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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Epilogue 2, Part 2

So, Gao Mo Mo drop in for a surprise unplanned visit to Zheng Xie. And she discover the existence of Xiao He He. Anything exciting that happen when she was visiting, I wonder?

Enjoy the read today.

Epilogue 2.2 : Cherished “First Love”

Towards the end of the year during the winter, one morning, without prior appointment, Gao Mo Mo appeared in the city where Zheng Xie stayed. On the way to school going through the city, she suddenly want to get off to look around.

She bought the evening train to return. Then she call Zheng Xie to try her luck.

She was lucky. Zheng Xie did not had to travel far. He was not even surprised. She made an appointment to meet at a place. Not a second late, he had appeared in front of her.

Zheng Xie brought her to the parking lot. He personally drove to pick her up. As a sophomore with a car, she is very surprised.

Zheng Xie open the car door for her. As she just sat down into the car, she heard a soft voice: “Hi, 姐姐”

姐姐 (pin ying : Jiě Jiě) – greetings for Older Sister

In the car, sat a little girl. Pale and slender with delicate features. Looking really small. She is looking back at her. She spoke with her hand pressing to half of her face.

Zheng Xie explained: “This is Xiao He He, my sister. Just half an hour ago, she went to the dentist. The anesthetic had not cleared yet.” The little girl nodded.

Gao Mo Mo said: “Hello. We have the same two names structure ah. How old are you?” She remembers Zheng Xie was an only child but she did not ask further.

He He made a ‘14’ with both hands. But she looks nothing like a junior high school students.

“Am I bothering with your plans today? I can actually look around myself.” Gao Mo Mo says politely.

“Nothing. The only task today is to look after this child.”

He He covering her half face that is still under anesthetic and mumbled: “I can play by myself. I do not want to be a light bulb.”

Zheng Xie said: “To be honest, you don’t even think about running around today by yourself.”

While Zheng Xie turned sideways to put on the seat beat, He He pulled her ears and stuck out her tongue, making a face at the back of his head. When Zheng Xie turned around, she immediately restored her cute look.

And then the three of them began the long tour for the day.

The first stop is Ocean Park. Gao Mo MO tried to go along with Zheng Xie in order not to lose sight of him. But Xiao He He looking around like a child, always stays behind.

Zheng Xie always stopped to wait for her. And finally pulled the strap of her bag, just like holding a puppy to get her firmly in sight.

He He this time resisted and said: “I will not wandered off.”

Zheng Xie said: “Recently, there are a trafficking group. Your look is very suitable to being trafficked.”

Gao Mo Mo is very surprised. Because when she went with Zheng Xie, regardless if two person or in a group of people, Zheng Xie always instinctively refused to be close to anyone. If she took the initiative to pull Zheng Xie’s hand, he does not throw her off. But before long, do not know when, she will discover that he had siphoned off his hand.

The second station is to eat. The location is….. KFC. Zheng Xie face is a little speechless.

When he asked Mo Mo, “What do you want to eat?”

Mo Mo said: “Anything. As long as it is convenient.”

He He enthusiastically said: “姐姐, do you like KFC?” with an eager look in her eyes.

Mo Mo carefully consider the situation a little. Although Zheng Xie does not like KFC, but apparently He He loved. So she said: “Well, then we have KFC for lunch.”

He He make the gesture of ‘YEAH’ with her fingers. Zheng Xie then poured cold water on her. “Where to eat has nothing to do with you. Your dentist says that you cannot eat at noon.”

He He said: “The doctor say that I can eat ice-cream at noon and drink iced drinks.”

Zheng Xie frowns at her: “Eating all these cold stuff in winter?”

He He said: “The doctor said, although I cannot eat, I also need to replenish my energy.”

“Then I will send you to get intravenous drip to replenish your energy.”

Gao Mo Mo was surprised. The Zheng Xie that she know, never continuously talk so much. He usually is quiet, not speaking too much.

When He He very generously took away two dollar bills from Zheng Xie’s pocket, she took the initiative and bounce off to queue. Much to Mo Mo’s surprised, Zheng Xie got up and pressed He He’s head. He told her: “Obediently sit down.” Then Zheng Xie actually took the initiative to queue up! This is the first time she saw Zheng Xie queuing! But to He He who obviously did not feel that Zheng Xie lining up to help to buy food is an honorable gesture, also become very picky: “I do not like milk. I want coke.” And continued: “I like chocolate sundae. I do not like the strawberry flavor.”


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22 thoughts on “Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Epilogue 2, Part 2

  1. this lovesick ZX indeed treat HH very different with others and HH just don’t realize it. she has a different mind just like “ZX just using her for his own benefit to get rid of his girlfriends”, or “ZX just using her for his own convenient”

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      1. hmm. actually i am not sure if this is the epilogue or not, because i am reading it with google translate. hehehee

        the translation is like this.
        Small obediently special episode

        (A) “We have another baby it.”
          Xiao and and said this time, she was lying in bed because of a fever, the body covered with a thick blanket, cold towel over his head.
          While Zheng harmony with her ​​sitting on the chair beside the bed. He bored at a rate of five seconds per page turned over a book. That book was coming from and he smoked and hands, first looking at the cover and the title “Dawn of the fog”, I thought, and to enhance the taste and finally changed to read essays, and did not expect to still romance.
          ”Ah?” Zheng harmonic and turned the page.
          ”We have another baby it.”

        * i cant really read it. so i am reading at your page everyday to make sure whether the one that i read with google is correct or not. heehhee..

        thanks for the translation..

        (is epilogue 2 part 3 is the last epilogue from ur reading source..? from here?

        have a great day 😀

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      2. Thanks for the info. Yes tomorrow is the end of epilogue 2 where the story on HH and ZX. I had a quick review of the other link shared yesterday and yes, it is the one that u have mentioned above. So should time permits, I will work on those and share soon 😉 have a blessed weekend ahead

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      3. Hei Astariterix, thank you so much for sharing. I will definitely do that then as I would want to read about their married life. Am sure it would be funny. Hopefully, I am able to find time to translate and then post them soon. Thank you for your support and thank you for sharing.

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    1. Hi pili, I felt that it is more of ZX’s first girlfriend and definitely, he doesn’t have any feelings toward her but more of HH’s shadow that he sees in her


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