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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Epilogue 3, Part 16

Its Fly-Day! The weekend is finally here! Hope everyone had a wonderful and fruitful week. I know I had although it was tough and tiring…..

Cheng Shao Rong is back for a short vacation…. and the OTP is finally spending time together as a couple. How smooth would that be? Let’s read and find out……

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Epilogue 3.16: Special Accidental Episode

Thinking about it. He is really in bad luck. Finally able to take leave and come home. Not half way through, lost the nearly a decade relationship and then had to accept the 20 over years friendship, her. However, this also cannot blame the society. Just blame the not so good fate.

Zhong Lian Chen was thinking about this as she was cooking in Cheng Shao Rong’s house.

As a result, she missed the process thought by Grandmother Cheng. The dish she was cooking, got burned.

She did not give up and continue to prepare the second dish. This time she dropped the whole pot.

Cheng Shao Rong comforted her: “It does not matter. Later we will hire a maid. And I can cook.”

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They went out to eat. After the meal, they thought they should communicate more to move their feelings up. So they went to the nostalgic childhood play area.

But the city changed so much, they almost got lost. They finally arrived at their common primary school.

Cheng Shao Rong looked up at the huge gingko tree. Zhong Lian Chen bent over to pick up a piece of small fan-shaped leaves from the ground. The original tree was in the middle of the playground, now moved to the edge of the playground. Zhong Lian Chen bent over for too long, and feeling faint. When she was helped by Cheng Shao Rong up, they saw the former teacher, now the headmaster.

The new headmaster actually recognized the two of them and cheerfully said: “Come together to view the alma mater. As a child both of you often come to play hand in hand. After so many years, still coming together. This is indeed a rare classmate friendship.”

They looked at each other.

Headmaster puzzled and said: “Hei, you both did not come together. So happen to encounter each other?”

Later at the school gate, up the very steep road, they saw an old man pushing a tricycle struggling uphill. Together they went to pushed and help. After that, the old man gratefully thanked them. He said: “You two looked alike ah. Laugh also alike. Brother and sisters?”

They looked at each other again.

The puzzled old man asked: “Not brother and sister? Then sister and brother?”

Fourth, Cheng Shao Rong only had three days holiday. Two days were planned to accompany his grandmother and hers.

The first day as a couple does not seem to go well. But it does not matter. Zhong Lian Chen’s grandmother once said, perseverance is one of Zhong Lian Chen’s few advantages.

© 2016 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

The next day is the weekend. She pulled Cheng Shao Rong early in the morning to go for a drive. Then she pulled him to the amusement park and got him to line up to play pirate ship, carousel, Space Shuttle, Bumper Car and many more childish games.

In the beginning, Cheng Shao Rong is very co-operative and obedient. Zhong Lian Chen rewarded him with a lollipop, a little rabbit holding a carrot. Her mouth also contain one.

But men does not have magical power. There are always limit to one’s patience. Not long after, he refused to accommodate.

Cheng Shao Rong refused to eat the rabbit lollipop: “It feels like swallowing a life rabbit in the mouth. Very cruel.”

Zhong Lian Chen: “You think you are a monk? Do you want me to give you a ginseng sweet?”

Cheng Shao Rong refuse to play kart: “A bunch of broken iron. What is more interesting about it?”

Zhong Lian Chen: “When you drive a sport car on the road, you are confident that you would not hit anything?”

Cheng Shao Rong refused to play the roller coaster: “Too high, too fast. I am afraid.”

Well…… Zhong Lian Chen did not want to put him into a difficult situation.

Ten seconds later, she realized that she had been fooled. She rushed to Chong Shao Rong side and shook his shoulders.

“Cheng Shao Rong! You as a good pilot, you dare to say that you are afraid of high speed? You you you!!! You think I have a negative IQ ah!”

© 2016 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Cheng Shao Rong eventually did not escape his fate.

Feeling extremely wronged, he said after he got down: “This is not the same as flying an airplane. I fly my own airplane, the result is by myself and others and I am able to grasp the operation, managing it. I do not trust the safety index of recreational facilities……..”

Zhong Lian Chen thought that, he as a soldier, the fear of death is actually showing emotion on the playground. Bringing shame to the people in the army. She dragged him to line up the second time to play roller coaster, in order to train his bravery.

As a result, they are like two child tugging back and forth in a tug of war. Zhong Lian Chen laboriously dragged him two steps forward and then he would take a step back. After a while, she is too tired and was sweating.

Suddenly, Cheng Shao Rong suddenly gently trembled a little. His awkward hands were loose. Zhong Lian Chen had the opportunity to go forward and dragged him several meters. She turned to look at him with a puzzle: “Why?”

“Nothing. We go line up.” Cheng Shao Rong homeopathic pulled her forward.

© 2016 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Zhong Lian Chen subconsciously turn around and looked at the direction where Cheng Shao Rong was looking. Not far away, three young woman was organizing a group of different skin color and hair color children in front of the fairy cave line. The beautiful woman in the milky white shirt wearing a light blue trousers looks a little familiar.

Perhaps not just ‘a little’ only, but very familiar.


Oh no….. who do you think they saw? Stay tune….. they will be back soon!



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    It definitely will be his ex-girlfriend. Ha!!…Funny, for a brave man enough to be a soldier yet when it come to facing his ex, CSR actually shivered.

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