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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 27.2

Zheng Xie is ill. It is very rare that he is ill…….

In this chapter, we see a side of Zheng Xie that we have never expected (at least not what I would expect of him). We are able to see how much the influence that He He indirect had on him. 

Enjoy the read!

Chapter 27.2: A quiet life

Weekend. Zheng Xie was reading the newspaper while Yang Wei Qi was cooking. She occasionally come over to talk to him.

Zheng Xie have been very quiet and only occasionally cough.

Yang Wei Qi deliver water to him and touched his forehead. “It seems like the fever from the last time when you are sick has not fully recovered. Just a little but seems to have increased a little. This is just not going to do….”

“When I was younger, there was one year where I had caught the flu for a whole winter. Whatever drugs I took did not help. In fact, I rarely caught flu. I have not fallen ill for a long time.” He smell the glass of water and then pushed it away while frowning. “I do not want sesame oil and vinegar.”

“Drink this to cure your cough. You also refuse to take medicine on time.” She coax him like coaxing a child.

Zheng Xie said: “Is the food that you are cooking about to be burned?”

“Ah!” and she hurried into the kitchen. Zheng Xie took the opportunity to drain the cup of water.

After dinner, Zheng Xie had a habit of taking a walk. Yang Wei Qi accompanied him.

It is cold outside. Both of them were not warmly dressed. Zheng Xie put his hand into the pockets. Yang Wei Qi do not have any pockets, so also put her hand into his pocket.

Zheng Xie imperceptibly paused, and then grip her cold fingers into his palm.

Yang Wei Qi asked him: “Your birthday is in a few day time. Have you decided on how you want to celebrate?”

“I do not celebrate birthday.” Zheng Xie turned and saw Yang Wei Qi’s slightly disappointed face, put on a soft tone and said: “My father always stressed that birthday is mother’s bitter day. He opposed extravagant birthday. When my mother was still alive, on the day, my father and I will give her gifts. As for the recent years….. On my birthday, I just have a bowl of pork trotter noodles.”

“Eat pig trotter noddle on birthday? Is there such custom?”

“Is there not? He He always say that on birthday must eat pig trotter noddle, or else…..” Zheng Xie said and then paused for a while.

Yang Wei Qi paused, smiled and then said: “This year, you would not get He He to stewed pork trotter for you. You will not accustomed to it.”

“You come and cook it.” Zheng Xie vaguely said.

Where Zheng Xie live, there is a park located just outside. There is some folk art groups putting up a show currently. Yang Wei Qi proposed that go and check it out.

Zheng Xie does not like such excitement. So when Yang Wei Qi asked if he was thirsty, he volunteered to buy drinks.

After buying the drinks, Zheng Xie passed a little park called ‘Cat Paradise’. At the park, cats’ lovers will gather together. You can also see cat-shaped sculpture and at times, some rare species cat show. Cat-related toys and dolls are available for sale here. Short-term foster care are also available.

He was able to remember so clearly because Xiao He He tries to cure his ailurophobe by dragging him. The result is him not abiding and he walked away halfway. He He was so angry to the extent that she ignored him for several days.

Zheng Xie pacing out was broken when a woman holding a car hurried past him. He could not help but turn back to take a look.

Perhaps it is his illusion. The cat in the arms of the woman seems very familiar.

When Zheng Xie turned back, the cat also turned around to look at Zheng Xie. When the cat saw him, it meowed loudly.

The cat owners immediately turn back and looked at him. A little surprised at first, she then gave him a smile: “Hello, Brother Zheng.”

Zheng Xie recognized her. It is the bridesmaid friend of Su Ren Ran and He He.

“Hello, Ms Ding.” He politely say hello, and then look at the cat in her arms.

Ding Ding was uncomfortable with the way he was looking. She shyly smiled and said: “This is He He’s cat, Xiao Bao. These two months, I have been looking after it. You recognized it, right?”

“It looks like it has change a lot.”

“Yes ah, it has grown a little but gain a fair bit of weight.”

Zheng Xie gave a small smile, reached out and gently touched Xiao Bao’s ear. Before it turned around, he quickly retrack his hands. “You are bringing it over to play?”

“I need to travel for a week. So I am leaving it here in the foster place during the period.” Combined with Ding Ding’s words, Xiao Bao gave a desolated and pitiful cry.

“Since you are busy, I leave first.” Zheng Xie turned around to leave. Just as he turn, he heard her gasp. When he looked back, Xiao Bao had jumped out of her arm and ran ahead while Ding Ding hastily chased it.

Xiao Bao runs around in circle like it was playing hide and seek. Xiao Bao ran nearer to Zheng Xie and suddenly stopped and looked at him with its eyes rolling. Ding Ding breathlessly picked it up, looked at Zheng Xie embarrassedly. “Xiao Bao is very naughty. Yesterday, I brought it over to let it adapt to the environment but today it is probably still do not like it here.”

“Can you not send it to other friend’s place?”

“Ren Ran are not home during these period of time. Other friends….. I think Xiao Bao will be better and more professionally taken care of here.” Ding Ding said seriously while gently touching Xiao Bao’s head, with the hope that it will co-operate. But it refused to co-operate, and gave a cry before indenting its head into her arms with a look as if it has been ill-treated. Ding Ding was embarrassed.

“You will only be away for a week on business trip? Then give it to me.” Zheng Xie regretted after finishing the sentence. He just did not know what and how he are able to make such a decision.

Ding Ding hesitated for a whole. Soon, she broke into a delightful look and carefully hand Xiao Bao over to him. “Then, trouble you. I will come and pick him up after I return.”

Zheng Xie took over Xiao Bao in a very calm and steady hand. His face remain unchanged, although his posture of holding the cat seems awkward.

Ding Ding waved him goodbye. As she was leaving, she thought, Zheng Xie is not even afraid of snake, how could he be afraid of cats? She knew then that this is certainly the indirect influence of He He.

Yang Wei Qi saw Zheng Xie coming back holding the cat and laughed. “Did you pick up or buy the cat? You look like you were holding onto a bomb.”

Zheng Xie amnesty stuffed Xiao Bao into Yang We Qi’s arms: “Just helping a friend to look after it for a few days. Its name is Xiao Bao.”

“This cat is really honored. Can actually labored everyone.” Yang Wei Qi laughed and touch Xiao Bao’s head. “Hello. I am Yan Wei Qi.” Xiao Bao’s claw almost caught her hand.

Yang Wei Qi smiled: “It seems that it does not like me.”

“There is no such thing. It is just naughty and recognized people. This is He He’s cat.” Zheng Xie tried to comfort her while admitting the identity of Xiao Bao. Xiao Bao sensuously closed its eyes showing that it does not have any care in the world.

“Its temper is so different from its master.” Yang Wei Qi said with a frustration.

On the way back, Zheng Xie went to buy Xiao Bao some food. He studied every cat food and pet supplies with Yang Wei Qi in the supermarket. They stuffed the shopping basket full. Xiao Bao was staying quietly in the basket. As they were passing the dog toy shelf, it suddenly jumped out of the basket and picked up a large bag of bones.

Zheng Xie put the bag into the basket while Yang Wei Qi laughed.

Xiao Bao is pleased and continued to bounce wanting to bite the package with interest.

Yang Wei Qi cannot helped but laughed. “In the future, when you become a father, your children will be spoilt by you.” She suddenly thought of the meaning behind those words and suddenly started to blush.

Zheng Xie as if is not aware, continued to say: “Maybe. I have not been around children for a while already. I am sure you have seen enough of these.”

“Did you not say that you would be only cat-sitting for a week? You have bought enough for a month.”

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