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C-Novel Review: Good Morning, Mr President! (早安,总统大人!) – FINALE

And so…. at Chapter 817 of Good Morning, Mr President! (早安,总统大人!), I finally decided that this is the ending of the novel that I wanted to stop.

Still on-going as of today from chapter 1,877  (last I check the RAW of the novel), I must say that this author is indeed very good.

In case if you had missed the last post of Good Morning, Mr President! (早安,总统大人!), penned by  南音音 (Nan Yin Yin), this additive novel started with the ups and down of Xia Xing Chen with Bai Ye Qing, the President. 

Xiao Xing Chen at the age of 18, got pregnant and gave birth to Xia Dabai. 4 years later, she finally met the man who got her pregnant, the father of her son. To her surprise, he is actually the President.

Bai Yeqing later realized that he had fallen in love with Xiao Xing Chen. As any good looking very highly caliber man, there are many other women whom are in love with him and are envious of Xiao Xing Chen. After many chapters of misunderstanding, jealousy, revenge and etc, Bai Ye Qing and Xiao Xing Chen finally got married and happy ending for this couple with a new addition to the family, a princess that they were hoping for.

Bai Ye Qing step down from Presidency and started his own company. He gave Xiao Xing Chen a cafe to fulfill her wish. A perfect ending for them indeed!

Next is the story of Chi Wei Yang (the best friend of Xiao Xing Chen) and Dr Fu (the good friend and personal doctor of Bai Ye Qing. Childhood lovers, they were separated due to an incident that happened several years ago. Fate brought them back together with some twist and turn of misunderstanding and wishing each other happiness while tearing their own heart apart.

The misunderstanding was finally resolved only to have a tragedy that resulted in Chi Wei Yang losing her almost due to be born son while trying to protect Dr Fu from the knives. Chi Wei Yang and Dr Fu lost their beautiful son due to this incident and Chi Wei Yang, unable to take the trauma went into a semi-comatose stage as her brain shut itself up in protection from the trauma.

Dr Fu patiencely nursed her for 6 months when she finally woke up after Dr Fu got hit by a car in front of her. This couple slowly bring their life back into order and finally got married with twins heading their way. Another great ending for these couple.

Following after is the story of Ye Xiao, a ruthless and dangerous businessman and Bai Su Ye, Minister in the Ministry of Security and Defense. Also the sister of Bai Ye Qing, Bai Su Ye is a tough and strong lady whom went undercover 10 years ago. She feel in love with Ye Xiao while being undercover, resulting in him losing 25 of his ‘brothers’ and facing the betrayal of the women that he loved so dearly.

In the 10 years that they were apart, unknown to both side, both Ye Xiao and Bai Su Ye went through many heartache and was nearly at the door of death. As hard as fate are, both of them finally managed to pull themselves out and move on with their lives when they met again.

Misunderstanding after misunderstanding brings these two lovers more misery as they realized that they loved each other and could not live with each other. How is that possible when one is a wanted man by the government and the other one is the minister in the government office.

Both Ye Xiao and Bai Su Ye faced heartbreak over and over again as they were trying to protect each other quietly. While Ye Xiao originally was filled with anger and wanted to make Bai Su Ye’s life miserable as revenge, he soon realized that he indeed loved her too much to want to hurt her or see her dead.

Over and over again, Ye Xiao protected and rescued Bai Su Ye which resulted in him being shot by his own father. With a bullet in his heart that was too dangerous to be removed, his days were numbered.

While on the other side, Bai Su Ye having to go through another round of insomnia and depression, she turn back to taking her anti-depressant and sleeping pills to get by her days. To her surprise, she discovered that she is also pregnant but had to lose the child as it was an unhealthy child due to her long medication intake.

As Ye Xiao was about to be married to another lady forced by his own father, Bai Su Ye called him to tell him that she is pregnant but she will be removing the child. To her despair, she received message from him to get rid of the child. Unknown to both of them, this is the plot of Ye Xiao’s fiance whom was jealous knowing that Bai Su Ye is the only one that Ye Xiao loved in his heart.

Bai Su Ye ended up miscarrying the child. However, Ye Xiao misunderstood, thinking that she deliberately removed the child. The truth was only discovered several weeks later.

Bai Su Ye was assigned to assassinate Ye Xiao by the Ministry. Through another misunderstanding, she took matter into her hand as she wanted to save Ye Xiao while remaining loyal to her country. Bai Su Ye, being misunderstood by everyone as wanting to kill Ye Xiao was shot. Through death, Ye Xiao and his followers finally realized that Bai Su Ye did not betray them.

Ye Xiao, thinking that Bai Su Ye is dead, did not want to take the hear operation that would save his life as he wanted to join her in death. Miracles as it is, they found Bai Su Ye as she live a new life in their country. Yes, she resign from the ministry, move to S Country where Ye Xiao resides and started her own art gallery.

Ye Xiao and Bai Su Ye was finally reunited. Their love are finally reunited and they finally got married. Ending their story with the birth of their son.

This is where I decided that this is where I want to end my read on Good Morning, Mr President! (早安,总统大人!). It is indeed a very good novel. 南音音 (Nan Yin Yin) was able to pen the emotions and actions very well, keeping me well interested and eager to read more. The moment when I thought that Bai Su Ye was shot and died, my heart stop. I thought… OMG! is that the ending of this couple? Nooooooooooooooo…………. Luckily the story continued.

Overall, Good Morning, Mr President! (早安,总统大人!) was indeed a very additive read that was able to capture my interest to the extend that I was able to complete up to 200 chapters within 2 days….

I am ending my addition to Good Morning, Mr President! (早安,总统大人!) now. Never know, one day when the novel is finally finished by 南音音 (Nan Yin Yin), I might just come back and continue the read…. For now, thank you 南音音 (Nan Yin Yin) for the wonderful read. I had indeed truly enjoyed this novel, Good Morning, Mr President! (早安,总统大人!).

In the meantime, those of you whom are interested in the English translated version, it is available HERE. I don’t think there are another other version apart from the original version that are available HERE.



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3 thoughts on “C-Novel Review: Good Morning, Mr President! (早安,总统大人!) – FINALE

  1. Awesome review!!! I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind spoiling some things for me. I had read that the main pair were cousins??? Is this true? Or how did they resolve this part of the story?? The whole novel is then broken up into a universe of all these connected characters and their love stories not just 1800 chapters is solely the OTP?? Thank you in advance!!!

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    1. hi Lilprietess, hope if you are reading it, you are enjoying the novel.
      The spoiler as requested – no in the end, it is revealed that they are not blood related. Although during the time, Mr. President was a little down and tried to hide the fact from everyone that she ‘is’ his cousin. Interesting relationship though…
      Spoiler 2: No the whole novel is not only about the main OTP. I stop around chapter 900 after reading about 3 couples…. President and wife, Dr Fu and wife and then Minister Bai and husband…. and then they moved into another couple where I decided to give my mind and body time to recoup (having spend 2 days reading almost 300 chapters).
      Enjoy the read as this is indeed a very good and well written novel


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