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Thai Drama Review : You’re My Destiny

When there was an announcement earlier this year on the remake of my one of my favourite Taiwanese Drama, Fated to Love You, I was very surprised and yet looking eagerly towards airing of the drama.

I remember when the Korean Version of Fated to Love You was aired 3 years ago acted by one of my favourite korean actress, Jang Na Ra, I was over the moon. I followed the series weekly as it was aired (usually I don’t do that as the agony of waiting week after week for the next episode was agony) as I just could not wait till the ending before starting the drama.

So, when You’re My Destiny started airing in August 2017 this year, I could not wait for the drama to be completed before starting it. So started my agony of waiting week after week again all over again. And @tinkerbellsan asked me once again, why I always put myself through that when I had a choice…. for once, I could not answer that!

You’re My Destiny finally aired it last episode this week. I was very lucky as I managed to stream it the moment it was aired in Thailand thanks to, a channel that I subscribe recently that offers Exclusive & Simulcast best asian content – drama, variety entertainment, movies, news, documentary and kids content.

You’re My Destiny, although is the remake of Fated to Love You, it has a combination of the Taiwanese and Korean version while having its own unique story-line.


The story is about Pawut (staring Wisetkaew Sukrit, also popularly known as Bie), the successor of a large company in Thailand. He met Wanida (staring Supreeleela Esther), an assistant in a law firm while they were on a same cruise.

Pawut was planning to propose to Kaekai (staring Weckx Lanlalin), his ballerina girlfriend whom eventually decided not to board the cruise when she won the opportunity to fulfil her dream of being the main ballerina. While Wanida (fondly known as Nid) was planning to lose her virginity to her useless boyfriend, Thonwat (staring Mcfadden Kitkasem) during the cruise trip that she partially won and partially paid for.

Fate as it brings them together, Wanida whom took cold medicine that makes her drowsy, accidentally ended up in Pawut’s hotel room. Pawut whom was drugged by Wanida’s relative, ended up spending the night together.

Several weeks later, they meet again in the law firm where Wanida works only to discover that she is pregnant.

maxresdefault (1)

Similar story-line as both the Taiwanese and Korean version of Fated to Love You, Pawut ‘rescued’ Wanida from the bullying of her colleagues. And they met again in Wanida’s hometown where Pawut went to resolve some issues with the factory that he took over recently while Wanida returned home and was canned by her furious mother because of her pregnancy.

I like the following part of the drama where Pawut admitted that he was the father that Wanida refused to revealed initially. He even protected her from the canning by pushing her behind him when she tried to come forward to protect her.

mqdefault (1)

Unlike the Taiwanese and Korean version, the Thai version in my opinion is less dramatic and much sweeter in comparison.

I felt that Pawut from the earlier part of the drama had realised that he cared and love Wanida while trying hard to let go Kaekai. He felt guilty towards Kaekai but loved Wanida. He made the decision very quickly to let go Kaekai, while wanting to keep Wanida by his side as his wife not because of responsibility but because he realised her importance in his life. He took care of Kaekai when she needed the support but never once waiver from the decision of wanting to let her go.

There were many sweet moments where one could feel and see the genuine love that Pawut has for Wanida. When he discover that he has the ALS, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, a progressive neurode generative disease that will affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord leading to death, with a broken heart, he broke up with Wanida. This eventually lead to her getting involve in an accident that resulted in the lost of the baby. The tears as both of them broke into separately were indeed heart-breaking to watch.

Wanida eventually left for France to get over her broken heart with Taya Rogers (staring Treporapat), a friend whom started of mistakenly as the Pastor of the church that Wanida went to do confession upon discovering her pregnancy.

Wanida eventually returned to Thailand 3 years later as a popular Thailand artist. Taya loved Wanida and eventually proposed to her in the most romantic way one could think of. In the car while being stuck in the traffic, he proposed to Wanida with the proposal on the electronic billboard while Pawut whom was following them, watched with his heart breaking even more.

Taya although was heart-broken with the refusal from Wanida to his proposal and when she decided to stay behind for Pawut, hide his sorrow from her. His tears was so heart-jerking. He may not be such a popular actor yet, however, I must comment that he is pretty good.

You’re My Destiny stayed in-line with the main story-line as per the original version with a slight twist. I must say that among all the 3 version, I like the Thai version the most as I find this version less dramatic and more logical.

Kaekai unlike in the Taiwanese and Korean version, never approached Wanida to try to get her to abort the baby nor she tried to talked Wanida out. She met up with Wanida to try to understand what was happening. And the most touching part was when she walked up to Wanida to give her a hug when Pawut was in the hospital.

You’re My Destiny was less draggy. Although both Kaekai and Taya only discover that they were siblings toward the end of the drama, the reunion was sweet and simple. And Kaekai adoptive mother was never nasty to her but truly loved her unlike the adoptive mothers in the Taiwanese and Korean version whom set super high expectation on the 2nd lead being a ballerina that they failed to be.

Touching moment when Pawut was in coma and Wanida, speaking to the picture that she drawn in memory of her lost child, asking him to bring the father back to her. Pawut dreamt of the boy asking him to go back to the mother. And he woke up after that, and immediately shared with Wanida on his dreamt. I personally felt that this was a lovely touch to the drama and the reunion of the loving OTP.

Granny Patchanee (staring Toongkamanee Duangta) although was cool and stern without much smile on her face, she is a loving grandmother. Toongkamanee Duangta is truly a talented actress.


As expected, it was a great ending with the OTP re-marrying although it was a small yet intimate event with the close family members and friends.

The OST from the drama were mainly sang by Wisetkaew Sukrit aka Bie. This drama also gives me the opportunity to discover another talented Thai singer.

You may listen and watch the OST on the link below :

เอะใจ (เพลงประกอบละคร เธอคือพรหมลิขิต ) – บี้ สุกฤษฎิ์

เธอคือพรหมลิขิต (เพลงประกอบละคร เธอคือพรหมลิขิต) – บี้ สุกฤษฎิ์

Pawut signing Smile for Wanida Birthday




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11 thoughts on “Thai Drama Review : You’re My Destiny

  1. I watched this as well and loved the flow of the story. Even Pawut’s nephew?/Cousin? was a much better character in the story. Often lakorns have wilder or more crazy characters but I thought this script was clear and quite real. I wondered about the soundtrack – I hoped it was Bie – and the “Smile” song was so heartbreaking.

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    1. Yes, both the starting and ending OST are Bie’s singing. I like the songs that were played in episode 15, unfortunately, was not able to find the songs anywhere although they sounded like Bie as well. The ‘Smile’ song were just fantastic, isn’t it? If you have time, check out Bie’s songs. He is indeed a fantastic singer.

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      1. Oh, I’ve loved Bie for a while – but I’ve never been able to find his songs for download in the US. Maybe I’ll need to haunt the cd section of my local Asian market.

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    1. hei Carmen, I am not sure as I watched it from the paid cable application. It is only applicable to the country where I reside I think as recently when I was travelling, I was not able to watch anything. You can however, try to see if it is available on Youtube.


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