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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 29.4

It was indeed a funny chapter yesterday with He He putting on a thick skin and now throwing herself at Zheng Xie. While he tried his best to ignore her…. Would today’s chapter be another funny and entertaining chapter?

Chapter 29.4: Climbing up Half A Moon

Xiao He He is like a koalas clinging on to Zheng Xie. The north wind blowing in from the window is really cold not that the heater is not working. Although Zheng Xie’s body is not hot, snuggling up, it is much warmer.

But she was nervous. The whole room seems to be filled with the sound of her heartbeat. She silently chant the Buddha script in her heart. She then slide her hand into the hem of his pajamas, clinging onto his waist. Zheng Xie not only look good, he feels good as well. Very comfortable and warm.

“Xiao He He, you are not drunk right?” Zheng Xie’s cold voice floated out within the darkness. He grabbed her hand to prevent her from any indecent assault.

“Don’t you feel a little excited?”

“What do you want to do?” Zheng Xie asked in a low voice.

“My friends said today that it is very difficult for a man to refuse the advancement from the women he loves. So I want to experiment.”

The force that Zheng Xie applied to her hand became loose. He He took the opportunity to break free and to hold him from his back. She kept her cold hands on his chest. This time, Zheng Xie did not struggle.

He He continued to touch, although there were not much response. But he did not resist either. He He’s courage increased.

Zheng Xie’s body is a little tense. He He coax him like she is coaxing a child to relax but was not successful. She was a little frustrated and continued to work hard. This time, she was satisfied with the result that she achieved. “Hey, you also have a little feeling.”

“It is enough. He He go to bed.” Zheng Xie said in a little hoarse voice. But his command backfired. In the darkness of the night, the more daring and thick skin Xiao He He flip on top of Zheng Xie, putting pressure on him.

Zheng Xie grunt, not expecting her action. Because she was too clumsy and rude when she moved, she accidentally hit his most vulnerable place. He instinctively reached out to block her from falling on him. But because the room is too dark and in his sleepiness, he touched a mass of softness. At the same time, He He whom was in pain cried: “Oh!” He quickly let go and Xiao He He fell on him. She took the opportunity to wrap herself around him while he tried to get rid of her. As a result, he touches the part that he is not supposed to touch while listening to her crying out “My feet….. My Feet……” He blocked her mouth again and as a result, undefended, once again she took the favorable terrain and sat on top of him.

“Don’t you want me?” He He propped herself on her chin and asked him, while her hot air blew on his neck.

“Then, you agree to marry me?” Zheng Xie asked in a full businessman like.

“If you are not even interested in touching me, then why would you even want to marry me?”

“Let’s discuss this after your feet had recovered.”

“Why not now? You obviously have reaction.” He He lightly touched him with her legs and started working on his pajamas. “Shhh….. we have a quick one. Let’s not wake Aunty Wang up.”

“Crazy. Xiao He He…. You……” Zheng Xie’s words were blocked by He He who bend down to block his mouth. After a few seconds, she raised her head. “You push me again today. If you push me again today, I will never marry you.”

Zheng Xie lay motionless and not utter a single word. He only took a few deep breath.

She sat up and continued to unbutton his pajamas. She is very clumsy. As a result, she only managed to complete unbuttoning the pajamas after a long time. Then she touches Zheng Xie’s chest. His chest is smooth and strong, feels like a good velvet touch. He is shivering slightly. Probably angered from her action.

He He have the feeling of walking on a tightrope. She is back into the same dilemma of advancing or retreating. Anyway, since it has come to this point, just move forward. With her trembling hand, she touches Zheng Xie’s pajamas pants. He reverse and pressured her body.

“Xiao He He, are you serious?”

“Of course. Do I look like I am kidding?”

“Good.” Obviously in the darkness, she took so much effort to unbutton his pajamas. But he took less than five seconds, just like peeling away the shell of the lychee, he managed to strip her from her pajamas. From her nervousness earlier, she had sweat a little. Her naked skin that is suddenly exposed to the cold air, He He could not resist a sneeze.

Really destroying the mood. He He is upset. This is not good enough for a mood. In the movie, the buttons were always undone one by one. And then the clothes are slowly slipping away in the hazy ambiguous light. Not like now. Before she could react, all her clothes had disappeared. In the darkness of the night, she is only surrounded by the sound of breathing. Could not see anything.

After hearing her sneeze, Zheng Xie stretched out and pull the quilt over He He.

After he wrapped her up, his action became slower. He seems to be talking to himself in a slow voice and as if he were also trying to persuade himself and He He. “No. Not today.”

“Are you talking about that? I have it in the pocket of my pajamas.” He He said in a small mosquito like voice.

Zheng Xie indeed found the box of necessities from inside her pocket.

“You really come prepared.” Zheng Xie said but not able to sense his mood.

“Yesterday, they were giving this out on the road. So I readily took….” Halfway through, He He felt that there were no need to explain. In fact, the packet from her pocket today was indeed her inspiration and courage.

Zheng Xie grunt. He He heard him putting on his clothes and the sound of the bed creaking. He seems to be getting out of the bed. The footsteps are slow and soft. She turned to look. Zheng Zie seems to be heading towards the direction of the door.

He He is embarrassed and shy. She sat up. Tonight the curtains are tight enough, so there were no lights totally in the house. But when the door was open, she grabbed a pillow and threw it at the door. “Bad guy. Truly bad guy!” He actually played with her. She was very angry.

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5 thoughts on “Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 29.4

  1. Bad Zheng Xie! Man, if you couldnt express it with your mouth just express it with your body!
    He he was the type who couldnt be sure if you didnt said it.. So she needs something to prove it!
    She not like your ex you know.. Knowing what you want and do it based you want…
    Thanks for the chapie \^0^/

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  2. i think some parts of his heart still consider HH as his little sister so he is afraid but some parts needs her. and in that situation he’s still bargaining he he to marry him as exchange for the “deed”. why am i thinking that their role is reversed. the girl who should be the one who demanding for marriage. well at least ZX not an animal ^_^

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