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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Epilogue 3, Part 1

Hi everyone. Yes, mhryu is finally on her last working day before taking a long break while exploring the ‘world’. Since my handover note is almost done, I decided to take a short break and went back to Epilogue 3 of Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) that I left off after completing the translation on Xiao He He and Zheng Xie. Anyone missing them? I actually misses the daily post that I did and the interesting conversations and comments that I read on those post. 

After completing Epilogue 2 of Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚), I had announced that Epilogue 3 has a different story and is not related to He He and Zheng Xie. So, I left Epilogue 3 and Epilogue 4 and hoping that one day, I could return to it to explore if I would want to continue with the translation and completing them.

So this is what I have decided to do…. because I could not decide if I want to continue translating this, so I will let all of you decide if you like this story enough for me to continue translation. I am purely going to leave this to the followers and readers to decide this time round. 

So, enjoy the read… and if you like me to continue the translation of this short story (aka epilogue 3 & epilogue 4 of Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚)) please like the post or share your feedback in the comment field. I will make the decision based on the number of likes and comments received. 

Epilogue 3.1 : Special Accidental Episode

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A sudden one-night stand

Zhong Lian Chen opened her eyes and discovered that her eyes is looking at an unfamiliar ceiling, high and deep arch curve with the painting of ‘Birth of Venus’ nude, sea, clouds and surrounded by cherubs.

Where? In Europe?

After that, her heart skipped two beats. She had a second amazing findings. She is totally naked!

This discovery made her heart feels like a space shuttle riding up and down with a somewhat overweight like weightlessness. She sat up. She rotates quickly her handover to recall through her brains how the female lead deal with the male lead.

Then she discover a very frustrating fact. On the nightstand, there is a metal tag, nice light green in color with elegant print: Hyatt Regency Hotel welcomes you!

Zhong Lian Chen shake her groggy head. And this time, she heard from the direction of the bathroom, the sound of rushing water.

She quickly clarify to herself: A- drunk. B – One night stand.

The problem is, at the moment of this state, whatever done is done. In her alcohol-wasted stage, the pain in the head overshadowed the possible discomfort of the body, making it difficult for her to judge.

The second question: Who is in the bathroom?

Zhong Lian Chen’s heart is pumping and accelerating hard.

A minute later, she finally remembered. The wisest strategy at the moment is, should get dressed quickly and escape. She shifted her weight but at the same time, the bathroom door open. She look from the dripping on the ground and saw the beautiful shape of the foot and lower leg. Then it moved up to the muscular thighs that are wrapped in the towel. With lean waist and chest….. okay okay, pretty good shape then…. Then her turn to look up to the face on the body.


Zhong Lian Chen’s morning bell rang with her student singing ‘Love China’.

Acquaintances! It turned out to be an acquaintance! She would rather now have a stranger coming out of the bathroom.

Cheng Shao Rong looked at Lian Chen and said sincerely: “Xiao Chen, I will take responsibility for you.”

“Cheng Shao Rong, nothing happen between us. You have made a mistake!” With a high tone, she continued to scream.

Unfortunately, she saw a small scratch on his chest. It would be impossible if nothing had happened.

“I will ask Father whereabouts Uncle Zhong to propose marriage.” Cheng Shao Rong continued to earnestly say.

“Cheng Shao Rong. You are now sleepwalking!” Changed into F tone, she continued to scream.

Unfortunately, his eyes are too clear, so sleepwalking is impossible.

“Xiao Chen, you calm down a little. Last night……” Cheng Shao Rong said. The sheet had already slipped to the waist, Zhong Lian Chen’s is now totally 70% naked in front of him.

This time she stopped screaming. She directly rolled herself with the sheets over onto the other side of the bed. Her body on the side across the bed sheets, she declared:

“Cheng Shao Rong, this matter is to be kept in this room. If you dare to mention this outside of this place, I will end everything with you!”

Uh, “end” is too ambiguous of a word. Change it.

“If you dare to mention this incident later, I will tell your mother!”

Hey, it is not right. This is a trick that you used to use on me when we were children. Now this trick has no use. Change it!

“If you dare to mention this incident, I will report you to your troops for strong xx!”

Ai, this does not work. In the end who is stronger xx who really cannot say. Continue to change.

“You do not dare to mention a word about this later. If you do, I will break off relation with you and will never meet you again!”

Hu, this is intense enough.

Zhong Lian Chen disregard Cheng Shao Rong, holding her clothes, quickly slipped into the bathroom.

Flushing, she found her back pain. And there were a thin hickeys with a little bit of blood remaining on her legs.

Ah…. Her precious virginity.


Like the story? If you do, don’t forget to like or comment this post. And I shall announce within 48 hours of this post if I would continue with the translation of this short story. 




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    1. Hi my dear unauniuno. Thank you for your continuous support and encouragement. Stay tune… announcement would be made soon… Yes, I missed all of you too 🙂


  1. I am interested in this too but the female is someone who like ZX n also is HeHe’s friend but who’s the bloke??

    Thanking you for translating this….:D

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    1. Hi cathdeary, No I don’t recall her being a character in the story of He He and Zheng Xie. That was why I announced in the end of Epilogue 2 post that it is an unrelated story so I am putting that aside till a later date maybe. So, if the responds is good, I will continue with this translation and share. Yet to be determined although the responds seems good since this post although it is only less than 4 hours. Stay tune for the announcement if I am going to continue with this translation or not. In the meantime, have a great weekend ahead.

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  2. Ahhhhhhhhhh, the epilogue has nothing to do with Hehe? Although it seems kinda random,but I’m sold..ha-ha. Please please continue translate this, I’m really curious why the a author made this as the closure for Hehe and zx story. thanking you in advance

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