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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Epilogue 2, Part 3

Happy Friday everyone! Hope the week had been a good week for everyone. Time flies indeed. I have another 2 weeks left before I end the 1st round of my contract with the current organization. After that I will be taking 1 month of break before returning for the 2nd round of contract with the organization. During my break, I will be travelling, so as much as possible, I will try to keep up to the regular daily post but I really can’t promise them. 

It will be a short one today. I wonder what will happen today. Enjoy the read!

Epilogue 2.3 : Cherished “First Love”

The third station, to the mall. Zheng Xie waited patiently and review all the doll in the toy area. He He said: “I like the one wearing the yellow color clothes.”

Zheng Xie said: “The pink one is good. Wrap it up…”

He He said: “I like the yellow one.”

The sale staff asked: “Which one do you want in the end?”

Then Zheng Xie said: “Wrap both of them up.” Then he turned around and asked Gao Mo Mo: “Do you have any that you like?”

Gao Mo Mo is not used to this situation.

Passed through the gas station. Zheng Xie got off to refuel. Xiao He He had pro-actively went to sit at the back seat, giving the front seat passenger to Gao Mo Mo.

While waiting, He He had been playing with her new doll while gently humming a song. She sang ‘Close to you’ in a very fluent English.

He He found herself being watched and said frankly: “I am tone deaf. When I was in primary school, my music score had C. Brother taught me this song ten times a day, so that I don’t sing it out of tune. Then I was able to cope with the talent show.”

She saw Mo Mo keeping quiet, so pulled out from her pocket a beautifully packaged candy and handed to her: “Sister, do you like chocolate?” The package of chocolate is very familiar as well as the brand. He He showed Mo Mo the two dolls: “Sister, which one do you prefer? I give you one, okay?”

Gao Mo Mo said: “Your favourite is ice-cream, chocolate and dolls, right?”

He He thought about it and then said: “I also like to watch movies.”

Gao Mo Mo turn the women’s magazines, and read the emotion column that said: most hopeless wait, is not that he will never be as what you wish. But he obviously did it all, is not for you. The article is titled ‘shadow woman’.

Shortly after the start of the new semester, Gao Mo Mo requested for a break up.

Zheng Xie asked quietly: “Are you serious or joking?”


“Okay.” Zheng Xie said. He did not ask for any reason nor did he try to retain her.

Many years later, accompanied by her husband while attending a high business meals, Mo Mo met Zheng Xie. She instantly recognized Zheng Xie. But he took a long time before he could remember who she was.

She could then happily showed Zheng Xie her baby pictures. Taking the opportunity, she frankly asked him: “Why did you choose me as a girlfriend then?”

Zheng Xie gave her an answer that is no different from not giving her any answer: “Because at that time, I needed a girlfriend.”


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  1. I had to go back and confirm my suspicions but ZX just treated her like…He He 😛 The chocolate, dolls, KFC, ice cream, movies…at this moment in time, just like a kid sister

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