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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 27.17

As He He was getting ready to leave and start a new life in C City, she met Shi Lin accidentally in the airport when she went to pick Cen Shi up. The part where she was having the thought of giving Cen Shi a chance to get back together in real instead of faking their relationship, I actually went…. No…….. please don’t down this route. This twist of turn would make the whole story sounded like a typical ‘korean drama’ storyline…. Luckily…..

Through the meeting with Shi Lin, He He discovered a shocking news about Zheng Xie…. The news shocked her into tears again. What happen next? Would she tell Cen Shi the truth about what is making her cry? Will He He rushed to Zheng Xie’s side? 

Chapter 27.17: A quiet life

He He’s mood is like the water that suddenly found a gap, so like a flood, it suddenly collapse. She burst into tears, crying hard. Cen Shi was overwhelmed and pulled up into the curb. He handed out the tissues to her, feeling useless while patting her back. He He continued to cry, her whole body shaking and crowding into a ball like a small child.

“What happen to Zheng Xie?” Cen shi instinctively guessed that He He’s crying has something to do with the hateful guy.

It took him some time to piece together the reasons why she is crying so sadly. In just a moment time, with the flashback of the recent events, just like a line of strung dolphin scattering, it feels like piecing them together.

The normally healthy Zheng Xie recently persistently came down with fever. He looked very tired and haggard.

A person whom see commitment and promises as a heavy responsibility, somehow ended up with a ‘broken engagement and marriage.’

One who always follows the rule for Spring Festival, this year actually never go home.

Vomiting blood and drug reaction.

And these were said with the twinkling eyes of Shi Lin.

When these events were repeated in her mind, she seems to see two huge Chinese Characters, like the dark clouds of the same pressure: 绝症! (Means terminally ill!)

Because he did not want to hurt Yang Wei Qi, so he chooses to break up.
Because he does not want his father and family to worry, he would rather be misunderstood, and not tell the truth.

When He He think about him suffering those grievances alone, was more grief.

Cen Shi do not know what to say, nothing can be convincing….. “He is still young. And he does not have any bad habits, so his physical fitness would be good as well. Do not need to worry so much.”

He helplessly watched the ball of paper soaked with tears. “Do you want to go back and see him? I have something to deal with here today. Tomorrow I will go back and visit him with you, okay?”

He He shake her head and sobbed: “I will go back alone. I will go today.” Even if she cannot do anything, at least she could accompany him.

“Today the weather is not very good. It may snow in the evening.”

He He look into her wallet and look for her identity card. “I will go today. Please send me back to the airport.”

An hour later, He He is on the train bound for the Y City.

They went to the airport. The news is true. In Y City there is a blizzard so cannot guarantee whether there will be flight as usual.

Then they called the railway station and bus station. Now it is still the peak of Spring Festival, therefore tickets are hard to find. Because it is snowing in Y City, the highway is closed. And long-distance car trips had been reduced as well.

Cen Shi took He He’s idea and went looking for a private car to send her. But failed. Finally, they managed to persuade a passenger in a crowded waiting room to sell them the train ticket triple of the original fare price.

He He had calm down by then. Cen Shi listened to her calling her mother with a straight face while giving a very smooth lie. But her body was trembling slightly.

When the train slowly start, he saw He He sitting against the window took out the tissue and began rubbing her eyes.

Because of the bad weather, the train was delayed nearly an hour. It finally arrived at the station at 7 pm. Sure enough, when He He got off the train, the snow were falling heavily. Nearly could not see the road. The falling snow into the face is painful.

He He found a taxi and gave the hospital address. As a result, what would be a twenty minutes ride took a full forty minutes.

Zheng Xie was staying in the intensive care unit. She went through a lot of twists and turned before finding out that Zheng Xie had been discharged.

“Didn’t he just did surgery? How come he can so quickly be discharged?” He He asked in surprised.

“The patient insisted. So we had no way to force him to stay.” The doctor said.

He even refused to stay in the hospital. Is it not serious or he gave up treatment? He He had her hearts and butterflies in her stomach.

She thanked the doctor and went to find a taxi before heading to Zheng Xie’s home.

The snow were thick on the ground. The cars on the road are slowly creeping forward. He He have been dialing Zheng Xie phone while she was sitting in the car. Over and over again. It always show that it failed to connect. Her soul slides away. Even her intended destination no longer hold any expectations.

Zheng Xie was not at home. From downstairs, the house is pitch dark. She pressed the doorbell asking someone to help her open the door. Then she saw the door of Zheng Xie’s home is stuffed with newspapers. The guard on duty reported that he helped to collect the newspaper daily and stuffed it into the newspaper box. And mentioned that Zheng Xie had not come back to live for a long time.

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