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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 26.3

Last chapter was a pretty boring chapter (at least to me) although we did managed to get a glimpse into the importance of marriage in Zheng’s family. And also a glimpse into Zheng Xie’s thought and how he is feeling about the whole marriage thing with Yang Wei Qi. I personally pity Yang Wei Qi as Zheng Xie obviously is marrying her only because she is the ‘right’ candidate as his wife. Would marriage like that last? I personally don’t think so.

Enjoy the read today. I hope it will get exciting soon….. 

Chapter 26.3: Sense and Sensibility

Dinner is not a surprised that night.

It is located in a Villa in the old inner courtyard. Usually guest need to book at least half a month in advance to be able to get a seat.

When his mother was alive, she love this place. So they frequently patronized this place during most holiday since his father cannot leave the area. So their family reunion dinner are mainly here when they are not having it at home. In many times, He He and her mother also joined them.

Since the death of his mother, he had rarely come here.

Both father Zheng and He He’s mother as usual are refined, courteous, polite and considerate. The children started eating only when the elderly started moving their chopsticks.

In the presence of the elders and two newcomers, the scene is a little awkward although they tried to look friendly and warm.

Father Zheng said: “The last time Xiao Xie came back with He He, we had dinner together. It seems just like only yesterday. In the blink of an eye, our team has gotten bigger….”

He He’s mum said: “The world situation will change so fast. What more it is human…. Xiao Xie, you ate so little today. Are you feeling ill?”

Zheng Xie said: “No, Auntie Lin. Recently, my stomach is not very good….”

Father Zheng said: “He has been like this since young. Picky eaters. Eating is like asking him to take medication. Always thought that his growth would be stumped. Never expected that he would have have grown so tall.” His words were said towards Yang Wei Qi, with a tone filled with a little love as well as a little condemn.

Zheng Xie bowed down and ignored them. Yang Wei Qi smiled.

He He’s mum said: “The most important is the height genetic, followed by exercise and appetite. He He has always had a good appetited, never a picky eater at all. But she is still petite.”

He He heard the mentioned of her name, she looked up. From the start of the dinner to now, she had never stopped eating, with her head bowed.

These kind of topics are usually cold topic with very few respondents. Then, Father Zheng turn to Yang Wei Qi and Chen Shi. Towards Yang Wei Qi, he said: “When you were younger, you had lived in your uncle’s home. I had also carried you back then. Am sure you have no memory of that.” He turn to Cen Shi and said: “From the moment He He was born, I had watched her growing up till now. She is like my own child. She has always been a good child. You cannot bully her.”

Cen Shi gave a fake smile: “Rest be assured, I will not.”

Later as the conversation continue, they found out that Cen Shi and He He were university friends.

Father Zheng said: “So, He He and Cen shi were designated as couple back in the university days. Zheng Xie do you not know about this?”


Zheng Xie vaguely replied.

Cen Shi with a serious tone said: “We had missed a lot of years but fortunately we are able to meet again.”

He He had her head down till it was almost buried into the table. In the meantime, Zheng Xie absently playing with the meatballs in his bowl with the chopsticks till it had turn into minced meat.

He He’s mother asked: “Xiao Xie and Xiao Yang, when do you plan to have your wedding?”

Zheng Xie rise his head and was startled. Yang Wei Qi was quiet for a while and then replied: “We are still considering.”

Father Zheng said: “Next spring would be good.” He turn and look at Cen Shi and He He, “What about you two?”

He He turn to the corner and looked at Cen Shi. Before he open his mouth, she cut in and said: “Of course, after finishing brother and sister-in-law’s wedding. We shall then discussed about it.”

Father Zheng laughed: “When you were younger, did you not always use the bedsheet and dressed up playing wedding. How come you are no longer anxious now?”

He He silently laughed. He He’s mother smiled and came to her rescue. “He He is still childish even till now. Unlike Xiao Yang. Before she is married, she would need to undergo some training first, right, He He?”

He He bowed her head and continued to laugh. The people around her also laughed.


When dinner is over, it is still early. Father Zheng and He He’s mother also drove away in her own car.

It is a very good night, with the moon high up in the sky. What is left are the four of them.

Zheng Xie asked Cen Shi: “How are your injuries? Are they better?”

Cen Shi said: “It is much better. Thank you for your concern.”

Zheng Xie turn to Yang Wei Qi and asked: “Where would you like to explore?”

Yang Wei Qi answered: “Anywhere is fine.” She thought for a while and turned to He He’s direction with a smile. “He He, can you give me some opinions?”

He He said: “The northern cities are like, buildings, snacks and roadside stalls. Better to go to the night market. The night market here is very lively and you can stroll the whole night.”

Yang Wei Qi said: “That sound good. Why don’t we go together?”

He He said with a bright smile: “In the future I can accompany you to shop. But tonight I have other matter with Cen Shi.”

In front of Zheng Xie and Yang Wei Qi’s gaze, she drag Cen Shi’s sleeves all the way to the car.

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  1. Thank you. The OTP are more uncomfortable than their respective partner. That should tell them something. I don’t understand why HH would act that way when she’s the one to instigate the current situation. Have a blessed day!

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    1. That’s what I thought, what an awkward dinner. Not even sure about how both YWC n CS felt at this awkward dinner. I know that CS is a fake boyfriend of HH but YWC…might as well say that she is a fake girlfriend for the later part of the novel.

      I am really curious how will ZX convinces HH that he truly loves her and wanting to marry her not because of responsibility.

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