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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 28.3

Arrrggg…. this is so frustrating…. we are going round in circles…. again! Why is Zheng Xie being so hard on He He now? To the extend when she accidentally hurt herself with the hot noddles, he is ignoring her…. Sigh! I just want the part where they got together. Is that ever going to happen?

Today’s chapter is all about how He He tried to get his attention and forcing him to admit his feelings but instead, Zheng Xie continue to ignore her……. a little funny read for those who could imagine the scene as it enfolds but to some of you out there, it would also be frustrating. To me, it is both…. sigh! 

Chapter 28.3: I want to marry you tomorrow

The more she cried the sadder she becomes. To the extend where she almost forgot about the pain. She did not even realized when Zheng Xie came back. She only know that he suddenly picked her up, in three steps rushed to the bathroom. He did not even had time to take off her socks before he put her foot into the hand basin while running the cold water at its maximum. He silently let the cold water runs.

The scene is also unsightly. The wash basin is tilled with pile of noodles. When Zheng Xie helped her to remove her socks, her feet were already swollen and red like trotters.

If the parties are not her own, the scene would have caused He HE to snicker. But this time, she is weeping. It was because in the beginning she was wronged. And later it was because of the pain. The burning burns in the first place, under the running cold water feels like it had been poked by needle.

Later, Zheng Xie carried her up the stairs. He search the medicine chest while calling the doctor to ask. He kept a straight face, very cold. Looking at his face, He He was too scared to cry but could only secretly wipe her tears with butterflies in her stomach feeling self-defeating.

Zheng Xie’s sleeve is all wet. He He carefully swallow a mouthful of saliva. “That, don’t you want to go and change your clothes first?” Although he seems to be looking better, but in the end of the day, he was just beginning to recover, therefore his resistance is not as well as before. He He is afraid of him catching cold again.

Zheng Xie turned away. A few seconds later, he came back and threw a large towel and ‘wrap her up.’ He wrap He He with two towels while plugging her wet trouser legs. He tap her injury foot with medicine while his sleeves and shirt is still wet.

Zheng Xie make no small effort, and He He was screaming in pain while begging for mercy: “You tap mildly. Oh! Pain!”

“Now you know pain? Next time, to safe your own feet, remember to cool down the noodles first….” Zheng Xie said in a cold tone.

“How did you know I did…..” He He saw Zheng Xie’s cold eyes and closed her mouth after her guilt conscience.

Seeing that Zheng Xie is standing up to go, He He pulled his shirt. Zheng Xie sigh slightly: “He He, what do you want?”

He He just pulled his shirts, lowered her heart and kept quiet.

Zheng Xie slowly pulled away each one of her fingers and quickly pulled the almost undone bathrobe.

“What do you want? At that time, I don’t want our relationship to change. I pretended to have a relationship with Cen Shi in order to protect your relationship with Yang Wei Qi. I just do not want you to worry about it. Was I wrong?”

“Xiao He He, you sneak it in. Self-righteous, self-assertion, liar and mess things up. You think you still have a point?” Zheng Xie clearly state everything.

“Things are obviously messed up by you. Even if I am wrong, how can you just ignored me?” He He began to cry again.

Zheng Xie took the gauze and scissors and placed them back into the medicine chest. He walked a few steps around the house and then turned back. “I can’t believe that I lost in the hands of you this girl!” His face is volatile while grinding his teeth. Before He He have any opportunity to refute, he held her up with the towel and walked into her room. When they were about a meter away, he threw her onto the bed.

He He in a panic mode, shouted: “Aiya!” and only to find that he is still very skillful. He did not even touch her feet. When she got up awkwardly, Zheng Xie had left.

She bitterly grind her teeth for a long time. Zheng Xie came back with a bowl of noodles. He placed it onto her bedside table. From the cabinet, he found her a thick pajamas before throwing it at her. “Change into this. Don’t catch a cold.” He found her cell phone and pass it to her. “Don’t lock the door. At night, if you have pain or fever, call me.”

The blushing He He said: “Even if I am dying, I will not call you.”

Zheng Xie said with a cold face: “What a pity, this injury will not kill anyone.”

He He became angry. She grabbed the cloth cat from the table and throw towards his back. The cat is small and light. Even if it hit him, would not hurt him. But Zheng Xie seems to have back eyes. On the side of the body, he stretched out his hand and caught the cat. He glanced at it and squeezed it while heading out of her room. It looks like he was not intending to return it.

He He held on the other cloth cat tightly in her hand. She wanted to throw it at him as well. But she heard the sound of the closing door later. She was left to beat on the pillow instead to vent her anger.

After hammering the pillow for a long time, her hands is aching and the burning pain from her injured foot became really exhausting. He He holding the pillow rolled in bed about dispersion of attention and almost rolled down the bed. She covered her face with tears while beginning to regret for being too impulsive today. It is counterproductive and in the end, gained nothing in the anti-corrosion. She tried to think of related words but thinking about the erupted Zheng Xie whom thinks that she is cunning and mischievous. Now he is even more not willing to meet her.

In fact, He He had discovered, since Zheng Xie found out about her smoking and drinking while she pretended like nothing had happened by not sharing the secret with him, he had looked at her differently.

She read it as he is very disappointed in her.

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6 thoughts on “Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 28.3

  1. Well at least I can now understand ZX’s point of view. But both are at a lost for playing this blaming game

    Hope you had a great Fouth of July Weekend!

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  2. Just found this story and real the most recent chapters. Thank you very much for your translation! Unfortunately, I hate this book and won’t continue reading. Wei Qing is the only one I like out of the three main characters. The other two can continue making each other miserable for the rest of their lives, for all I care – as long as they stop carelessly hurtig other people in the process. What frustrating characters.
    Will check out your other translations instead.

    Bye bye cloudy


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