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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Epilogue 1, Part 1

After the happy ending yesterday, epilogue 1 is really funny. It talks about Zheng Xie and He He’s childhood where one loves to read while the other does not. And their funny conversations over the years. Enjoy this light and entertaining read!

Epilogue 1 – Part 1

Xiao He He never like reading as she was growing up. But Zheng Xie really like reading, so he had required He He to like reading as well.

When he went to buy books, he always buy a few books for He He.

This is not only it. He often asked her to review the book as well as its publication.

As a result, He He’s plan to put those books on the shelf as decorations failed.

—- Xiao He He and Xheng Xie’s Discussion on Books —-

‘Grimm’s Fairy Tales’ – 9 years old He He and 14 years old Zheng Xie


He He: I have completed reading ‘Grimm’s Fairy Tales

Zheng Xie: So fast. You managed to complete a story book with more than 300 pages in less than 1 year.

He He: I read them very carefully. I have read every single words.

Zheng Xie: Which one is your favorite story?
He He: Of course it is ‘Cinderella.’ The story illustrates that people with small feet will have the best luck. Among all the girls in our class, I have the smallest feet.

Zheng Xie: Your angle of understanding the story is really strange.

He He: Ballroom dancing is very important. Otherwise, even with the fairy Godmother and the pumpkin car is useless. Brother, you teach me ballroom dancing.

Zheng Xie: I will not teach you.

‘Andersen’s Fairy Tales’ – 10 years old He He and 15 years old Zheng Xie


He He: Really sad. ‘Mermaid’ The prince in the story, if he knows that he will save his little mermaid, he will not marry the princess.

Zheng Xie: He has to marry the princess. It is a political marriage.

He He: But….. he does not like her.

Zheng Xie: You did not read carefully. He actually like her.

He He: But….. he obviously loves the little mermaid….. Well, faithless! Fickle minded!

Zheng Xie: Since when you learn so well idiom?

He He: 呜呜, why is it so? I hate Anderson.

呜呜 (pin ying: Wū wū) – is a form of whining.

Zheng Xie: He He, you asked me yesterday why the ancient Chinese men can marry several women.

He He: But you did not managed to answer.

Zheng Xie: You see, if a man can marry two women, this problem would be solved. Isn’t it?

He He: Well, then why now can only marry one?”

Zheng Xie: In the past, the price is relatively low. So a man can support a lot of women. Now the consumer price index is now too high. Most men cannot afford to support two wife.

He He: …….. Then you must be feeling regretful, since you can only marry one wife.

Zheng Xie: Nonsense! I think one is already too many.

‘Little Women’ – 11 years old He He and 16 years old Zheng Xie

Little Women

He He: Hum, I hate sequels. Hate sequels!

Zheng Xie: ?

He He: The actress married another man. The main actor married the actress sister.

Zheng Xie : So what?

He He: How can the author without my consent wrote such nonsense.

Zheng Xie: The author had passed away. Your protest is invalid.

He He: Give me time machine. I want to go back to the day before I read the sequel. 呜呜

Zheng Xie: Why why you should go?

‘The Little Prince’ – 12 years old He He and 17 years old Zheng Xie

Little Prince

He He: Have you read this book?

Zheng Xie: A few years ago.

He He: What have you been inspired by this book?

Zheng Xie: Let me think about what this book had written. Uh, is that the one with rose and ten thousand roses that present? The story tells us that if you accidentally missed a rose, do not be sad as there are exactly another ten thousand roses out there.

He He: So this book is talking about the other version of ‘Do not cry over spilled milk.’ I really do not understand the story. I always thought that this story is about a romance.

Zheng Xie: Is there such content in this book?

He He: ………

‘Daddy Long Legs’ – 13 years old He He and 18 years old Zheng Xie


He He: This book tells me not to be too honest. It would be a disadvantage.

Zheng Xie: …………

He He: You think ah, if it is not because Judy wrote such a naughty composition, how did Daddy found out about it?

Zheng Xie: He He, no wonder when you write your Chinese composition, you have always wrote out of the topic. You have never scored in the area.


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15 thoughts on “Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Epilogue 1, Part 1

    1. Hi mochakat9, yes she has a unique way of thinking. Naive and innocent in my opinion. Would have drove me crazy if I were Zheng Xie though based on his level of intelligence.

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    1. I agree with He He about “Little Women”. I regret reading the sequal “Good Wives”. I always imagine Jo will end up with Laurie.. Da** it!! There goes my OTP

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  1. Holy cr*p! The multiple wives comment!😂😂 I also loved ZX’s comment about romance in “The Little Prince” FYI ZX the rose alluded to the Prince’s lover who wouldn’t love him back. Also even though there were so many Roses i.e. woman in the world for him she’s the one and only Rose.

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  2. I agree with He He about “Little Women”. I regret reading the sequal “Good Wives”. I always imagine Jo will end up with Laurie.. Da** it!! There goes my OTP

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