couple seated on the bench opposite him, both women in sports gear.

One of them was reading a newspaper. The other was on her phone, playing a popular mobile game. As soon as McCain began to eat, the lady with the phone inserted a pair of headphones into her device, pretending to listen to some music. The lady with the papers lowered them slightly, catching a glimpse of their target. Both women glanced at each other, tilted their heads upwards and continued about with their activities. 

Time, twenty minutes past nine in the morning.

Original Novel by Red Wolf



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