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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 27.5

And so in the last chapter, Zheng Xie officially proposed to Yang Wei Qi. How did all of you felt? I was beyond frustration at that point. Wonder when we will read how Zheng Xie and He He got together… the road seems sooooooo long…. 

Although this chapter today is not getting to the point that we are all anticipating, there are some pretty interesting conversation between Zheng Xie and He He through interestingly QQ applicable. Anyone of you have that account? I used to have it many years ago and QQ actually got me re-connected with my long lost pen-pal from my high school days. The power of the early stage of online communication. Surprisingly, it is still around today.

Enjoy the read today! Hopefully tomorrow we will be back with more read. I am actually happy at the progress where I am still able to complete one post per day despite having to return to the working world. Already 6 weeks gone. Another 6 more weeks to completing my contract. Hopefully, I would be able to take another break after this project. 

Chapter 27.5: A quiet life

He holds the phone and hesitated for a long time. He did not know what to say to her if he dialed the number. Ask her why she gave his gift away? Or thank her for the granting his fiancée’s wish? Is it going to sound like he is blaming her? Reasons uses seems to be very strange.

His friend’s call rescued him from his predicament. The friend said: “Have you received it? I sent it 30 minutes ago.”

Zheng Xie said: “No”

“What is your QQ number? I will send it there. Probably the file is too big.”

“I have never use that program. So I do not have QQ number. Well, tomorrow you contact my secretary. She will forward to me. I am going to bed now.”

“Cannot. Man from Mars, you need to immediately help me to confirm as I need to finalized it tonight. Tomorrow is too late.”

Zheng Xie on his side, in accordance to the guidance of his friend, downloaded and install the software and quickly registered.

Registration was not successful. The interface displays shows that the system is busy. He suddenly recalled, about two years ago, He He had sent him a number. The reason why he remember is because the six-digit number is exactly his birthday. The password is reversed hence, He He is proud of it.

He thought that the number should have long ago become inactive and void. But when he tried to enter it, he was surprised to find that it is not invalid and the passwords still works.

He immediately phone the friend. The friend said: “You cow! Earlier you said never to have use QQ before. Now you can change the six-digit number that is strong. Really despite you these privileged class people.”

Quickly he resolved his friend’s problem. Zheng Xie did not feel any drowsiness. He began to learn his way around this program that he had never used before.

He change into stealth mode, view the records and friends list. The chat record is blank and there is only one person in the friends list. ‘呵呵地笑’. The avatar is the image of a cat. He recognized the cat. He He created the image a few months ago. The avatar is now gray (meaning that she is offline). He points to open the signature, a bunch of onomatopoeia: Hey ha ha sound strange voice or an affected manner…. Hahaha….

呵呵地笑 (pin ying: He He de xiao)

It seems that she was in a good mood recently. Zheng Xie could not help but turn the corner of his mouth into a small smile.

This number has not been deactivated, the main merit belongs to He He. She had been regularly login to keep it active. Every login, she would leave a message for record, almost once every two months.

In her first message: “I knew that you would have wasted this number. Have mercy on me for grabbing this from the hands of others. To do a week of labor for others, and even had to draw a few dozens of free pictures for others. Next time I will never send you any birthday gift.”

The next few messages are mostly: “X month XX date and Xiao He He is here.” On some days, she would write a few more words when she is in a good mood, such as ‘it is pay day today. I went online and bought the piece of amber bracelet. Life is really good.’ And when she is in a bad mood, she would write a bunch of gibberish behind the curse. ‘XXX and XXX! 贝戈戈与春虫虫’

贝戈戈与春虫虫!- translated in pin ying as bèi gē gē yǔ chūn chóng chóng! (Unfortunately, I could not even make any sense of this)

Zheng Xie is feeling strange as he actually was able to understand immediately that it means ‘cheap’ and ‘stupid’. He He had very strict discipline. That is basically her highest level of curse.

There is something very special, this day last year. He He had sent an email with a large capacity where she stuffed a dozens of PS spoof photos of him from the age of 1 till 29. She left the following message: “I can say that some of the photos here you don’t have. I am very good, right?”

Such messages appear in ‘my mailbox’. It looks like neuropathy sent it to himself. He found it very interesting the more he look.

Her latest entry was about one and a half month ago, but there were no comment this time.

In addition to that, there are still some of her mailbox with other email sent. Some are funny pictures and text. He seldom do light readings on the internet nor look at these silly things. This time, one by one he read them. By the time he got to the last email, he realized that it is already early morning.

He looked at the friends’ column and see the only picture, it is still gray. He prepares to turn off the computer and was surprised to find the bottom right corner of the screen emerged a message box that prompts ‘cackled’ indicating a message. Zheng Xie move his mouse over to open it. There is only one mail that has a dynamic lighted candle on a birthday cake picture and the words: Happy Birthday!

Zheng Xie looked at it for a while. Turned off the page and turn off the program.

After a few seconds, he login again and point to open the dialogue page and write: “Why are you still up so late?”

One second, two seconds…. After a full ten seconds, finally the other side responded: “Who are you?”

Zheng Xie do not know how to answer.

Then, after a long time, He He send back a message: “Brother, is that really you?”

Zheng Xie felt that the situation is more awkward that facing each other in negotiations. He type a few words, delete, and then re-enter and then delete.

He is not used to this kind of communication. In his exchange with anyone including those in foreign country, there have always been two ways, telephone or text messages.

He thought for a long time and then finally repeated his first words: “It is late. Do not stay up too late at night.”

“How come you are also sleeping so late?” He He added on when he did not answer: “Thank you for sending me the gift. Then….. I have donated to sister-in-law. You would not mind, right?”

Zheng Xie found himself could not say anything. He kept quiet for a while before typing the word: “Do not mind.”

Thinking that it is missing something, added: “Thank you.”

He He sent an icon over but it only shows an X.

His started at the screen in silence for a while. And then finally say goodbye before turning off the computer. He went to the balcony for a smoke and after that, went to lie down next to Yang Wei Qi.

Yang Wei Qi rolled over drowsily and said: “Is it dawn yet?”

“No, it is only two o’clock. Did I wake you up?”

“You are still having a cold and yet still sleep so late at night?” She leaned against him and sniff his pajamas. “Coughing so badly, still smoke. Are you in a bad mood?”

“Nothing. You go to sleep.”

Zheng Xie listen to her breathing that has become mild and gentle. She had fallen back fast asleep. While he is still wide awake.

Usually after midnight, if he is still awake, he will have insomnia. So he always try to avoid staying up late.

Thinking after dawn, there are a lot of things to do, he gently got up and took two sleeping pills. He grudgingly fell asleep as the morning sun are coming up. When he woke up, he did not even know when Yang Wei Qi left.

Finally, you have to live your own life and I do not want to show the sadness in the heart, just like those wanting to escape but not daring to break the silence.

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  1. Zheng Xie is slowly finding out all of the hints that He He has left for him over the years! I’m starting to feel very sorry for Wei Qi though – I hope that he breaks off with her soon. Thanks for the chapter!!

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    1. I agree with you there back the problem here is that YWC was the one who kept calling or visiting him from the first moment she came back from her short trip. Then again ZX should said to her not to come yet again, he does not even know what he really want. He just let He He n YWC to pull him around by his nose so to speak.

      I am glad I am not the only one who feel so frustrated with this two main characters He He n ZX. When are they going to meet up with one another and admit to their feelings. At beginning, I found that YWC is quite cute by right at this moment I find her too annoying even the cat Xiao Bao know so.

      Thanking you mhryu for your dedication of posting a chapter a day. “D

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  2. for how long exactly ZX planning to keep dragging YQW until he realized his feeling for he he. i feel sorry for YQW, i hope he will stop soon. don’t tell me, he’ll stop when they reached the wedding day

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