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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 29.3

After yesterday’s chapter, we seems to be going back into circles again, isn’t it? We have completed 1/4 of Chapter 29 and still both of them does not seem to be getting anywhere near together. But we are so close to the ending, so really don’t want to give up now, right? I do understand the frustration that some of you are going through out there…. I guarantee a funny and sweet ending, so hang on there ok… we are getting there…. 

And interesting chapter today where He He is making her move now towards Zheng Xie. Read on and enjoy!

Chapter 29.3: Climbing up Half A Moon

Sometime later, He He hobbled down the stairs and found Aunty Wang in the kitchen.

“He He, your feet is not convenient. Call me if you need anything.” Aunty Wang said.

“I twisted the ankle and is looking for a bottle of wine to eliminate the swelling.”

“Medical alcohol right?”

“Well….. the online said that wine is better.” He He said within blinking an eye.

Then she decline the help from Aunty Wang’s help. She took the small bottle of liquor that Aunty Wang found and limped upstairs.

Her feet was really twisted earlier in the evening and is now getting worst. But…. He He studies the wine for a while. She poured the wine on the joints but accidentally pour onto the burned part and scalded her. The pain brought tears into her eyes straight away. She took a few mouthfuls of wine. The hot feeling helped to eliminate a lot of pain.

Time is getting late. He He turned off the lights and sat in the dark for a while. Using the mobile phone, she gave Zheng Xie a call.

Zheng Xie slept really early. His voice were soft and fuzzy: “What do you want?”

“Can I go to your room? I am afraid. Yesterday, the horror film….”

“Go to find Aunty Wang.”

“She snores in her sleep.”

“Then keep the lights on.”


“Tomorrow you throw your tantrum. I am sleepy now.”

“I am sorry about tonight. I apologies for last night.”

“Oh, it is okay.”

“Can I go to your room now?”

Zheng Xie hung up.

He He grinded her teeth and sat in the dark for a while. She drank the remaining wine and even had a few chewing gum. Then she took a few deep breath the yoga way, trying to enter into the legendary meditation state but failed.

In the dead of the night, with Xiao Bao the cat and Aunty Wang fast asleep, the lights in the house were all out. Xiao He He, wearing a thick pajamas sneak out of her bedroom. One leg out, she held a very bright flashlight in her hand.
There are not many people in the house. The part-timer is only around during the day. Only Aunty Wang lives downstairs. Old people goes to bed early. At time like this, she would already be deep in her sleep.

The night horror sequelae has not completely eliminated. But comparing with her plans, He He at times like this is a little nervous and excited. Also in high alcohol situation, she gradually started to think about horror scenes.

The electrical control panel is located at the back corner of the stairs. The heating main valve of the second floor is located in another corner. She touched the wall to jump over to the second floor and switched off each room lighting electrical and heating valves.

Aunty Wang please do not get up at night. She would be shocked. He He prayed at the side while patting on her chest to try to calm herself down. “I am not doing anything bad. I am just saving someone’s soul.” She whispered some self-comforting words to herself.

Feeling a little too nervous, He He had a little sense of vertigo. She evenly touched her way upstairs. On the empty step, she fell to the ground. Fortunately there were soft carpet and her clothes are thick enough, so it did not make any sound.

After getting to her own door, she picked up the quilt that had been rolled into a ball from the door. Holding the quilt while having to hop around is very inconvenient. Luckily Zheng Xie’s room is only a few steps away. And he did not lock the door.

He He crept gently after opening the door and head in sideways. She heard a cold voice calling out from the bed: “Xiao He He, get out.”

“Blackout. I am afraid….” He He quickly moved towards the direction of his voice. His room is too dark as there were very little light. She hit the bed legs and cried lightly. She half fell onto the bed and hit onto Zheng Xie’s body. Zheng Xie bounced and sit up while his hand reached out to switch on the light.

‘Popping’ sound but there were no light. He He said: “Do not ask me to go out. I am afraid. I sit here all night, okay?”

Zheng Xie no longer speak and tugged on the quilt. He moved to the other side of the bed.

That is a consent from him. Without any guilt, He He climbed into his bed. She once again roll herself and lay down obediently at his side. Then she discover that she forgot to bring a pillow to lie down. She propped her quilt to stack some makeshift pillow. Which she was doing it, Zheng Xie moved his half of his pillow to her side. He paused and with a lesser confidence said: “Did you drink tonight?”

“My feet hurt. I had a little wine to reduce the pain.”

“Isn’t there medication for pain?”

“Those kind of medication will hurt the stomach.”

“Trouble.” Zheng Xie murmured. He lay down on his side. Estimated that he was too tired sleeping on the chaise last night, so he did not go over to the chaise tonight. But from Zheng Xie’s thin breathing, he is a distance away from her.

He He lie down for a moment and remain quiet. Her hands and feet were exposed. The heating valves that she had turned off downstairs is slowly playing its role. The room temperature began to drop.

She took a deep breath and her freezing cold hands and feet were headed into Zheng Xie’s quilt. She is proud of her cleverness. The lack of alcohol level in the wine will not cause her to be drunk but can help to thicken her skin.

Before she had the opportunity to do her magic, Zheng Xie had turned over his quilt and pressured it under his body, so she had no place to start.

He He threw herself on him. “I am cold.” Then she screamed. “My feet hurt. My feet hurt!” Because Zheng Xie was rejecting her and turned, her feet heavily hit the bed.

Zheng Xie sat up and cover her mouth quickly with one hand to stop her from screaming. His other hand slowly grope her feet from the toes up to the newly injured ankle. Her feet were swollen and cold. Zheng Xie massage her for a moment. Then he put her feet into the quilt and then wrapped her up solidly with the quilt. He then moved to the side of the bed. He lay down again with his back towards her.

He He writhing in the cocoon like quilt. It was a full minute before she could release herself. She quickly got into Zheng Xie’s quilt while putting her cold hands and feet onto him while whining: “I am really cold.”

Zheng Xie lay motionless. Don’t know if he is really asleep or faking to be asleep.


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  1. Lol…ZX is struggling to reject HH. He is moving himself far far away from her as much as possible…hehehe…this is cute…HH is so bore to this extend…can’t wait for the next part..

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  2. I don’t understand her logic… She doesn’t want him to marry her out of responsibility; thinks that she is the reason (because of the deed) why he is not marrying Ms. Yang, but here she is, trying to get into his bed… Go HeHe Go.. Fighting! haha..

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