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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 29.8

It is already Friday! Another week had gone by. Time really flies when one is busy.

So who is the man by the beach? Is he really a photographer or someone else? I wonder what today’s chapter bring for us. We are 2/3 done with Chapter 29. So I am eager to find out of Zheng Xie and He He would be thrown another challenge or test to their current sweet relationship? 

Enjoy the read today!

Chapter 29.8: Climbing up Half A Moon

“What is the bet this time?”

“When the result is out, then we discuss the bet.” He He said looking back with an unsteady breath.

For Zheng Xie to catch up with her is really effortless. But he deliberately tease her, and leisurely kept behind her by one meter. When she was quick and fast, he also followed slowly. She turned around and saw that the man is left with a small black spot and stopped on the beach. She was caught by Zheng Xie. She hang onto his arm and lie on Zheng Xie’s back with her arms around his neck while getting him to finish the rest of the journey by carrying her.

When they got back, Zheng Xie became really busy and often worked late into the night. He He said: “There is no need to rush. We can go in a few days.”

“When all things are done, I want to take a long break.”

He He is actually very free. Since she bid farewell to her nine to five life, she had become very lazy. And slowly getting accustomed to the lazy life. She would read manga daily, draw for a few hours and when the weather is good, head out to see exhibition. She would spend half a day in the exhibition hall.

Her mother towards her choice in life have no objections. When she wants to continue her studies, she said okay. When she changed her mind, her mother also said nothing. And now she wants to study again, she did not extend any advice. She just asked how much money she is short of and if she needed any help. Zheng Xie seems more like her parent in comparison.

The Zheng old house is very quiet. Basically hardly anyone come. So not many people knows that she is staying there. The neighbors knew her since childhood so considered her as his younger sister.

That day, when He He returned from her day out, she saw a black car parked outside. The car license plate carries the three provincial capital code. When she saw the car license place, her heart went into a chaos.

She wandered outside but the door had been opened. She saw a familiar face in front of her. He kindly said to her: “Miss He He, come inside. It is cold outside.”

She hesitantly step into the house. Standing in the living room with her head down, she greeted: “Uncle Zheng”. Then she only dared to look at his fingers.

“Sit down. Thank you for taking care of Zheng Xie recently.” Zheng Xie’s father tone is still as cheerful as ever.

He He stood still. The secretary that asked her to come in, took her shoulder and gently get her to sit down while patiently explained: “Secretary Zheng is here to just check out how is Zheng Xie.”

“I am bringing you to see my old house. Who say I am here to see him?”

The secretary carefully smiled.

“Since the last I saw you during the Spring Festival, you have gain some weight. A girl with some weight looks better. Don’t go and lose too much weight.”

“Ah.” He He obediently answered. She had always been respectful to the elders. At the moment, because of the guilty conscience, she is more worried.

Uncle Zheng introduced He He to the other person in the house. “This is He He, my goddaughter. When Qian was still alive, she had always hope for a well-behaved daughter. And with He He staying in this house for so many years, also considered a fulfillment of her wish.”

The serious faced other person in the house suddenly realized: “Oh. I have heard of her. This is also Professor Lin’s daughter?”

He He do not know if they were saying positive words or irony.

“What time are we scheduled to depart?”

“Half-past four. Unless if you want to spend the night at home.”

“No. Too much trouble. Accompanying these people to stay the night in the hotel is also a waste. Zheng Xie is still not answering the phone? Call him in the company. Ask him to come back immediately.”

“Yes.” Secretary Lin immediately went to make the call.

He He sat down with lots of pins and needles. Uncle Zheng’s attitude is making her feeling flustered.

She took the advantage to go and change her clothes and dial Zheng Xie’s phone. Thankfully only once, she is able to get through.

She felt like she is a thief. But Zheng Xie is indifference. He said that he would get home within the hour.

He He went back downstairs and sat down. Her eyes kept on drifting to check the time on the wall clock.

Seeing how nervous she is, Uncle Zheng deliberately look for a casual chat with her. But what he though is an easy topic, to He He, it felt like she is going through the university entrance examination. He asked in a very relaxed tone with kind expression on the current employment, price and health care reform views. He He tried her best to bite the bullet and char with him. But in her heart, she extremely regretting for not reading the news.

When she was beginning to worry about the next ‘exam’ topic, thankfully, Zheng Xie is back. She gave a sigh of relief but at the same time, went into another round of tension.

Zheng Xie came in without his coat. He respectfully stood at the door and greeted: “dad”. And then he turned to face the other man and in a more relaxed tone: “Hello, Uncle Li. The two of you are back for a visit?”

The man whom was serious earlier laughed. “You have just recovered. Why wear so little? Your dad in order to save time to come and see you, did not even had lunch, only to find out that you had gone back to work. Have you recovered?”

Uncle Zheng said: “Apart from his mind that is sick, all other part of him is perfectly fine.”

Zheng Xie looked down and kept quiet. Even Secretary Lin dare not say anything. Only the middle-aged man named Li smiled: “You this young man don’t know how to consider the elderly hearts. Not even a phone call although missing you. And had to find your situation from someone else. How not to get angry?” He turned to He He and using the excuse that his daughter also love to draw and hence want to consult He He with several issues. He used the opportunity to step away with He He, leaving both the father and son alone.


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