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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 29.2

It is finally clear that He He is aware of how she felt about Zheng Xie. But she refused his proposal because she thinks that he is marrying her for what happen 7 years ago. To be responsible. Is it really it? Why Zheng Xie is refusing to tell He He that he actually loves her. Does he really loves her or he is just too boring and contented with his life to the extend, he is not able to love anyone? I am also beginning to wonder…….

Chapter 29.2: Climbing up Half A Moon

When he came back, He He was watching the sunset while sitting on the windowsill. The red and gold big ball is a nebulous shadows and a beautiful sight.

The car stop against the sunset at the door. When Zheng Xie alight from the car, his lanky body forms a planting elegant silhouette with his feed extending longer than a shadow. His reflections are reflected on the wall, making He He thought of a famous fairy tale characters, Daddy Long Legs.


She rubbed the sun dazzled eyes only to see clearly again. She was surprised to see another delicate and soft shadow grabbing Zheng Xie by the neck and kissing his cheek. Then she got back into the car and the car pulled away. It turned out that the car is not Zheng Xie’s car. He actually is willing to take someone else’s car.

Zheng Xie looked up to her direction. Although he was against the light, but she knew that his eyes would be able to see her both unsightly and rude look. She immediately jumped down from the window still. But she forgot about her injured foot, hence landed a little hard on the injured feet. And even twisted it a little causing her to scream in pain with tears almost falling down her face.

Later, on the pretext of being in pain, she refused to head down for dinner. She hide in the room and only ate a little.

She refuse to acknowledge that she is throwing a tantrum from being jealous. After all, she was not sitting on the window still to wait for Zheng Xie’s return.

But this man, last night proposing to her but today look like nothing happen. The body had just recovered and on the second time heading out, immediately attracted new ‘flower’. Even standing on the exact position of the objective, she also had sufficient reason to despite him.

Zheng Xie step into He He’s room. She was sitting on the bed holding her laptop watching movie. As he was approaching, she immediately closed the screen, with an alert look on her face.

Zheng Xie asked: “Feet still aching? I get the doctor to come over, okay?”

“My whole body hurts.” He He pouted.

“If your body is in pain, then lay down. Don’t play with the computer.” Zheng Xie took the laptop away from her. He He pouted her lips.

Zheng Xie dragged a chair to her bedside and sat down. He had changed into a house coat. He He did not know if it is psychological, she always felt that his body has a faintly discernible smell. He He never use any perfume.

“Do you have something to say to me?” Zheng Xie asked.

“I do not want to talk about it.” Instead of saying ‘no’, it is better to just tell the truth.

“Is it about what we discussed last night?” Zheng Xie casually asked.

“Why do you want to marry me? What do you like about me? You could not even say any reason, don’t you think that this decision is reckless? At least you were clear on why you want to marry Yang Wei Qi, right? In addition to what I said the reason to be, do you have other reason why you want to marry me?”

Zheng Xie began to rub his temple. This has become his latest habit.

“He He, I hope that in the future life, everyday there is you. Is this reason enough?” He said this with a very patience expression.

“You look so strange.” He He calmly said. “You have not answered my question from last night. If that incident did not happen, or if you did not know……”

Zheng Xie took several deep breath. “He He, I think when one is doing anything, the end result is the most important aspect. But the process to achieve the results are necessary. There is no need to assume ‘if’ all the time.”

“But I think the ‘process’ is the most important. The result is nothing more than just a few words. Shi Tai said, the process is ugly. Everything would be in vain.”

“How is the process ugly? Who is Shi Tai?” Zheng Xie frowned slightly.

While Zheng Xie is looking confused, He He threw herself into his arms and hug his waist.

Zheng Xie was sitting on the chair. He was fluttered and in reflex stood up to catch her. Then pushed her back onto the bed. “What do you want to do?”

“You see, you obviously instinctively resist my affection. And yet tried to convince me that you love me so you want to marry me. Are you able to convince yourself?”

Zheng Xie almost molars: “Xiao He He, you are absolutely ridiculous.”

“I am always unreasonable!” He He cover herself from head to toe with the quilt.

Under the quilt He He’s heartbeat is very fast and her body temperature is rising. Haiz. Another impulsive action. How come recently she is always so impulsive. Zheng Xie had taught her before that when one is impulsive, to talk less as to avoid making mistakes. She often forgot about this.

Blame it on Zheng Xie’s body perfume that stimulate her nerves. She is a little allergic to perfume.

Hearing the sound of Zheng Xie leaving the room, He He got out from under the quilt. She sat for a while before resuming the movie that she was watching before being interrupted by Zheng Xie.

This movie is categories as porn but it is very boring. Fortunately, with the seductive male and female, the picture is still very beautiful. He He was yawning as she watched.

This is a love story that resulted from sex. Both the man and woman were just friends. Because they accidentally slept together, they fell in love with each other’s bodies and got together later.

“That would have been interested in each other’s body. Are you interested in me? Haiz.” He He recalling last night’s conversation with Zheng Xie. And then he curled up for a few hours on the couch. As well as pushing her vigorously earlier. She chew on the cloth cat’s ears while grinding her teeth for a long time.

The pair of cloth cat is only left this one. The other one had been taken away and was never returned by Zheng Xie.

Every time she mentioned about Zheng Xie wanting to give her compensation, she is outright. He is an honest man. He He bite on the cloth cat. After a while, she remembered that the car was made from old clothes and stuff with old cotton. She quickly jumped out of bed to gargle.


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    1. Hi hi. Yes, ZX indeed loves her. We will discover more of his feelings in the upcoming chapters. He had loved her from young, hence only willing to do things for her. In the past, all the things that he had given or done for all his girlfriends are reflection of what he wanted to do for He He. Though till the end, he had never told He He that he loves her. He only does it with his actions. Have a good weekend ahead

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      1. Tq for the explanation at least I’m rest assured!
        So I assume that Maybe he was scared to ruin their brother sister relationship,he has kept quiet! Looking forward to progressing relationship!
        Happy weekend!

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  1. There was one incident also explained how much HH meant to ZX. The time ZX’s mom past away n both of the ended up on the mountain. HH fainted while sitting up there ZX piggybacked HH down of course ended up in the hospital. The way ZX stayed by n looked after HH not like a brother’s way but more of a bf..ppl around them notice that but not ZX.

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