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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 30.2

The post earlier is not enough? You want more for today on He He and Zheng Xie?

A bonus post for today especially for all those special and supportive readers whom been through these months as I work on my first translation. Words just cannot describe my feeling of appreciation from all the encouragements. Gracia…. Merci…… 谢谢…. ありがとう….. 고맙습니다…. Thank you!

With this bonus post today, apologies for the readers / followers of Finding Glowing Beauty in Books (书中自有颜如玉) as that means no post on this one for this week. We will try to be back next week (if time permits for me – unfortunately, I have a super pack back to back meetings for next week at work)

So it was Zheng Xie behind the whole thing. And he got his wish to marry He He without waiting for the few years as per her wish. Indeed Black Bellied Zheng Xie.  Did anyone ever suspected that? I certainly did not!

Did anyone find those rumors about Zheng Xie that Ding Ding and Su Ren Ran is sharing with He He funny? It is indeed a funny and happy ending!

We have now reach the last part of Chapter 30 as well as the main story. Tomorrow, Epilogue 1 will start. 

Chapter 30.2: End of Autumn

Opposite He He is a gentle and graceful art boy whom occasionally looked up and secretly observed her. Using his mouse, he painted her image on the screen.

How delicate and pretty. Cute while elegant girl with a delicate features with fair skin. Soft think like voice when speaking with a gentle and sweet smile. Her makeup look elegant and simple. Her face is the size of the palm, a girl with both pure yet matured charm. Generally, looking at her is intoxicating, like the spring filled with flowers with pleasant fragrant and yet somewhat mysterious.

Why did some people said that she is sponsored by a wealthy old man? Just because she drove a small sport car to go to school and live in a nice little seaside villa. There is also said to be a retired martial arts instructor as housekeeping and a rare breed expensive cat.

But from her dressing, there is no slightest shadow of a woman who worships money. Ah, maybe she is originally a rich girl instead.

Well, he admitted that all the information above is from what he had collected when he followed her for a few days. During the period of time, he was nearly beaten by the first housekeeper. He also narrowly escaped from being scratch by the damn cat.

No, if his princess is really imprisoned in the castle, then he must be the brave knight in saving her.

Just that, she does not seem to be a single bit suffering. She look fresh and happy daily.

What is more frustrating for him, is that they were in a total of 24 classes. He had also taken the initiative to approach her 12 times. But every time when she see him now, her smile is the same as the smile that she had for the others. And what’s more, she can’t even remember his name.

He He is unaware, packing while getting ready to leave. The innocent boy now lost his model, touched his head and listlessly prepare to head back to the dormitory.

He watched the exquisite slim silhouette head out of the library. But God seems to think that he is not frustrated enough, chosen for him to turn and saw his goddess suddenly swoop into a man’s arm.

His human evil side is telling him that he is very jealous of the scene in front of him. Although he hoped that his crush is happy, but he would rather it be a man that is short, ugly with nasty temperament middle-aged bald uncle.

But instead, from the distance, he can clearly see the handsome young man with an elegant yet light style.

His heart broke into many broken pieces.

“How come you came today?”

“Tomorrow I have something to do. Do you have something on tonight?”

“Nothing. Just want to go back and watch the awards show live. How come never notify me? This is the first time you come to my school.”

“I am here to carry out a surprise check. To see if you have done anything that wronged me.”

“Hateful!” He He holding Zheng Xie’s hand hard.

At this hour, there were not many people on the campus. He He put her head buried on Zheng Xie while shamelessly walked with her hand around his waist.

“He He”


“Who is the man behind us? You owe someone money? He looked like he is at the verge of tears.”

He He quickly looked behind through his arm slot. “A male student. He seems to be interested in tracking my things. I heard the other day, he had a fight with someone for me.”

“Become so sought-after? I arrange for someone to chauffer you daily.”

“It is okay. Now it is rumored that I am being natures as a little lover by a legendary wealthy old man. And the old man is a very powerful one, so they are very kind to me. But I suspect that from the beginning of next week, they will say that I am behind my benefactor, quietly raising 小白脸”

小白脸 (pin ying: xiao bai lian) – chinese verbs that means ‘toy boy’

“If you are not used to this, then change to another place. Towards the end of the year, I bring you home.”

“Let me finish my study. With the degree, I can fool people and act like a dignified lady.”

He He thought to herself. I don’t want to go back. No autonomy and no right to speak. And also have to face a lot of people and thing that I don’t like. Here is good. Comfortable and happy.

Because of the distance between them, she is particularly spoiled by Zheng Xie. But Zheng Xie felt that he had wronged her hence loved and care for her more. In fact, she see Zheng Xie at least two days a week. This is the same frequency of how they were long time ago. In additional to the fact that they are now close, there were no other changes in life.

Zheng Xie had other idea in mind. Let it be a year or two, he will no longer be so generous. He will let He He get pregnant. Even if she do not want to go home, she will still have to go home.

Both of them deep in their own thought and ideas while crossing the bridge of while marble carving. At the end of the bridge, there were a loud sound of a pair of young lovers quarreling.

Woman said: “I no longer love you. You give me a break!”

The man said: “Is it wrong for me to love you? Please give me another chance!”

Woman said: “Please do not force me!”

The man said: “It is you who forced me. You are forcing me to jump from here!”

He He heard and chilled. She leaned over to look under the bridge: “Jumping from here will kill people?”

“No. Would not even break any leg. This must be two person from the drama club doing their rehearsal?”

“Ah. This is possible. Recently they seem to be practicing here every day. They have rehearsed for several weeks.” He He smiled and said: “You seems to have never told me that sentence.”

“Which sentence?”

“I love you, that sentence.”

“Me too.”

“You are so crafty. This is not considered.”

He He turned around and drag Zheng Xie’s hand passing the nauseating pair of young lovers, tugging back and forth under the bridge. They remain entangled in the shadow of the bridge with the golden sunset.


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This is the end of the main story. I hope that everyone had enjoyed the reading as much as I had enjoyed translating while reading the story. Yes, I must admit that there were thoughts of dropping this translation project along the way especially during the draggy and long winded part that goes round and round. Thank you to all of you readers out there that had given me lots of encouragement to pulled this through. Now…. let’s head off to the next part, Epilogues. 



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34 thoughts on “Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 30.2

  1. this ZX, even though he got HH on his grip already. never stop scheming again her. He’s a lovesick. and HH, why she never failed attract butterflies just because she got married. thank you for posting this chapter in advance mhryu. i’ll be patient waiting for the next project

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  2. Yay! They got their happy ending and there’s still some cuteness to come in the epilogue – ZX is indeed a black bellied husband. And a huge congratulations on reaching this milestone! I’m in awe of how you have managed a chapter a day as I know how long it takes to just type it all out, let alone translate!! *throws confetti*

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    1. Thanks Rebecca 😘 luckily I only had to spent at max an hour a day to do this so it was still manageable. Appreciate the constant support and encouragement from all those lovely readers out there 😘😘😘


    1. Glad that you enjoyed the extra read. I decided to complete chapter 30 today after reading your comment this morning. Nor sure if you realized that I pretty much used your style in the opening of the chapter… about you wanting more…. Have a great remaining of Sunday. School is out over where you are now, right? Holiday till end of August. If yes, enjoy the quality time with your cutie pie

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  3. Thank you for the consideration😘 but it’s sad this is the last chapter as many of us readers want more of thier sweetness! I’ll be waiting for the next book’s translation…my gal is just 2n half so she will be going to kindergarten next year but now she is just going to playgroup haha…

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  4. Thanks and congratulation!
    well, even there will be epilogues, but still congratulation!
    this extra chapter for today is really a pleasant surprise, thank you!
    Even their romance as fast as roller coaster, but getting to this point was so hard, sigh..

    thank you for your arduous work! (*≧∇≦*)

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  5. Thanking you mhyru for soldier on with this long-winded story. I can see ZX being a black-bellied person only with HH but with YWC, ZX had attitude of ‘don’t be bother’ type. Don’t get me wrong here ZX like YWC but not enough to court/worry about her like the way he was with HH when HH n CS had a car accident.

    Thanking you for a double posting too.

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    1. Thank you so much Julie for making the effort to show your gratitude daily as well.
      Yes, ZX from the beginning had always only had HH’s best interest at heart but no one else. He had like YWC but not to the extend like how he loved HH. After the long pull and push, this was indeed a sweet and good ending.
      Have a blessed week ahead!


  6. Omg!❤❤❤
    ZX, I was deceived… Ur the black-belly king.😂 Its so sweet how they turn from push and pull relationship into can’t get enough of each other.
    LOL.I’m reading this at 4 am..


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  7. What a nice surprise to see this last chapter in the afternoon.

    Thank you so much for your amazing translation for one of my favourite chinese novel. I do love the couple in this novel. They are adorable.

    #from your silent reader since first chapter#

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    1. Another silent reader that appear today… that really makes my day. Thank you so much my dear for the support and encouragement. So happy to read that you had enjoyed the novel from the beginning. I certainly hope to be back soon with another amazing novel to translate. In the meantime, do enjoy the upcoming epilogues.
      Have a blessed day ahead!


  8. Their story makes everyone heart flutters❤️❤️. I didn’t know there were a double update yesterday, I usually check your blog around 5pm pacific time and this morning I decided to re read the last chapter…what a pleasant surprise. Thank you both for sharing this project to us who can’t read and write Chinese. My Chinese knowledge is non existent, so we are so fortunate to have you guys so generous to share.

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  9. Really, really enjoyed it! I’m looking forward to the Epilogue. Thanks so much for your hard work and the really regular posts. It’s been so much fun! Looking forward to more of ‘Blind Date’ and ‘Books’. Cheers!

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  10. They’re finally together! Black belly Zheng Xie is just so adorable! I wish we could have seen that side of him earlier on! Would’ve been so much fun! This may have been quite a long and draggy reading journey but it was all worth it! Thank you so much for all your efforts!!! xie xie ni! 🙂

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  11. Wow, thanks a lot for the awesome sweet love story!! I really wanted an elaborate confession from ZX. But still action speaks louder than words!! 😛

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