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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Epilogue 2, Part 1

Yesterday we read about the funny moments between Zheng Xie and He He as they were growing up. I must admit that I had truly enjoyed translation Epilogue 1. The way He He interprete the novels that she read was really funny, don’t you all agree?

What is in Epilogue 2 for us today? We will now discover about Zheng Xie’s first love. So enjoy the read…..

Epilogue 2.1 : Cherished “First Love”

Zheng Xie’s first love came very late. Only in his sophomore year that he publicly acknowledged having a real girlfriend.

In view of his good skin, good net worth as well as civil and military qualification that are good, the so-called love came pretty late.

The reason is pretty general. He had been chased by girls from young until he have grown-up. So he was annoyed by them. Hence, he is not tempted at all.

Even Gao Mo Mo herself is very surprised. She felt that the heaven had drop a piece of golden pie for her.

Who is Zheng Xie? He had difficulty to remember the name of beauties. Even rejecting love letters from others. He actually took a fancy to her. It feels like the fairy tale Cinderella from Grimm’s stories. This freshman Gao Mo Mo, at a glance had a calm personality, average grade points and came from ordinary family…. Really a surprised to everyone.

Gao Mo Mo attracted Zheng Xie this way….

That year in school, the school welcomed a group of students whom were engaged in basketball. Zheng Xie was honored to be sent by the Student Union to coach the women’s basketball team.

Zheng Xie is a good coach. He have very little expression and almost no temper. In the face of the young chattering girls, no matter fat or think, he remain handsome and glamorous while treating them all like cabbage. Later, this cabbage team actually reached the final and won runner-up. Although it is runner-up, the girls college is rare and unknown. Their achievement broke many expectation.

At the celebration dinner, the girls finally stood up and lined up to respect Zheng Xie. Some even sang song for him.

When it is Gao Mo Mo’s turn, the usually shy lanky girl sang ‘Close to you.’ Her singing is adoringly horrible. But she looked very confident and there were pure enchantment too. A little tipsy, while singing, she said loudly into the microphone: “Brother Zheng Xie, today is my birthday. If I could make a wish, if it does not rain tomorrow, please come with me to the mountains to see the maple leaves.”

Everyone whispered and laugh together. They have long planned to tease Zheng Xie today. And this girl caught up in ‘Zheng Xie confession.’ Even Zheng Xie’s buddies whom were present were thinking, ‘I am afraid this child will now be included in Zheng Xie’s blacklist.’

But Zheng Xie reaction was beyond all expectation. He was silent for a second, and then very calmly spoke up: “The weather forecast this morning said, tomorrow would be a sunny day.”

So this was how Gao Mo Mo easily won Zheng Xie’s time to accompany her to see the maple leaves alone. And later, she became his girlfriend.

Unsuspecting girls were very flat. How come no such luck that would fall on their head? And those other girls were more jealous. How come it is not them who caught him?

In fact, in the relationship of male and female, there were a saying that human drinks water and, 冷暖自知. In the eyes of others, the radiant Zheng Xie will never be the same as someone else’s boyfriend. In the morning with a meal waiting in front for the girl, immediately after school will occupy a seat with the girlfriend.

冷暖自知 (pin ying: lěng nuǎn zì zhī) – know by oneself whether it is cold or warm

And he rarely smile, rarely speak. He cannot remember any anniversary. He does not fun and places with many people. He does not like to wait in line in any place and does not like someone standing close to him. He never takes the initiative to hold her hand nor say anything sweet.

But in addition to all these, Zheng Xie is smart, handsome and generous with good temperament with good background.

Although he could not remember any important dates nor her birthday, but often during the non-holiday season, Gao Mo Mo will received a variety of chocolates and expensive doll delivered by Zheng Xie. When she was ill, she will have a large restaurant takeout directly sent to the security room to be delivered to her.

Although he does not like foreign fast food but was willing to accompany her to eat KFC. But he will never line up but handed her the money and let her buy. Although he does not like shopping, he will never go shopping with her but he will be very generous and hand over his bank card for her to go and buy herself. Very occasionally, he even offered to take her to the ice-cream parlor or accompany her to watch a movie.

In short, Gao Mo Mo had always think that he had been perfect. She had been in an unreal state mind, living a day at a time.


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