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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Epilogue 3, Part 2

Hi everyone. Sorry, it took me so long to translate this Epilogue 3 of Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚). I finally realized how tough is it to have 2 running translation projects happening at the same time… hehehe…. As what tinkerbellsan would tell you…. I just love to challenge myself all the time. Bad habit that is hard to get rid of.

The anticipated day has finally arrived…… I am finally flying off today to start my holiday. So just before I head for my adventure, although this post is very short, I hope that everyone enjoys the read. 

Have a wonderful Sunday! 

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Epilogue 3.2 : Special Accidental Episode

She resisted temptation so many time. Including those blue-eyed, green eyed, blond and brunette good looking guys. She observed this little reference to the thousands of words, even writing papers is not an issue. She studied so many portions of the X-Rated piece of postural aesthetics with unique and profound insights. She had illusion of the scene countless of times on how romantic it would be filled with ecstasy….

But now, even breaking her head, she could not remember anything about her first night.

In the gloomy morning bell, in the bathroom, the major G pitch continued to scream.

One will hold onto the seat.

Zhong Lian Chen had many ideas about her future. But the structure may not include the involvement of family interests. Those boring and shameless marriage or a child sleeping in the cot that resulted her in a marriage.

Of course, it cannot be avoided if the interest of the marriage. If she had to marry Cheng Shao Chen, she is tolerable.

Well, she was not so hypocritical. She was an honest person. Of course, that feeling is much better than ‘tolerance.’

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But of course this is impossible. Because Cheng Shao Chen never take her presence more important than the laurel tree in the yard of his grandmother.

For instance, he will asked her two years after her junior high is over: “Little love, you have graduated from elementary school.”

Or after she had kept short hair style throughout the year, he would say: “Little love. When did you cut your hair?”

Not to mention that when she was fifteen years old, she summon the courage to seriously confess to him: “I love you, Brother Shao Chen.”

Cheng Shao Chen whom was intently watching the laurel leaves turned and looked at her: “Uh?”

Her crystal clear glass heart had crashed and broken into many pieces.

Although a few seconds later, her little brother Chen miraculously react that she had just said something. And then his reciprocity and casual answer to her: “Oh, I like you.” Then there are some additional conditions: “When you do not give me trouble all the time.”

Zhong Lian Chen innocent crush was never officially received in the field.

The only good news is that, everyone else call her “Little Chen”. Only Cheng Shao Chen called her “Little Love”. What a unique title. Although his intention is to no want their name to be mixed up.

But the sad past did not leave any psychological shadow on her. She happily flirt with variety of guys. Happy to talk about one after another love. But her heart is that the most superb guy must always achieve the following conditions: apathy but not cold. Slender fingers that can play musical instruments. Tall and think that is good in sport. Sound that is magnetic and cold with dimples when laughing.

Zheng Lian Chen’s love is just so boring.




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7 thoughts on “Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Epilogue 3, Part 2

  1. and here’s i thought that CSC like ZLC since she was a little girl because he always called her little love… uhuhuh. unlike ZX and HH, this time ZLC who caught in her own trap, she confessed to him and when he expressed his intention to marry her she just want to run away

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  2. omg, after re read all the chapter from 1-4. i finally realized. the one that she likes is the older cousin (cheng shao chen) and the one that have a one nightstand with her is the younger cousin (cheng shao rong) why am i confused? thanks mhryu, i finally have my decision about which ship i am in

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