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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Epilogue 1, Part 2

Enjoy the read as we read more about Zheng Xie and He He’s cute conversations about books.

Epilogue 1 – Part 2

‘Jane Eyre’ – 14 years old He He and 19 years old Zheng Xie


He He: Jane Eyre is very lucky.

Zheng Xie: …………

He He: If it is not because Rochester is blind, she would have never told him and end up together.

Zheng Xie: ……………

He He: This means that if we always be a good person, do not do bad things. This way, God will always see and bless us.

Zheng Xie: ……………

He He: So, I want to be a good person.

Zheng Xie: ……….. As my dad always say, you are looking at the issue too highly

‘Pride and Prejudice’ – 15 years old He He and 20 years old Zheng Xie


He He: I discussed this book with my fella student. It is so depressing.

Zheng Xie: Why?

He He: I like Charlotte. As a result, they laughed at me.

Zheng Xie: Normal thinking, should be like the heroine. The heroine’s sister is also good.

He He: Both of them have good luck. Like a good man, buying a lottery tickets can win a prize. And to nearly missed it. But Charlotte, she chooses her own life. You have always thought me, most respected people are those who take initiative in their own hands.

Zheng Xie: Do you read the novel so seriously?

He He: You told me before, do not read junk books as it is a waste of time. For example, can pick those with spelling or something. So I have always been reading a novel with the attitude of approaching to stylistic models.

Zheng Xie: You say that this book is ‘junk reading’?

He He: I did not say it. You said it yourself.

‘Dream of Red Mansions’ – 16 years old He He and 21 years old Zheng Xie

Dream of Red Chamber

Xiao He He found it impossible to sentence summary of the book and decided to start it from Zheng Xie.

He He: In this book, which woman do you like?

Zheng Xie: Well….

He He: Lin Dai Yu?

Zheng Xie: No feeling

He He: Xue Bao Chai?

Zheng Xie: A little

He He: Tan Chun?

Zheng Xie: So so

He He: Is it Wang Xi Feng?

Zheng Xie: I like Granny Liu

He He: I mean, if you want to choose a wife…..

Zheng Xie: The youth version of old lady Jia

He He: ……………

‘Besieged City’ – 17 years old He He and 22 years old Zheng Xie

Besieged City

He He: I finally understand why you do not want to get married. After reading this book, I also do not want to get married.

Zheng Xie: I now have different thought about marriage. Anyway, when the time is right, and the right person comes along, one need to get married. Nothing wrong with improving lifetime.

He He: ……….. How can you not pay attention to the quality of life

Zheng Xie: What kind of rubbish book are you reading?

He He: Assassins

Zheng Xie: Small kid, why are you reading those kind of books?

He He: This is the book that you bought for me

Zheng Xie: Impossible

He He: How is it possible that I buy it on my own? Not possible

Zheng Xie: In short, I did not buy the book

He He: Oh. I remember now. I took the book from your bookshelf.

Zheng Xie: Why are you taking my book for?

He He: The stamp that you gave me, I am afraid of crumpling it. So I put it into the book and took it back to my room. Later, I took the book to read.

Zheng Xie: …….. He He

He He: Ah?

Zheng Xie: Girls always have to get married

He He: Ah

~ THE END of Epilogue 1 ~

Everyone enjoyed Epilogue

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