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Chapter 6.2 – Finding Glowing Beauty in Books (书中自有颜如玉)

Last post was really funny right…. I wonder what lies ahead of us today. What would Lan Ning do to ensure that Xing Xin submit his draft on time? I must say that when I was translating this novel, I find it amusing. Lan Ning is really a creative person.

This is another pre-scheduled post. So apologies for any delay in reply to your comments. I am actually busy with my exploration 🙂 

Enjoy the read today……..

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Chapter 6.2: 

In the afternoon, editor message to Lan Ning and said that 祷告 has passed the expectation. So she is to contact the author. And the editor reminded her about the deadline of Teacher Xing Xin manuscript.

Lan Ning: “…………”

Now, when she see the word Xing Xin, she felt the feeling of myocardial infarction.

She turn to the magazine mailbox and send Bi Kong Ru Xi an email: “Hello Author, I am 《米斯特里》 (Mistry) editor, Hua Ye Cai. Your manuscript on 《祷告》 had been accepted. Please add my qq number”

She have not memorize her own penguin numbers, so she copy and paste the number and sent the reply.

Not long after, there is a written verification ‘Bi Kong Ru Xi’ had added her. After Lan Ning accept the other party, the other party soon sent her a message: “Hello Bian Bian \ (^ o ^) /”

Lan Ning almost moved to tears. This cute little author! And one that is not well known yet. Not only able to submit draft without any delay but also call her bian bian….

Hua Ye Cai: Hello \ (^ o ^) / ~ your manuscript has been accepted. There are some required amendments by the editor. I hope you can change oh ~

Bi Kong Ru Xi: Okay

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Lan Ning sent the document and after seeing that he had received it, then reach out to him again. “Once you are done, please send it back to me. I will pass to the editor for further checking.”

Bi Kong Ru Xi: Okay ~ = 3 =

Lan Ning felt that the hurt by Teacher Xing Xin is being gradually restored. She close the dialog. She checked on the penguin icon on Xing Xin and see he is not online. She then open Weibo to have a glance.

The private message to Teacher Xing Xin still have not received any reply. This is not surprising. But it can be said that her heart is feeling a little concern.

Why he cannot just reply? Anyhow, she is still his half-editor ah!


Lan Ning smirked. Teacher Xing Xin had huge forces. His Weibo fan is nearly ten million. She edited a little in front of him would be a losing fight. As the saying goes, the strength in numbers. His number of fan is huge. So she would launch his fans to follow up on his draft together.

She registered a sub Weibo ID. It is known as ‘Has Teacher Xing Xin submitted the draft yet’. Then she published the first Weibo under thus account.

Once the Weibo post is sent, she switched back to the main account and then forward this Weibo post to Teacher Xing Xin’s page.

Her online ID, Queen had been around for several years. There are many thousands of fans following her but mostly are authors. She believes that this Weibo will be able to round up!

Sure enough, she soon received a lot of comments and forwards

Mo Shang Hua Kai: Bian Bian, you finally appeared! I also want to give manuscript. Can you give me your QQ ID?

Xiao Xiao: Wow! Bian Bian. You have gone and join 《米斯特里》 (Mistry)?

© 2016 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Small transparent cats: Bian Bian Bian Bian! Have you edited my ‘Man of God’?

I was going to become a big woman of God: Bian Bian. Teacher Xing Xin dragging your draft? I can help you to castigate him!

Lan Ning felt that she had been cured and happily reply: “Unified reply. I am now with 《米斯特里》 (Mistry). If you have manuscript, you can still send to me. Oh! I have recently been assigned to look into Teacher Xing Xin draft, which is the forth series of Enron Detective. You want to read it? If you want to read it, then please help me to round him. Thank you”

God ah! How she could be so witty!

Lan Ning think that this trick is a collateral must be able to reverse the whole situation.

The forward of this Weibo quickly reached over a hundred. Lan Ning check the Weibo account of Xing Xin and found a lot are holding a small whip urging him to finish writing.

She gave a satisfied smile.



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