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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 27.1

In the last chapter, He He’s mother questioned He He about what is happening between He He and Zheng Xie. We also had the opportunity to find out the story behind He He’s parent’s past and marriage. He He denied loving Zheng Xie and ever having thought of marrying him. Does He He really love Zheng Xie? I hope to be able to find out soon.

Life is back to normal when Zheng Xie return back to the city where he is residing. And the arrangement for him to marry Yang Wei Qi is slowly in progress. The title for Chapter 27 is, A quiet Life…. Would it really be a quiet life?

Chapter 27 is a super long chapter. So this chapter is broken to many chapters that may eventually take us up to over a month to finish. I just hope that it is not draggy…. So bear with me as well as I try to complete this chapter as quick as possible and try to keep up to the daily chapter.

Chapter 27.1: A quiet life

Zheng Xie life restored its peace.

He worked harder than ever. He got along well with Yang Wei Qi. He even met her elders and colleagues. And seriously discussed marriage with her.

But his sleep is getting worst. He always have some sporadic childhood dreams. Broken fragments and often woke up with an unsettling feeling.

As if he has returned to the year when he was six. That year he had lots of nightmares. His family took him to the psychiatrist. But he clenched his lips not uttering a single word. The doctor could not help him. Later, his father invited a martial arts instructor to train and get him to practice daily till he is so tired. At night, the moment he touch the pillow, he fell asleep from the tiredness. This help to cure his insomnia.

Zheng Xie left the meeting room to return to the office. He then went into the bathroom where he coughed for a while. Rubbing his nose for a long time, he washed his face. When he came out, his nose and eyes were a little red.

The assistants waiting for him could not help laughing when they saw him: “I’ve known you for so many years. Seeing you catching a cold is as rare as a solar eclipse.”

Zheng Xie said: “Is there a problem?” He just said one sentence and began to cough. Could not stop even after a long time. Secretary Wei whom were outside heard and hastily brought in water. She looked at the table and saw the medicine on the table. He had not even taken the one mean to be taken in the morning. She did not dare to say anything and retreat from the office.

The assistant said: “This time your flue seems very serious. Others only takes a week or two to recover. As for your case, it has been almost a month and instead of getting better, it seems to get worst. Why don’t you go and see the doctor?”

Zheng Xie said: “It’s nothing. Another few days I should recover. Because I do not get flu often, so it is harder to recover….”

“Your sick look is affecting the morale of others in the company. You have not seen the heartbreaking look of those ladies when they hear you cough.” The assistant think for a long time before getting back to business: “Just now, the plan you mentioned during the meeting…… are you serious?”

“Do I joke on official matter?”

Assistant said: “What you say, I will naturally obey. However, I now secretly sharing with you my opinion. What you are doing recently are drastic, a posterior that are not for everyone to stay. I almost could not tolerate it anymore. You did not see the faces of some of the managers that looks like they wanted to break down and cry earlier.”

Zheng Xie lightly asked: “Are they?”

“Is it not?” The assistant saw Zheng Xie blowing his nose and said with a sigh: “I want you to leave work early to go home and rest. Blowing nose too much will affect your thinking.”

The meeting earlier was a little long. Zheng Xie feel a little uncomfortable and also seems to have a little fever. He nodded and said: “I will go in a while. Any urgent matters you please deal with it.” Later he added, “Our co-operation with Sun Dong on the seaside villa, you go and tell him that we will share a set with him.”

“You are giving it to him in accordance to the current price? You will have a big lost.”

“Hm… This is good.”

Assistant said: “Yes, ah… yes. When you bought the two sets, did you not say that you want to give He He a set as her dowry when she get married?”

“There is no need. She may not come back. Even if she comes back, she may not want to live so near me.”

“How come? Did you and He He had a fight?”

“No. The little girl has grown up.”

The assistant said: “She really want to date Mr. Cen?”

Zheng Xie did not speak.

Assistant said: “That kid is too cheap.”

Zheng Xie said: “You are very free now?”

Zheng Xie processed things on hand, he is ready to go home. After getting up, he felt a little dizzy. So he telephone Xiao Chen to drive him home. Walking past Wei Zhi Xian’s desk, she stood up to send him off.

Zheng Xie put a box on her desk. “This afternoon, send this over to He He…. Tell her that this is an early Christmas or New Year’s gift.”

Wei Zhi Xian nodded and open the box. She was very surprised.

She remembers the abacus shape sapphire pendant. He bought it several years ago. He had always wanted to give this to He He. She wonder why it is still with him. She was impressed because Zheng Xie took a lot of afford to buy the pendant.

Moreover, this kind of things are not safe to be send using express delivery. He went back home last week where He He was. It was not a rushed trip, so he had all the opportunity to personally hand to her.

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7 thoughts on “Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 27.1

  1. I feel for both of them…I wonder how and when Zheng Xie finally man up and admits he loves He He…his fiancé actually knows how he feels..she will ended up getting really hurt if she won’t back out now.

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  2. YWC asking to have her heart broken, she knew that ZX cares or may even know ZX loves He He yet she decided to marry him anyway. For a smart lawyer she can be quite dump too. I wonder does YWC loves ZX at all?? Or only marrying ZX for convenience sake like ZX?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Julie, yes she knew and she is definitely in for a heartbreaking time. She truly loves ZX but since this is a happy ending between ZX and HH, I assume that YWQ let ZX go later. Just not sure when and which chapter as we are already after all almost towards the end of the novel.


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