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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Epilogue 3, Part 29

A super short chapter today with only mentioned of Cheng Shao Rong. Today’s post is where we find out exactly what happen and why the letter to Zhong Lian Chen from Cheng Shao Rong was courier to her. 

I have to make this chapter short today only because there were a lot of gibberish which I decided to cut out. Only translating the part where it would make sense and has connections to the story of Zhong Lian Chen and Cheng Shao Rong.

Enjoy the interesting read today. Zhong Lian Chen will be back tomorrow with Cheng Shao Rong for another exciting update on their cute and funny relationship. So stay tune!

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Epilogue 3.29: Special Accidental Episode

The debut of Shao Gen Jin, a soldier in uniform.

Shao Gen Jin: This is how it is. In the implementation of the task into the disaster area, because of the situation with many uncertainties with high risk, we have all the comrades to write a letter. So that should anything happen to the comrades and they are killed, we will send the letter from the organization to the family as their last words. At that time, my mind flashes countless memories of childhood……

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General Public: Shao Gen Jin… please get to the main point.

Shao Gen Jin: Yes. Who do you want me to talk about? Cheng Shao Rong…. Oh, he wrote the letter the fastest. After he sealed the letter, later he found another piece of paper and then began to write the second letter…. It is to his fiancée. (Shao Gen Jin took a long pause here…)

General Public: It is departing letter only when something happen to the comrade. Why send it out?

Shao Gen Jin: Blame it on me for being such a good friend. When we wrote those letters, we look dignified and solemn as if we really want to say goodbye to our family. Only when Shao Rong wrote the letter to his fiancée that he had the smile on his mouth. The level is not really high, but we can imagine the content that he wrote…. Must be sweet and loving. Then… we withdraw from the disaster areas and those letters were all given back to everyone. Shao Rong because of emergency was assigned to another assignment in another area. So he asked me to take the letters on his behalf and destroy those letters.

General Public: Oh!

© 2016 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Shao Gen Jin: We are buddies from childhood. And I know him well. This guy is terrible. If not forced, I am afraid this life he will never say any words of love from his heart. My ‘sister-in-law’ would rarely have the opportunity to listen to his heart and loving words, how can miss this opportunity? So I cleverly sent the original letter that he wrote to his fiancée.

General Public: Brother Shao, when Cheng Shao Rong know the truth, did he beat you up?

Shao Gen Jin: We are brothers ah. As the saying goes, brotherhood, such a hand-footed woman, how to hand-foot for the purpose of anti-purpose…. Of course, when he know about the truth, it was a long time after. That time, we were thousands of miles apart. Even if he wanted to beat me, I was beyond his reach…. Cheng Shao Rong has always been healthy, but he suddenly had health problem. He vomited blood slightly. But the appropriate release of the blood is also helpful to him. So he should be very grateful to me, just not good in expressing his emotion. Don’t you think so?

General Public: Time to go. Shao Gen Jin, thank you for your time.



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    1. Yes that is why I hope to finished the whole thing this weekend and then move on concentrating on Lan Ning and Yan Ru Yu aka Teacher Xing Xin only after.


    1. Hi Julie, yes isn’t it? As the Chinese would say, being ‘kepo’ (hokkien dialect) for being a busybody may potential lead to more troubles…. hahahaha. Glad that you are enjoying the read. I am looking forward to completing this soon


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