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C-Novel Review: Good Morning, Mr President! (早安,总统大人!)

And so, as it goes… I found myself a new novel to read and it is reading from the original language, Mandarin. And I am addicted to the novel…. I am reading it at every opportunity I could….

Good Morning, Mr President! (早安,总统大人!) is a novel by the Chinese Novelist, 南音音 (Nan Yin Yin). Be warn…. this novel is not completed yet!

I got addicted to Good Morning, Mr President! (早安,总统大人!) when I started reading the translated version on Ai Hrist Dream Translations. Unfortunately, the translation stop at Chapter 9. And I started reading it in the original language from then on…..

Good Morning, Mr President! (早安,总统大人!) is the story of Xia Xing Chen whom at at her young age, 18 years old, got pregnant unexpectedly one fine night. When she thought that it was all seems to be a dream, two months later, to her dismay, she found out that she is pregnant. And she did not know who the father of the baby is.

Xing Chen, wanted to abort the fetus and went to the hospital. Just as she was about to be operated on to remove the fetus, the hospital received a call. And this resulted in all the hospital in the country not daring to operate on her and removing the fetus.

She broke up with her boyfriend, Xu Yan and had the baby.

Five years later, when she least expected it, the child was taken away from her suddenly. And to her surprised, the child’s father is actually the President.

This is the start of Xing Chen’s story with Bai Ye Qing, the President. What started off rough for them especially Xing Chen, Bai Ye Qing slowly fell in love with Xia Xing Chen. And Xia Dabai suddenly gaining a father, is the happiest boy with his dream come true.

As each novel as it is, the road ahead of Xia Xing Chen and Bai Ye Qing was not smooth with many obstacles filled with surprises, secrets and jealousy.

When Bai Ye Qing found out that Xia Xing Chen is his cousin, he tried to hide the fact from everyone. And he quickly arranged for them to get married. Marry did they not unfortunately as they were found out by the Bai family.

Not wanting to give up their love, Bai Ye Qing fought hard to stay with Xia Xing Chen. Will their love win in the end?

I guess I would continue to read this addictive novel for the next month or so…. And pray hard that it will be a good ending for Bai Ye Qing and Xia Xing Chen.

So forgive me for the delay in any translation. I need to now split my personal time into reading as well…. Hehehehe….

The RAW link to Good Morning, Mr President! (早安,总统大人!)


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      1. Xie xie nie….. I gave up Naive girl at Chapter 958. Too confusing after her husband died and reading on confuses me more… But I cheated…. I read the last 5 chapters before the ending. So I already know the ending…. that is all that matters. Keep up the good work of translation. I hope I can start reading all your translation once my workload reduces.


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