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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 28.4

Anyone enjoyed the read yesterday? It was both funny and yet frustrating, right? He He is now forcing Zheng Xie to reveal his true feelings but yet, he remains to be so cold to her. Although he did attended to her ‘burned’ legs…. I now wonder what entails us in the chapter today…. Enjoy the read, everyone!

Chapter 28.4: I want to marry you tomorrow

With her mind in a mess, her irregular heartbeats plus the pain in her foot, He He could not sleep. She sat up and took a deep breath. She turned on the TV and after changing channels for a while, finally found a show that is able to hold her attention.

As a result, it is a horror, suspense and gore thriller. One suspense after another, becomes a chain. She could not keep her curiosity, despite bursting into cold sweat, she bite the corner of the pillow while half blocking her face. Finally the show ended and she lay down in relief. But as she closed her eyes, the darkness brought numerous horror illusions with gushing blows. Beside her ears, she hear voices. There seems to be siren singing. Even the alarm clock ticking on her bedside seems in sprawling, feeling the room with terrible and scary frequency.

Trembling, He He switched on the desk lamp. In the shine, there were obviously nothing. She wrapped up the clock with cloths and jumping on one leg, tucked the alarm clock to the farthest corner of her bedroom.

The rom has a side vanity mirror. She turned around and saw a flash of a figure. Her knees weaken, till she almost sat on the floor. Then she realized that it was her own image.

She patted her chest and went back into bed. She switched off the lights but still faintly could hear the ticking sound. The image from the movie pop into her mind and she started the feeling of fear in her heart again. Suddenly, she thought about the battery that could be taken out, so she jump out of bed to get the clock again.

The room is small. But tossing back and forth twice, she was sweating. She sighed and reflecting on her boring and impulsive actions tonight. Totally embarrassing herself.

He He hopped on her foot to the side of the house. She put her ear to the wall, trying to listen to the movement next door. Zheng Xie’s bedroom is located on the other side of the wall. He has always been strict with his schedule. At this hour, he certainly would be asleep. He He was hopping to be able to hear the sound of his breathing. That way, she would not be so neurotic.

But the room is soundproofed very well. In additional to her own heart, she could hear nothing.

He He sat on the floor with her ear to the wall. This was more reassuring to her. She stumbled and almost fell asleep. In such an abnormal chaos, she thought of dragging her quilt over and slept in such position.

Just then she heard a very light breathing. Not from the other side of the wall but from her side on the room. There is someone in her room.

He He was surprised and almost screamed. She had only switched on the bedside lamp, so the room is still half in darkness. Those shadowy objects were not clear. Her mobile phone is on the bedside table. Only the light green light were flashing, rendering a tense atmosphere.

If she knew that today would be her last day, she would not have quarreled with Zheng Xie. He He dreamt and with her heart pounding and almost no voice. Her legs were very weak, she does not even have strength to stand up as the soft breathing became increasingly clear.

“I must get out” The thought flashed through her mind. She sat on the floor next to the wall and slowly moved towards the door, not caring about the pain in her foot.
Fortunately, the house is not large. She is now a only a few feet away from the door. She successfully reached the door. She took a hard twist and pulled vigorously. But she do not know what she knocked over and there were a loud crashed sound. This is followed by a soft thing that jump onto her feet. Both He He and Xiao Bao the cat screamed. After screaming, she found the origin of the soft breathing is actually the sleeping Xiao Bao that was hiding in the corner. She did not know when it entered the room. While attending to her foot, she did not bothered about it.

With her alert lifted, she shut up. And after that her heartbeat became stronger. The injured foot is aching badly. She took hold of the doorknob while trying to get up from the ground when the overhead light suddenly lighted up. Standing at the door with a tension changed to rapidly tired look was Zheng Xie with his messy hair. “Xiao He He, what trouble are you causing this time?”

Not knowing where her energy came from, He He jumped up from the ground and suddenly jumped into Zheng Xie’s arm, hanging around his neck. If not for the far of his wrath, she had intended to even wrap her feet around his body. “I am afraid.” She said with a trembling voice and repeated: “I am afraid!”

Poor Zheng Xie using every way to get rid of this piece of ‘plaster’ but failed. In the end he had to get her into his room while listening to her talking about the experience of watching the horror movie at night and hence causing such paranoid embarrassments.

Zheng Xie looked at the time. It is way past midnight. He is usually a light sleeper. After waking up, it is not easy for him to fall asleep again. He He had caused trouble the whole night, one after another. His mood is very poor. He throw He He on the chaise in his bedroom. He went to her room and brought over the quilts and pillow. He checked on her foot injury and then lay back down on his own bed. On the chaise, while He He was unable to sleep but she is feeling a little more secured.

He He feeling indefensible and curled up. She is afraid that Zheng Xie will be angry and asked her to return to her bedroom. Although there is nothing, but she was really scared.

She felt extremely safe with someone beside her. Feeling contented, she cannot remember the scary movie that she had just watched. Between her half asleep minds, she heard Zheng Xie tossing and turning and felt really sorry.

She held her breath and count his breath until Zheng Xie breathing slowed down until it maintained the same frequency before she resume her normal breathing.

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  1. Hehehehehe.. HH is such a scady cat…afraid still want to watch…

    From now onwards no matter what HH do intentionally or unintentionally everything may come across to ZX as intentionally hence such a cold attitude coming from him. But I have to say HH is funny n silly today translation.

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