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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Epilogue 3, Part 7

Oh no….. something that Zhong Lian Chen missed out…. safety precaution that night. And she can’t even remember her last menstrual date…. what will happen if they strike ‘bull-eyes’ that night? What happen next? 

Enjoy the read today as we find out more about Cheng Shao Rong……. and Zhong Lian Chen….. not much interaction with Cheng Shao Rong today but we will read more about the concern from his team at work.

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Epilogue 3.7: Special Accidental Episode

Zhong Lian Chen realized for the first time the feeling of tossing and turning. Even the eve of the college entrance examination, she never felt such nervousness before.

She was holding on to get into domestic universities, therefore did not had to worry about going abroad.

She took a deep breath and started counting sheep. And then finally, she self-learn Scarlett anesthesia: “Cross the bridge when we get there!” When she finally recite for the 100th time, she finally felt asleep. In her dream, she see the doll that she trashed during her childhood climbing out of the rubbish bin. With his dirty face, he called out “Mummy, hug!” So she was awakened. The sky is already bright.

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Then again, she found that the supposedly extremely worried issue that cause her ecstatic, in her muddled state of mind and anxiety, finally came. Her poor new bed linen.

Oh yeah! She is saved.

Zhong Lian Chen is so happy and started reflected her words and deed. She recalled the little attitude of Cheng Shao Rong yesterday that was really bad.

Conscience, she is the real victim here. If it is not because of meeting him, and he dead haunt her, nothing would had happen.

Zhong Lian Chen is something with not much principle and not an ideal girl. But Cheng Shao Rong is different. The incident between them would be considered a stain in his life.

Zhong Lian Chen remember that he seems to be having a difficult flight training today. She began to worry that if he is preoccupied, how dangerous it would be.

So she tried calling him to tell him and make him feel at ease. One, two…. Average one hour of calling him with no success.

This time she was really scared. If anything happen to Cheng Shao Rong, then she would be the murderer ah.

Fortunately, Cheng Shao Rong mentioned in the phone yesterday, MUST contact him no matter what happen. He said that since his phone is not easy to call through, he had left her with the phone number for the camp.

© 2016 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

So she hastily dialed the number given.

Who answered the phone is unknown. He do not anxiously asked her questions. Then over the phone, she heard him speaking to through the radio: “Comrades. There is a woman looking for Cheng Shao Rong.”

She was embarrassed but at least she knows that Cheng Shao Rong is fine. Just that at the end of the training, he was called to the heads office.

“You are Jiang Wei?”


“Don’t be shy, sister-in-law. It is not who you are. Shao Rong hide you so tightly, it is only now that we could hear your voice.” She do not know this guy and the nonsense that he is talking about. Nor that she care if he recognize her. He talked for so long, not a chance for her to rebuttal.

The man finally gave her an opportunity to utterance and she said: “Nothing important. Please help me to leave a message to him. Tell him that everything is assured.”

She was about to hang up the line when another person pick up the microphone and said: “Ms Jiang, wait. We want to talk to you about instructor.”

The head hum is getting stronger.

She did not expect that it was a female instructor. Listening to the sound over the phone, sounded like a big sister figure who serious yes loving earnestness said to her: “Little Jiang ah, Shao Rong is a nice guy. You can encounter such guy, it is considered that you are lucky. You better cherish ah.”


“Shao Rong these days have been depressed. When I asked him, only then he told me that you have broken up with him. Since you called, that means that there is an opportunity to turn this around.”

“In fact……..”

“We are all women. So I can understand your feelings. Separated in a distance far away, the opportunity to meet is lesser. And Shao Rong has a temper, and does not know how to coax anyone. He will not say sweet words. But look at the good nature of the man, good character is most important. Shao Rong coming from such family background, but he is not arrogance. As a man, he work conscientiously. He never philander and treat each women with polite and respect. A really good kid.”


“Now is the critical period for Shao Rong. He has an excellent opportunity waiting for him. If he drop off the chain this time, it would be a pity. You must be a good support for him.”

叽哩呱啦, 叽哩呱啦……..

叽哩呱啦 means jabbering away

She has been educated by this sister into the world of dizziness. She is afraid to say that she is not Jiang. If the instructor knew that she is the accidental flower that mess up with Shao Rong, she do not know if the instructor will climb over the communication signal line to strangle her.

Ai, why is life so frustrating.

Zhong Lian Chen after the morning of ideological and political education, she began to seriously carry out self-criticism.

She felt that she was being ridiculously too headstrong and too overbearing. If she did not have any temperament, then she would not commit such error.

Although she cannot remember the details, but the Great Wall cannot be built in a day. And Yellow River cannot turn yellow in one day. Certainly because her body have been hidden with depraved factor, so with the right temperature and humidity, then suddenly the ground-breaking germination.

© 2016 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Fortunately, the one she met was Cheng Shao Rong. If she met any bad guy, such as a liar, such as a triad, her tears probably could filled a lake.

To others, there is no problem. She confessed. But this time she had hurt others, harm others’ life.




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5 thoughts on “Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Epilogue 3, Part 7

  1. The comrades are were talking about CSR’s ex gf right? The one who broke up wt him? Both of them were lucky, she didn’t get prego…one less shot gun wedding to mankind ? 😂

    Thanks 😘

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    1. Yes, they thought that ZLC is Jiang Wei, his ex-gfriend. I actually would find it amusing if she is preggie …. hahaha…. Have a great week ahead Samie and thank you for your ever continuous support


  2. Mhryu, hank you for always give us a daily treat like this! Aw.. ZS is luck that she did the deed with him, though, not with some random stranger. I really hope that the story soon evolve. I want to see some reenactment of what really happened that nite lol.. #sickers#pervy

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