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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 29.9

Last chapter ended with Uncle Zheng visiting both He He and Zheng Xie in the Zheng old house. What was the purpose of the visit? Let’s find out today.

This is the last part of Chapter 29. After this, we will be starting the last chapter of the main novel. And the good news is that Chapter 30 is only 6 pages long. So at most, it would be only 2 parts before we could read the sweet ending of this couple.

Chapter 29.9: Climbing up Half A Moon

Zheng Xie followed the back of his father and step into the study.

He entered the room and stood at the doorway, not daring to step forward. Father Zheng sat down in the study only chair, and picked up the very thick original bibliographic book from the table. He studied the titled of the book. Is was the book that Zheng Xie was reading several days ago. His face clouded: “Close the door!”

Zheng Xie closed the door. He calmly and politely asked: “Do you want some tea?”

Father Zheng took the book in his hand and forcefully slam on the table. “You are so daring! Your last incident is not ugly enough. You really want to force me to death?”

Zheng Xie bowed his head.

“Speak up! Did you not dare say anything?”

“I did not mean it.” Zheng Xie said sincerely.

“Shit!” Father Zheng cursed the words that he had not used for many years angrily. “If you did not mean it, had already come to this stage. If you had done it intentionally, what would it had become?”

Zheng Xie remain unapologetically.

After swearing, Father Zheng cooled down a little: “The reason for engagement break off is this?”

“This has nothing to do with her.”

“Tell me about your plans for the future.”

“I would like to listen to your opinion.” In case of his father still being in the fit of anger, whatever he said would be dismissed. It would be better for him to use the soft approach now.

Father Zheng turn to the thick hardcover book and used it as a gavel and beat heavily onto the table while said angrily: “You have nothing to fear? Have you had been compared with the others’ children, those who said that I have nothing to worry about…. I see that even if they had done 10 stupid thing, it is nothing comparing with you. Not only had you done it once. You did it twice!”

“I am sorry, father.”

“I am giving you a week to sort things out! You had caused trouble towards Miss Yang. If you dare to cause any trouble towards He He, I will break your leg!”

“I know. I want to send her out to study and after a year, after the whole incident is almost forgotten, I want to marry her.”

“In less than a month, you had already caused so much trouble. You still want to wait a year later? You get married now. Immediately! So dark and dreary!”

“Of course. But there are the Yang family emotions that we need to consider. And don’t we have to take the family face into account? Your face…..”

“That is your problem. You deal with it on your own! I just want results!”

“Yes.” Zheng Xie replied.

“You also know face value? I thought you had put the whole virtue to shame. He He is your sister. You want to treat her like how you treat other women? Do you think that just because she do not have a father, there is no one to make the call for her?”

“I will deal with it well.”

“You better handle it properly. If not, I will deal with you!”

“But He He have her own ideas.” Zheng Xie whispered.

Father Zheng glanced up and down Zheng Xie. “Now I can see the whole thing. Because you are not able to convince her, so you use reverse operation. That is why I think it is strange. A cautious man like you, if you don’t want me to know something, you would certainly conceal it tightly.”

Zheng Xie kept quiet.

“And the surgery after the big New Year argument. I thought it was more serious. But you are just playing desperate to gain some sympathy. Do you think that you voluntarily endure two operation, I will let the bygones be bygones yet? Even want to play this set with me.”

Zheng Xie remain quiet.

“Considered you lucky. Xiao Yang is a good girl who let it go so lightly. She also kept the whole secret for you. He He that little fool that you had cheated. Do you think that you are so smart? I think you are a brain worm. All relied on by mistake.”

Zheng Xie quietly standing on the side of his father while letting him eliminate the ‘fire.’ But Father Zheng saw that his son is hanging his head with a calm appearance. He had not more ‘gas.’ Whisking the book into his hand, he threw it over at Zheng Xie. “Get the hell out of here!”

The book is thick and hard. He is worried that his son’s body had not fully recovered. Originally he wanted to throw past Zheng Xie but the book burliness hit his calf. He wrinkled his eyebrows but did not utter a single word. He bowed towards his father and he opened the door to go.

How Father Zheng would not know that with Zheng Xie agile skill, how is he not able to judge the direction of the book been thrown? He is just playing the mediocre gangster to make his father happy and to shut him up. Father Zheng brought Zheng Xie up although with no many but very strict principles of things. He would not think that he would easily let this slip.

But with his suffered and heavy look, his father could not bear it. He opened the door and gently tell Zheng Xie: “Let He He come in. I will speak to her.”

When He He heard that Uncle Zheng wants to see her, she was almost trembling as she enter the study. But Uncle Zheng was surprisingly pleasant to her: “He He, you have suffered.”

He He is confused.

“This brat, Zheng Xie, you do not worry. I will call the shots for you. I will not let you continue to suffer.”

“Uncle Zheng, it is not like that.”

“When I return, I will propose marriage to your mother. May be hasty so it will be simple. So after a period of time, I will give you a grand ceremony.”


“Do not worry. I will convince your mother. You just wait at ease.”

After Uncle Zheng left for a long time, He He could still not regain her consciousness.

“How could it be like this?” He He asked while still feeling confused and disoriented.

“Someone sent some pictures to dad. Probably over the weekend when we were out on the beach.”

“Ah! That strange man! That is why I said the man looks wrong. How come you do not find it strange? What does he want to do? Blackmail you? Not worth it!”

“Should be he is bored.”

“It is so hateful!”

“Yes ah! Really annoying people.”

Later, He He found the bruise marks on his leg. It had swollen, and was extremely distressed. “How did you get it? You are really careless…”

She helped him to rub the bruise part and only realized much later that she had been sold and any protest is invalid.


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28 thoughts on “Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 29.9

      1. Yes yes yes…. So funny and black bellied …. A good trick though. When I was translating and reading the part about the photographer, I did not realized till doing this part, I went back to re-read and realized the hint already then 😉


  1. so this is the chapter that you talking about, how black bellied ZX was. and HH just concern with his well being. at first ii thought he really meant it when he said to wait for max 2 years before they get married. maybe he went anxious when HH said that they’ll wait until the time to decided whether they can be married or not so he decide to use his father the one who HH afraid the most

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    1. Totally agreed. When he realized that maybe it’s not a good idea to wait for that 2 years as originally planned just maybe He He will never agree to marry him, he got really anxious. He has never in the entire novel till now is so firm about what he felt He He and not wanting to lose her. As well as his genuine feelings.


  2. i need to read it twice after rummage to all readers comments and your reply until i finally understand. so his father knew it all along that he is intentionally let him knew so HH will be agree to marry him soon as possible

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    1. Hello…. I would say it’s both that are caught in their own trap 😉 as both without realizing all these years it’s only each other that they have in their heart 😍


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